Lexus NX 300h 2020 Review: Prices, Offers, Mileage, Specs & Pics

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By Rahul Hans - Automotive Journalist Jan 27 2020 Share this blog

Bold, audacious and luxurious - these three words probably describe the NX300h aptly. The Toyota owned marquee introduced the NX in 2014 and is the entry door to the Lexus' lineup of crossovers. In case you didn't know, the NX stands for 'Nimble Crossover' in Lexus' words. Lexus NX300h stays true to its roots and aims to provide a fine blend of performance, sophistication, and luxury while keeping the fuel costs low.

What’s new

  • Exterior design

  • Panoramic sunroof

What we like

  • Exquisite looks

  • Top-notch interior

  • Fuel efficient hybrid system

What we don’t

  • Poor sales and service network

  • Underpowered engine performance

  • Expensive price tag

Lexus NX 300 H Variants & Features

Lexus NX 300 H was launched in India with a price tag of Rs. 58.7 lakhs for the luxury variant and Rs 60.2 lakhs for the F-Sport variant. Both variants offer similar features and comfort levels. Surprisingly there is a similar power output in both variants. 




Price (Ex-showroom)

Rs. 58.7 lakhs

Rs. 60.02 lakhs

Key Features

10.5-inch touchscreen floating display

10.5-inch touchscreen floating display

Electric 24-way adjustable Front seats

Electric 24-way adjustable Front seats

Drive mode selector

60-40 rear split-folding seats

LED headlamps

18-inch alloy wheels

Panoramic sunroof

Adaptive variable suspension

We Recommend

Lexus Nx 300h is not something you see on the road every day, especially in Indian traffic. However, if you are planning to go the hybrid route then we recommend you get the standard NX 300h luxury variant. Priced at Rs. 58.7 lakhs (ex-showroom) luxury variant offers exactly the same features as the F-Sport variant which is priced higher. 

Lexus NX 300 H Engine & Performance

Push the start button and you will be confused if the engine even starts to which you will definitely push the button again. When fully charged NX 300 H takes off in full electric mode only until you cross certain speeds, the petrol engine kicks in to take the charge. The 2.5-liter petrol engine is backed by a turbocharger to keep the fun at a level high when required. 

This engine is tuned by Lexus to keep a balance between power and mileage. Paired to this engine is a CVT gearbox unit which is buttery smooth in gearshifts. With 4 driving modes, ECO, NORMAL, SPORT, SPORT+ - things climb the level of fun accordingly. Eco-mode makes things boring to squeeze out maximum juice from the batteries. Normal mode works as it is named while sport mode stiffens up things and if you’re in for more adrenaline then Sport+ will curate to your needs.


Lexus NX 300 H

Audi Q5

Mercedes Benz GLC



Rs. 58.07 lakhs

Rs. 50.26 lakhs

Rs. 52.75 lakhs

Rs. 58.80 lakhs


2.5-liter Turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol

2.0-liter Turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol

2.0-liter Turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol

2.0-liter Twin-Turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol


194 bhp @ 5700 rpm

248 bhp @ 5000 rpm

194 bhp @ 5500 rpm

248 bhp @ 5200 rpm


210 Nm @ 4200 rpm

370 Nm @ 1600 rpm

320 Nm @ 1650 rpm

350 Nm @ 1450 rpm



7-speed auto

9-speed auto

8-speed auto






Fuel Economy

Lexus NX 300h really outshines the competitors in helping save your money by lowering fuel costs. Lexus has configured the engine with a mild state of tune which helps it achieve more mileage instead of power. The advantages of hybrid vehicles over standard is they run on battery power upto certain speeds. In congested countries like ours, bumper to bumper traffic is something you cannot avoid, Lexus outperforms the others by giving 18.2 kmpl. 


Lexus NX 300 H

Audi Q5

Mercedes Benz GLC



18.2 kmpl

12.4 kmpl

13.5 kmpl

13.3 kmpl

Tank Capacity

56 liters

70 liters

66 liters

67 liters


1010 kms

860 kms

890 kms

900 kms


Taking off from a start in Lexus against its competitors will not be a great idea. All the rivals of Lexus are way ahead in the league thanks to their powerful turbocharged engines. Although Lexus has the biggest engine with a 2500cc turbocharged unit under the hood, it is more refined and optimized towards mileage. Flooring the pedal will give you a throaty engine grunt which is not audible inside the cabin. 


Lexus NX 300 H

Audi Q5

Mercedes Benz GLC


0-100 kmph

7.2 seconds

6.5 seconds

6.2 seconds

4.8 seconds


2.5-liter Turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol

2.0-liter Turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol

2.0-liter Turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol

2.0-liter Twin-Turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol

Ride & Handling

As docile as a hybrid should be, Lexus NX 300 H antes up the level to even further. Lexus NX 300 H is meant to be driven with a light foot, floor the extreme right and you will see a surge in speedometer that does not make things exciting. Throw it hard around a corner and you will feel the tyres struggling for the extreme level of grip which can make the co-passengers restless. With the adaptive variable suspension, going over bumps will not take a toll on your comfort levels. With on-board diagnostics that analyze the road conditions to optimize the suspension stiffness to keep the cabin as comfortable as possible.

