Mahindra eVerito 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Mar 27 2020 Share this blog

As the Indian automobile industry is making a switch to electric cars, many manufacturers are busy launching their newly developed electric vehicles. But there are some manufacturers which have been in this business for quite some time now. One such manufacturer is Mahindra and Mahindra which launched its eVerito in 2016. It is based on Mahindra’s Verito which comes with an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The eVerito remains quite relevant in 2020 as well but now it gets quite a potent competitor, the Tata Tigor EV. Even though the EV market in India is still quite small, it is interesting to see Indian manufacturers taking a dip into the affordable EV market.

Even though the EV  market is quite small in India, Mahindra deserves a pat on its back to bring the eVerito early into the market. It's currently on sale only in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and their neighbouring cities. Mahindra had retailed almost 2000 electric vehicles in India, in October 2019. While Mahindra’s electric division has changed the whole powerhouse of the car, it has not made many changes to the overall looks of the car. Hence, now it is time to see if changing the powerhouse of a car is enough to attract Indian buyers or not.

What will impress you:

  • Quick charge time
  • Low running cost
  • Comfortable 5 seater
  • Good ride quality


What Won’t:

  • Ordinary build quality
  • Driving Range is on the lower side

Variants and Pricing

Mahindra had launched the eVerito in 3 variants, but now it has done away with the middle variant and only offers 2 variants now. Both the variant comes with only one battery option. Hence, both variants get the same level of performance. This makes sense as the eVerito will not be enjoying the same demand as other ICE cars for now. But Mahindra has added all features available in the top of the line model of the Verito. The entry-level variant is priced at Rs. 10,15,521 (Ex-Delhi) and is called the D2. It almost all the features that the top model has on offer. The top of the line variant is the D6 and comes at a price of Rs.10,49,302 (Ex-Delhi). We would recommend you to go for the top variant (D6) as it offers a fast charging option.


eVerito D2

Price (Ex-Delhi) 

Rs. 10,15,521


Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering

Fast Charging

Brakes - Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Regenerative Braking

2-DIN Audio System with Audio, USB, Aux

ECO/BOOST Drive Modes

Rear Demister

Magazine Pockets


Roof Lamp (Front Row)

What's the source of power in 2020 Mahindra eVerito?

The eVerito comes with a pure electric powerhouse just like its smaller sibling, the e2o. The 72 V electric motor produces 41PS of power and 91Nm of torque and comes with a claimed range of 140km, which is lesser than the e2o. The car can reach a top speed of only 86 kmph which is mid-range scooter territory. A single-speed transmission transfers all this power to the front wheels. 

Just by the turn of the key, you would get to know that this is no normal car. After turning the key, after about 15 seconds you will hear a slight noise from the car which means that the car is ready to take off (well not literally, obviously). After pressing the drive button the car would start to creep forward. This can be cumbersome for some as it is not as simple as turning the key and cranking up the engine on an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car. There are two modes, F and B. The B mode gives you additional power. But don’t mistake this for a Tesla even in B mode as the car remains quite slow even according to ICE car standards. 

Even if you thump on the throttle the car moves at its own comfort. The progress is slow and by the time you hit 80 kmph, you would have forgotten about the speed you want to achieve. Achieving Mahindra's claimed top speed of 86kmph will take both a long time and a long stretch of road. The 140km of the range is not a lot and is bound to decrease if you drive the eVerito in B mode with your foot buried in the floor. Overall, the powerhouse provided is meant for everyday ride rather than giving you blistering performance.


Mahindra eVerito

Tigor EV XT 

Price (Ex-Delhi)


Rs.  9,26,424


72 V 3-Phase AC Induction

72 V 3-Phase AC Induction

Power (bhp)






None of the two cars in this comparison stand for stellar performance. But the Tigor EV certainly feels quicker due to its lighter weight and more torque. If you are looking for a driver’s car, neither the eVerito nor the Tigor EV will impress you but the Tigor EV is better in every way in terms of performance.


How quick is the Mahindra eVerito from 0-100*?

Electric Vehicles are known to have blazing performance when it comes to sprinting from 0-100 kmph. But unfortunately, you would not find such a thing with the eVerito. The car is slower than most ICE cars in the Indian market today.

To reach the speed of 80 kmph, it takes a painstaking 19.02 seconds. Hence, most users will never even think of taking it to the max speed as it requires a lot of time and a long stretch of road. The dull performance highlights that the powerhouse used is just not enough for a car of this size.


Mahindra eVerito

Tigor EV

0-80 KMPH

19.02 Sec



72 V 3-Phase AC Induction

72 V 3-Phase AC Induction

While both the cars are quite slow in terms of outright acceleration, the Tigor EV is a slight bit better than the eVerito. It is faster due to its lighter curb weight which can be credited mostly to its compact sedan dimensions. Overall, these are not cars to be engaged in stoplight races.

How well have the brakes been tuned of the Mahindra eVerito?

When it comes to braking the eVerito neither impresses nor disappoints. It finally offers ABS as standard which was missing with the package since its inception. The brake pedal feels a bit spongy at times but the car stops as expected.

