Maruti Suzuki S-Presso 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Harshit Gupta - Senior Editor Mar 27 2020 Share this blog

Being the master of aggressively pricing a well-bundled car, Maruti Suzuki retains top spot in the Indian Automotive industry for over a decade now. We needn't remind you of the immense trust and widespread network of after-sales service spread across the country. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is the latest addition to its strong stable and its a mixed bag to start with!

2020 maruti suzuki spresso compact suv

The 2020 S-Presso starts from Rs. 3.70 lakh(Ex-Showroom) and is a mix-match of a hatchback buffed up to look like a mini SUV. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is a completely new model in terms of overall design language. Powered by the same 1.0-litre 3-cylinder engine borrowed from the Alto K10, S-Presso even has us in splits.

The S-Presso might look like an SUV, but deep down it is still a timid hatchback and so it takes on the vibrant lot that includes the likes of Renault Kwid, Hyundai Santro, Datsun Go and Tata Tiago. Kwid follows a similar design language but looks much more appealing than the-Presso. What's your take on the bold design language by Maruti Suzuki?

What do we like?

  • Choice of manual or AMT gearbox
  • Well damped suspension setup
  • Class-leading cabin space 
  • Quirky interior design language

What we don’t?

  • 13-inch wheels look skinny on an "SUV"
  • No rear power windows

What’s new?

  • S-Presso is the first budget SUV (call it a mini one!) from Maruti Suzuki

In how many variants is the 2020 S-Presso available in?

Maruti S-Presso is offered in 4 variants which start from Rs. 3.70 lakh(Ex-Showroom) for the standard variant up to Rs. 4.99 lakh(Ex-Showroom) for the VXi+ AMT variant. All the variants of S-Presso come standard with a 1.0-litre engine similar to that of the Alto K10 paired to a 5-Speed manual gear stick but you get an option of AMT transmission for the VXI, VXI (o) and the VXI+ models.









Price (Ex-Showroom New Delhi)








Price (Ex-Showroom New Delhi) (AMT)





Key Features

Driver side airbag

Driver and passenger side airbag

Driver side airbag

Driver and passenger side airbag

Driver side airbag

Driver and passenger side airbag

Driver and passenger side airbag 

Driver side seatbelt alert

Seat belt pretensioners

Power steering

Seat belt pretensioners

Front power windows

Front power windows

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Headlamp adjustment

Manual windows

AC with heater

AC with heater

Keyless remote entry

Digital instrument display

Internally adjustable ORVMs

Manual windows

Sunvisor (driver+co. driver)

Smart play dock

Seatbelt pretensioners

Low fuel warning in the smart display

Bluetooth, USB, AUX

Body-coloured ORVMs

Gear shift indicator (MT only)

Steering mounted audio controls

The top variant gets an array of creature comfort and occupant safety features and also has aesthetic modifications to differentiate from the other variants. Maruti Suzuki has aggressively priced all of the variants as all 11 variants fit in a buffer of Rs. 1.3 lakh.

What’s the best bet among this lot for you?

We recommend you to buy the VXi optional variant which retails at Rs. 4.38 lakh(Ex-Showroom Delhi). This variant packs all the equipment and features to make your city ride comfortable with the flexibility of a stick shift which will allow you to have a bit of fun on the way as well. This variant is bang in between the lot and thus includes the best of both sides.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso April discount offers:

Maruti Suzuki has always been keen on customer satisfaction and the numerous discount offers it puts out now and then shows its keenness on keeping it high. 2020 S-Presso also offers an interesting discount package and it is listed below.

Discount Offer
All variants
Rs 20K Cash + 20K Exchange + Rs 3000 Corporate

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What are the performance characteristics of the new 2020 S-Presso?

Powering the Maruti S-Presso is the same K10B series 3-cylinder petrol engine which effortlessly produces 67 bhp and 90 Nm. Adding to the fun factor of the K10B engine are two ways, the choice of 5-speed manual or AMT gearbox. The engine builds up revs pretty quick and you will be in the three-digit territory pretty quick. The engine is dead silent in city driving, however, take it to the highway and the typical three-cylinder harmony is audible as the tacho rushes towards redline.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso engine

The ride quality of S-Presso is impressive considering this is an entry-level Maruti Suzuki. S-Presso lives up to the name of being called as mini-SUV, the ride over bumpy roads is planted and the suspension handles uneven patches very well. The K10B engine has a strong low and mid-range which is mostly required for city driving. 


