Lensfit Airtel Offers: Save Flat 40% And On Eyeglasses, Cleansing Kit And More

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By Sushmita Sasi - Content Specialist Jan 08 2021 Share this blog

Although the Lensfit Airtel Offers are not available currently there are other top deals where all payment options can be used and a whopping discount of up to 40% can be grabbed as well. Head over to Lensfit now and explore the unlock the gateway to premium eyegears. 

Lensfit Airtel Offers: Zoutons Recommended

Lensfit Airtel Offers
Offers Details
Get anti-glare eyeglasses for absolutely free
Straight discount of 40% on Sunglasses and eyeglasses
Up to Rs.1000 discount on eyeglasses and sunglasses
Get up to Rs.550 discount on sunglasses

Lensfit Offers & Coupon Codes : Editor’s Picks

Well, yes, the offers, their details, and validity are available above there but we will recommend you to go deep into the terms and conditions so that you won’t miss the offer due to any unimagined reason. So, let’s start.

Flat 40% Discount

1. Flat 40% Discount | Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Whether it’s about sunglasses or protecting your eyes with eyeglasses, Lensfit is taking care of your need at a low cost with this flat discount of 40%.

  • A discount of 40% is offered on sunglasses and eyeglasses
  • A minimum transaction value is not demanded to discount the product
  • EXTRA40” is the Lensfit coupon code that would be required while checkout
  • To make an order use the official Lensfit website
  • Offer can be grabbed by any user-New or existing
  • Users are free to choose the mode of payment which also included Airtel Wallet
  • Remember to grab the offer before December 21, 2020

 Rs. 1000 Off

2. Rs. 1000 Off | Eyeglasses and Power-glasses

Discount on the already rebated price is quite phenomenal, no? And all that becomes much more appealing when the discount amount is Rs 1000. Yes, that’s what Lensfit is up with.

  • Lensfit if availing a hefty discount of Rs 1000 on the following categories:
    • Eyeglasses
    • Power- Glasses
  • No threshold value fulfillment of any amount is required to fetch the offer
  • Without Lensfit coupon, code user won’t be able to proceed- Use “LENSFITLUCKY
  • All users can redeem the benefits irrespective of the category
  • Only Lensfit can be used to access the benefits from the offer
  • Payment can be done through:
    • Debit’ Credit Cards, Net Banking, Wallets
  • The Lensfit offer will be off the table after 31st December 2020

Flat 50% Discount

3. Flat 50% Discount | Lens Cleansing Solution

Now, cleaning the lens will not be a headache especially on the cost front as you can get a cleansing solution at just half the price of what you were supposed to pay actually.

  • Discount your Lens cleansing solution for a flat 50%:
    • Regular Price: Rs. 399
    • Discounted Price: Rs.199
    • Product will be a set of 2 units
    • Authenticity Card will be attached along
  • Without completing any minimum cart value users can proceed with the offer
  • New and existing- all users are termed valid to grab the offer
  • The Lensfit offer can be accessed through the official website of Lensfit only
  • For payment use the following modes:
    • Net Banking, Wallets, Debit/ Credit cards
  • The validity for Lensfit offer will be terminated from 31st December 2020

Save Rs. 2200

4. Save Rs. 2200 | UV Sunglasses

Here’s the chance to grab the quality at the lowest price and you can do that by getting a pair of UV sunglasses from Lensfit at a compelling discount of Rs. 2200 and also case and cleaning kit will assist you for no cost.

  • Lensfit is offering a discount of Rs. 2200 on UV Sunglasses
  • The offerings would be in following manner:
Original Price
Price to pay
  • A Cleansing kit and a case are also offered for free
  • The discount offer will be added automatically to the cart without any minimum transaction
  • Without Lensfit coupon code, users will be able to deal under the offer
  • All the users can access the offer benefits
  • Orders made through Lensfit’s official website will only fetch the discount
  • No particular payment mode is required- pay from any.
  • Once December 31, 2020, is passed, the offer will become unavailable

Free Offering From Lensfit:

So, what’s your thought about free lenses, eyeglasses, a cleansing kit, or anything From Lensfit? Haven’t imagined yet about this as it seems impossible. Well, then imagine now and enjoy the free products availed by Lensfit.

Offers Details
Anti-Glare Lenses
Blue Cut Digital Protection Lenses
Free Contact Lenses And Solution Cases

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are the Lensfit offers available for multiple uses?

Answer: Yes, all of the above-listed Lensfit offers can be used multiple times, given the conditions should be fulfilled every time you adding the offer to the cart. The 'Free Offerings from Lensfit' offers are the only ones that cannot be used multiple times, the coupon codes are for single use only.

2. Is There Any Free Shipping Facility Availed By Lensfit?

Answer: Currently, there is no offer available for free shipping from Lensfit. As soon as it will be made available we will update you at the earliest.


Have you already ran off to catch the discounts and the persuasive lens, eyeglasses, cleaning kit, and other accessories? Well, what could be better than that as the quality, style, price, and offers which are so amazing at once may not be available again in the coming times. So, if you haven't then just pick up your device, search down the Lensfit website, and order your favorites now with Lensfit Airtel Offers and other offerings. One more thing, just don’t forget to grab the free products.