The ABS unit offered is also well-tuned and it’s not of the intrusive nature. As the car is not capable of going over 86 kmph, it is safe to say that the braking setup is quite adequate to stop the car even while doing 86 kmph. The tires, however, don’t offer a lot of grips but feel adequate for the car keeping in mind its top speed.


Mahindra eVerito

Tata Tigor EV

Front Brakes



Rear Brakes



Kerb Weight (kg)



The car also comes with Brake energy regeneration which ensures that the kinetic energy generated while the brakes are applied is used to recharge the battery. In comparison, the Tigor offers better braking performance due to its lighter curb weight.

What are the range and the charging time?

The eVerito offers 140 km of range as claimed by Mahindra. While Mahindra has not said anything about the speed to claim this range, the faster you will go, the lesser the range you will get. Coming to the charging. The top-variant D6 of Mahindra eVerito also gets the option of fast charging.

While the normal charging time of an electric car is about 8-9 hours the fast charging takes less than 2 hours to give a full charge that lasts a range of 140 kilometres.


Mahindra eVerito

Tigor EV


140 km

140 km

Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)

8-9 hours

11.5 hours

How subtle is the Mahindra eVerito?

The eVerito is base on its older sibling the Verito which is powered by an Internal Combustion Engine. However, it looks fresher than its eight-year-old design would suggest. The front comes with extra chrome which is liked by many Indians but there are no other changes on the front. The sides and rear are identical to the ICE powered car and there are no changes here.

The electric Fast Charging port is coloured in silver and blue colour on the left front fender, along with a big blue decal. At the rear, the only way to tell its an electric is a green 'e' ahead of the Verito badge. Overall, even while the eVerito is a fresher looking car compared to its conventionally powered sibling, it is still quite a boring looking car.


Mahindra eVerito

Tigor EV










Ground clearance (mm)



Wheelbase (mm)



How cocooned will you feel in this Electric Car?

Mahindra has played it safe when it comes to the interiors of the car. Even though the cabin of the car is largely the same, there are many changes done on the inside. For starter, the instrument dial is new and gets a brushed aluminium ring surrounding it. Within the dial, you also get a digital console that gives a host of information. The front seats are comfortable and provide good back and lateral support.

But surprisingly, there is no height-adjustable driver's seat which makes finding a comfortable driving position difficult for some drivers. On the inside, it also skips on features such as electrically adjustable ORVMs or even proper bottle holders in the door. The plastics used are all hard and the cabin fails to offer any sense of a premium feel on the inside.

The eVerito, however, continues to be a spacious and comfortable 5 seater. The back seats can seat 3 people better than its rivals and provides ample knee room at the rear. All-around visibility is also good and it is a practical car on the inside. But overall, Mahindra could have certainly done better in terms of providing better interiors with the eVerito and it certainly needs an update in this department. 

How intuitive is the infotainment system in the eVerito?

There is not much to talk about the infotainment in the eVerito as it comes with a basic Single-din unit that offers CD, FM/AM and AUX.

We would suggest you to go for an aftermarket touchscreen unit as the current unit is quite rudimentary.

How many suitcases can go in the boot of the eVerito?

The boot size of the eVerito is sure to put a smile on your face as it offers the biggest boot in its segment. At 510 litres, the eVerito’s boot is not only big but also quite practical. The loading lip is not very high and it is easy to load and unload luggage.

Mahindra has not made any changes to the boot and hence it is the same boot that comes with the conventional car.


Mahindra eVerito

Tigor EV 

Cargo Volume(Litres)



In comparison, the Tata Tigor offers a boot which is almost half of what the eVerito has on offer. But the irony is that both the cars shall never be used for a long journey due to the 140 km range. Hence, a big boot shall never be used to its full potential.

What are the various safety features on offer in 2020 Mahindra eVerito?

Mahindra had skipped some major safety features like airbags at the time of the launch of eVerito. But now it finally offers an Airbag for the driver. There is still no Airbag for the front passenger in this Rs. 10 lakh car! Mahindra has made many safety features like the ABS, Rear Parking Sensor, Collapsable steering column as standard. The eVerito has never been crash-tested as of yet but the top speed of 86 kmph does make it a safe car, at least on paper!

Safety Features:

  • Airbag (Driver)
  • Child Lock on Rear Door (for Personal)
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Auto Door Lock While Driving 
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Side Intrusion Beams
  • Collapsible Steering Column

How does the competition cope up with 2020Mahindra eVerito?

Mahindra eVerito vs Tata Tigor EV

The Tigor EV is quite a potent contender in this comparison. Tata offers it in more variants than the eVerito which gives more options to its customers. The Tigor EV offers everything that this price range has to offer in the EV market today. It feels more premium on the inside than the eVerito and comes with better performance as well. But when it comes to space, not many cars can match the eVerito. Hence if you are looking for a comfortable 5 seater EV, then the eVerito will win more hearts.

Should you buy one?

With the increasing pollution and fuel prices, the need for an everyday electric vehicle can be felt by many customers. TheeVerito offers a comfortable as well as an economical everyday drive. Mahindra is yet not aiming the eVerito in the private car sector and hence it is tough to recommend the car for persona use. Mahindra certainly needs to give it more power and range in order to make it more viable for personal use. Hence, even though it offers a greener ride, we would recommend you to wait for its next iteration before putting down your money on the eVerito.