Maruti S-Presso VXi+

Datsun Go

Renault Kwid

Hyundai Santro

Tata Tiago


Rs. 4.56 lakhs

Rs. 4.73 lakhs

Rs. 4.41 lakhs

Rs. 4.82 lakhs

Rs. 4.40 lakhs


998 cc 3-cylinder petrol

1198 cc 3-cylinder petrol

999 cc 3-cylinder petrol

1086 cc 4-cylinder petrol

1199 cc 3-cylinder petrol


67bhp @5500RPM

67bhp @5500RPM

67bhp @5500RPM

68bhp @5500RPM

84bhp @6000RPM


90Nm @3500RPM

104Nm @4000RPM

91Nm @4250RPM

99Nm @4500RPM

114Nm @3500RPM

Acceleration (0-100 kmph)

13.49 seconds

13.3 seconds

13.83 seconds


14.3 seconds

In terms of performance, Datsun Go is the best among the lot. It holds the advantage of having a 1.2-litre engine against litre-class ones of the lot which helps it achieve the fastest 0-100 mark. But figures don’t matter, all that matters is driving fun and drivers connected with the car. These are not some performance-oriented variants so, expecting something similar would not right.

How nimble is this mini-SUV in the cities?

The steering wheel is very responsive which makes city drives easier as the driver feels more connected to the car. A high seating position also adds to the driving comfort and justifies the mini-SUV tag given to S-Presso. The steering wheel is not adjustable, which may be a tiring affair to hold onto on long highway journeys as it is positioned upright.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso acceleration 0-100

The high-speed drive is also confidence-inspiring however, the tall boy body design does take away some of that during high-speed cornering. There is a significant amount of body roll when pushed hard around corners which are supported by skinny 165 section tires.

How good is the braking setup on the S-Presso?

Braking is smooth and works well even under hard pressure making braking a breeze under distress situations. The S-Presso gets ABS and EBD as standard which makes it much more safer than some of its competitors. However, its brakes feel wooden and take too long to bring the vehicle to a halt.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso braking

The brake pedal action also feels too springy and needs some getting used to. The calibration of the ABS unit is sketchy which drags on the stopping distance. But the braking setup is ample for composed city driving but it would have been much more useful if Maruti Suzuki added a bit of flexibility for the open roads as well.


Maruti Suzuki S-Presso
Datsun Go
Renault Kwid
Hyundai Santro
Tata Tiago

Front Brakes


Rear Brakes


Kerb Weight (kgs)


Competitors like the Renault Kwid and the Datsun Go offer a much more progressive feel in terms of braking and stopping power. Tata Tiago also offers for a much more composed braking experience despite its added kerb weight.

Do we even need to talk about mileage and fuel efficiency of a Maruti Suzuki?!

As crucial as the topic of price rise of fuel is, fuel economy does not fall behind when buying an entry-level vehicle is considered. Maruti has proven again with the new S-Presso that making fuel-efficient engines is something everyone needs to learn from them.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso mileage figures

Amidst the rising fuel prices, Maruti S-Presso is a very fuel-efficient model just like its other siblings from the same stable and so there is nothing to complain here. The automatic transmission adds up to its impressive mileage figures due to a downed down gearbox ratio.


Maruti S-Presso

Datsun Go

Renault Kwid

Hyundai Santro

Tata Tiago

Mileage (ARAI)












Tank capacity(Litres)






Tata Tiago impresses us again despite being the heaviest of the lot. Its new line of Revotron engines have been developed in house and are high on efficiency. The Kwid comes in next and it excels in the efficiency department due to the strict diet it follows.

How quirky and well-stacked is the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso's cabin?

Maruti S-Presso may look weird from outside but there is a distinct uniqueness to its interiors. Unlike other siblings, S-Presso shares a very unique interior theme. The dashboard is the first of its kind a very Mini-like centre console unit. The centre unit houses all the instrumentation on the dashboard in a singular circle unit. There is extensive use of cheap grade plastic which feels harsh to touch.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso dashboard

Get into the driver’s seat and you will get an upright view of the outside as there is no instrument cluster bulge behind the steering. The steering is fixed and cannot be adjusted either way which can be a tiring affair to deal with during long highway runs. The surprising fact here is the amount of space available in the cabin. Finished in textured cloth seats are better than what Alto has to offer to its occupants. The seats are comfortable for city use and provide with good back support.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso comfortable seating

However, if you remain seated for a long journey then the firmness of the seats will take your comfort away. Rear seats can easily accommodate a six-footer, thanks to the tall boy design. S-Presso does live up to its nickname - mini SUV. The design language of the dashboard floats around the central unit which houses a 7-inch touchscreen unit, along with a digital instrument display sitting just above it.

How much cargo can the mini-SUV take in?

Taking things at the boot of the S-Presso is an easy affair thanks to its wide-opening tailgate. Unlike SUVs, S-Presso won’t be able to haul tonnes of cargo but a quarter of it is possible. Maruti S-Presso offers a cargo capacity of 270 litres which can be better utilized for weekend cargo space.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso cargo space

The flooring is flat and its spare tyre and emergency tools are neatly tucked away beneath the flooring. This gives it a clean and useful outlook that is enough for your family weekend trip. The tall boy design language surely helps add up to the practicality factor.


