Auto Expo 2020: Mahindra launches India's cheapest EV

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Feb 05 2020 Share this blog

Mahindra has been one of the most wholesome automakers at the Indian Auto Expo 2020 and they have showcased an impressive bunch of products. Like many automakers, Mahindra has also planned to go electric for the future and so we bring to you the all-new eKUV100 which is one of  Mahindra’s answers to the EV battle that has slowly started to gain traction in India. As the name suggests, this EV is based on the present KUV100, which is visible from the design cues. But Mahindra has tweaked a few cosmetic bits to make it look different from the gasoline counterpart.

The changes are subtle but make a lot of difference when viewed with the present ones in the market. The changes will mostly be confined to a new grille with revamped headlights and taillights. Mahindra might go with a complete LED lighting solution to save energy and also make the car look more futuristic. On the inside, Mahindra might go with a bigger touch screen unit as the elimination of gasoline engines will also make gearboxes obsolete. So the dashboard will have a lot of free areas that can be filled up with a centrally mounted alpha touchscreen unit that can help the passengers control all of the components in the eKUV100.

The major change is however under the hood. The eKUV100 is equipped with a 40 kW electric motor that pushes out 53 bhp of power and 120 Nm of torque. The power is sent to front wheels via a single-speed transmission. This power is sourced from a 15.9 kWh lithium-ion battery that is supposed to extract a range of 120 km on a single charge. There is no information of the charging but we can expect the fast charging tech to bring it down to under three-four hours and overnight charging time for wall socket ones.

The most promising thing about this Mahindra offering is that this will be the cheapest electric vehicle in India at the time of launch. The government might also relax certain taxations and the pricing might go down drastically from the now mentioned Rs. 8.25 lakhs. The charging port is positioned on the left-front fender which makes it a very accessible position. This is a very good and different approach from Mahindra and it might work out pretty well as the perfect urban ride. It is based on the small and nimble KUV100 which makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight traffic as well. Let's see how this new approach fares for Mahindra.