Auto Expo 2020: The legendary Tata Sierra is back!

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Jan 29 2020 Share this blog

Tata has bought out the kid in us by showcasing the all-new Sierra. This concept pays homage to the lifestyle SUV from the ’90s that debunked all of the conventional outlooks and went out to become a phenomenal product. For those who don’t know about the history, the predecessor started as the Tata Telco and then was renamed to Sierra as many of us might remember.

tata sierra front fascia

Tata has worked well to bring in most of the design elements that once made the Sierra stand out in the crowd. The most vivid one is curved over rear-side windows which can be seen to be well preserved here.

This concept is shockingly based on the ALFA platform which also underpins the Altroz. It looks very different in proportions and we wonder how Tata manages to slap on such a huge body onto the platform. But Tata has worked around with a lot of manufacturers and could easily pull this one with ease. Speaking of collabs, the Sierra concept looks a lot like the Land Rover from the first quarter but it's when we pan to the second half that old memories come in and we are reminded of the legendary Sierra.

tata sierra exterior

The concept is a 3-door just like the predecessor, but Tata has shifted the rear door to the side. You didn’t see it right?! That's because the third door has been cleverly integrated on the right-hand side with a hidden handle and is a sliding one! Another notable exterior feature is the LED taillight that runs across the rear.

Tata has given the Sierra an electric power plant and thus makes it futureproof. But we so badly want it to have a diesel engine, just like old times! But there aren't any feasible details of the power figures or the motor capacity, which makes it evident that Tata has no plans to bring the Sierra into production anytime soon. But don’t lose hope as Tata is on a roll now and from the general trend of things, the concept and production variant will not vary much.

tata sierra interior

On the inside, Tata has gone with a very minimal design layout which makes it very airy and so the weird-looking “grass” inserts. The iconic rear 3/4th quarter glass pane now goes over the top and thus gives it a very open top feeling. The front row passenger seat can swirl around completely, thus showcasing its spacious cabin. The rear row showcases reclining seats along with a bench seat setup.

As of now, the only solid details that are released are of the dimensions and the Sierra is a rather small vehicle. It is 4150 mm long, 1820 mm wide and height of 1675 mm. It has a wheelbase of 2450 mm which is similar to that of the HBX concept that has also been released alongside the Sierra. But Tata has nailed it with the homage and we would like to see the new Sierra on the roads soon!