Lexus NX 300 H Exterior & Styling

At first glance, you might find Lexus NX 300 H a bit futuristic for Indian traffic, but over the time the design grows over you in an appealing way. The striking front fascia with huge classic Lexus designed grille, triangular LED headlights underlined by bright DRL’s, and a tinge of gunmetal and chrome inserts. 


Lexus NX 300 H

Audi Q5

Mercedes Benz GLC



4640 mm

4663 mm

4658 mm

4657 mm


1845 mm

1898 mm

1890 mm

1881 mm


1645 mm

1659 mm

1644 mm

1678 mm


2660 mm

2807 mm

2873 mm

2810 mm

Ground Clearance

185 mm

200 mm

227 mm

212 mm

Kerb Weight

1785 kg

1945 kg

1800 kg


Lexus NX 300 H is the smallest model in the Lexus lineup. NX hints a huge front face with overgrown hatchback kinda look, either you love it or you hate it, there’s no in-between. Side profile gives a very aerodynamic flowing character with a sloping roofline. The overall design is somewhat similar to the RX series which might be too radical for many when compared with German rivals, but Lexus it is. 

Lexus NX 300 H Interior & Comfort

The enigma of standout exterior design ideology has been carried in interior theme too. The dashboard looks inspired by the front design with identical curvature flowing throughout. The crowned jewel of the dashboard is the 10.5-inch floating type touch screen keeping things busy at the bay. To add more to the already comfortable cabin, electrically operated Panoramic sunroof is standard in NX 300 H.

Seating position at the front is very firm and upright with electrically adjustable seats which can adjust in 24 unique ways according to your comfort. Seats give adequate thigh support and cushioning all around. The rear bench is wide and angled at an angle that will keep occupants in comfort even on long journeys. Luxury variant gets electrically folding rear seats whereas the F-sport variant needs human effort. There is adequate leg space at the rear with a minuscule transmission tunnel bump. 

Boot capacity

Boot space of NX is deep and accommodating but, the battery pack eats up the depth. The overboard spare wheel is space saver type still accommodates the most crucial of place as the loading bed is raised above the tailgate edge. The gesture opening feature is very useful with a practical sensing response. All the rivals of NX 300 offer a much more capacitive boot space which can be ignored by modern-day environmentalists.


Lexus NX 300 H

Audi Q5

Mercedes Benz GLC


Boot Capacity

475 liters

550 liters

580 liters


Seating capacity






Sitting on the top of the stylish dashboard is a 10.3-inch floating type touch screen unit. The center console of the dashboard is very busy with so many buttons. The display unit is supported by Lexus Enform Destination assist along with Lexus Navigation assist. The touchscreen is bright and responsive to touch, the touch is feather smooth with minimal lag in shifting between apps. Lexus offers a 10-speaker premium sound system with an in-build subwoofer to get the beats right. Steering mounted audio controls are easy to use and offer a wide range of selections which make the driverless distracted while changing between stations or apps.

Infotainment features

  • 10.3-inch touchscreen display

  • Lexus Navigation assist

  • Lexus destination assist

  • Apple CarPlay & Android auto

  • HD-radio

  • 10 speaker premium sound system

Safety and reliability

Lexus has implemented the highest safety standards in all of its models in the form of Lexus Enform Safety Connect. Lexus NX 300 H is also a similar outcome with standard safety features such as ABS, Airbags, EBD, and TCS. With 8 airbags as standard in every variant, occupant safety is kept on top charts by Lexus. The construction of the chassis is done with a mixture of aluminum and alloy to keep the balance between strength and lower kerb weight. 

Safety Features

  • Lexus Enform Safety connect

  • 8-Airbags system

  • Traction Control unit 

  • 4 wheel ABS

  • Anti-roll control unit

Lexus NX 300 H vs Competition

Lexus NX 300 H vs Audi Q5

Audi Q5 has seen the Indian market more than Lexus and this goes over to the advantage of Q5. Audi has a wider and better network establishment here than Lexus. Audi Q5 is priced at 50.08 lakhs(ex-showroom) which makes it a better choice than NX 300 H. Audi Q5 has a very refined engine with world-renowned Quattro all-wheel-drive system. If you are worried about after-sales and service, which is crucial especially in our country, Audi seems to be a better option.

Lexus NX 300h vs BMW X3

BMW X3 has been one of the most powerful rivals in the segment thanks to its twin-turbocharged petrol engine. BMW is one of the oldest German brands established in India. BMW X3 has seen many facelifts and changes that have made it a more prominent and compatible SUV, whereas NX 300 H is fairly new. BMW is a tough and rugged option that wants to do mild off-roading, whereas NX 300 H is more of an urban SUV. For those who want a stylish yet powerful SUV, BMW is the choice and for those modern-day tree huggers, NX 300 H is the answer.


Lexus NX 300 H is the future of what automobiles look like, green, silent and stylish. Lexus NX 300 H is a very well compiled product but it is an expensive affair to start off. Lexus needs to establish a wide and better after-sales service network for the future. It drives well, it is comfortable much, it is fuel-efficient for what we Indians thrive in for cars mostly. The only factor that stops NX 300 H from ranking the charts is the expensive price tag.