Maruti S-Presso 

Datsun Go

Renault Kwid

Hyundai Santro

Tata Tiago

Cargo Space(Litres)






Seating capacity






Rivals in the segment offer a similar cargo space but the ease of use makes S-Presso a preferred choice and impressively has one of the largest cargo compartment of this lot. It is marginally cut off by Renault Kwid which has a deeper floor, and so the added 9 litres of volume.

How well-equipped is the infotainment system in S-Presso?

Just like other Maruti models, only the top variant of S-Presso gets the fully loaded infotainment unit. Hiding inside the mini like ring on the dashboard is the 7-inch touchscreen unit. SMART PLAY sourced unit is used in Maruti S-Presso which works very smoothly. Loaded with features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the only downside of the infotainment is the 2-speaker system.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso infotainment system

Wish to upgrade it to the 4-speaker system? Maruti Suzuki will charge you Rs. 11,000 extra for a rear speaker system. The sound quality is mediocre and starts to disorient as you turn the volume dial.

Some of the infotainment features include:

  • 7” Touchscreen Infotainment system
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity
  • Bluetooth, FM, AM
  • Voice Command
  • Navigation with Live traffic update
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

How quirky is the design language of Maruti Suzuki S-Presso?

As weird as it can get, Maruti S-Presso does looks like a pumped-up version of Alto with a distinct fascia. The front view of S-Presso gives an impression of a boxy structure rolling on skinny tyres. The front bumpers look out of place. The evident wheel gap gives off in terms of the build quality of the car and looks glitchy.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso weird looks

Rear angle follows the same ideology as the front and looks like it was designed by rookies. With a huge ground clearance of 180mm, the S-Presso looks uplifted and weird, but extensive use of plastic claddings around the lower parts hides that angle up to an extent. All in all, it is a, like it or hate it design language and we don't think that any other automaker can pull something like this off!


Maruti S-Presso 

Datsun Go

Renault Kwid

Hyundai Santro

Tata Tiago

























Ground clearance(mm)






Maruti Suzuki S-Presso isn't the best looking mini-SUV but it still does the job of being one with its decent proportions and the tall-boy stance. Maruti also offers a couple of accessories to spruce up the boring exteriors such as chrome inserts in the front grille and LED DRLs in the bumper.

What are the safety features available in Maruti Suzuki S-Presso?

Is it safe? Well, what do you expect out of an entry-level Maruti vehicle? Maruti over time has gained popularity as a producer of Tin-Can vehicles which is partially the case here. Thanks to the strict safety norms regulated by government Maruti has started providing ABS and airbags as standard across their entire lineup.

2020 maruti suzuki spresso heartect platform

Maruti S-Presso is based on the new HEARTECT platform which is developed according to new safety standards. Maruti S-Presso is offered with a single airbag in standard models, however, dual airbag setup is only offered in optional variants which should be standard according to us. It will take some time to get used to the strict regulations and hopefully, Maruti Suzuki will focus on passenger safety as much as they do on sales figures!

Safety Features:

  • ABS with EBD
  • Dual Airbags
  • Rear parking assist sensors

How Does Maruti Suzuki S-Presso performs against Competition

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso vs Renault Kwid

maruti suzuki spresso vs renault kwid
These two are the closest competitors in the segment considering the price bracket. Renault Kwid starts at Rs. 2.83 lakhs for the 800 cc variant and rs.4.83 lakhs for the 1.0-litre unit while there is no engine option in Maruti S-Presso. Maruti S-Presso is more spacious inside but looks outrageous on the outside. It is a matter of choice for many but we think that Maruti S-Presso is a better deal for the money.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso vs Tata Tiago

maruti suzuki spresso vs tata tiago
Tata Tiago is the best selling small hatchback from the Indian manufacturer which starts from Rs 4.40 lakhs for the base variant. What justifies the sales figures of Tata Tiago is the combination of price and equipment list. Tata Tiago offers a good engine and class-leading engine power and torque. Considering the build quality Tata Tiago is a step ahead of what Maruti S-Presso offers in terms of safety. Out of these two Tata Tiago is a wise choice and it does not even look odd running down the road.

Should You Buy the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso?

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso looks like a toy car and will take time to get used to in. With over 10,000 cars sold since launch, Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is surely raking up the charts. The interiors of Maruti Suzuki S-Presso surely surprised us with the amount of space and comfort offered. Exteriors, well, it’s a big question that will be answered by the sales figures in upcoming months and looking at the graph currently, it surely will be a hit just like its siblings.