Kia Seltos vs MG Hector 2020 - Prices, Mileage, Specs, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer May 15 2020 Share this blog

MG Hector also enjoyed the same attention as that of Kia Seltos during its entry into India which also took place last year. MG caused quite a lot of buzz with its “Internet Inside” tagline as it was the first of its kind in India at the time. Its larger-than-life footprint and unique technology bundle made it an instant success and still poses a serious threat to Kia Seltos in terms of feature offering. The difference in performance is listed below and MG has the upper hand here.


Kia Seltos HTE

MG Hector Style

Pricing(Ex-Showroom Delhi)

Rs. 9,89,000

Rs. 12,48,000


1.5L naturally aspirated I4 Petrol engine

1.5L Turbo I4 Petrol engine


6-Speed Manual

6-Speed Manual


[email protected] RPM

[email protected] RPM


[email protected] RPM

[email protected] RPM

0-100 KMPH(Seconds)



Top Speed(KMPH)



The power and torque figures might be higher but its higher kerb weight takes the best of it, due to its larger footprint and chassis modifications for added hybrid support. It is evident from its top speed and acceleration timings. MG has a very potent engine and, in fact, is turbocharged unlike the naturally aspirated unit in the Kia Seltos which we have compared it to. But the added size and usage of a unwantedly large body of MG Hector gives Kia Seltos an edge.

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector: Exterior

 Kia Seltos has a more youthful and edgy approach in its design language with the LED headlights dominating the front grille. It has a menacing look and its frontal grille is smartly designed with hexagonal elements which go well with the overall setup. The side is laden with muscular shoulder lines which adds to its appeal. Rear-end is comparatively subtle and is dominated by a chrome insert running across and connects both the LED taillights. “KIA” is embedded at the centre of this horizontal chrome insert and even has a top-lip spoiler to add to its sportiness.

2020 kia seltos exterior vs 2020 mg hector exterior

MG Hector looks much bigger for a 5-seater crossover, and it actually is, as the platform and body used is of the 7-seater category. But MG decides to omit the third row and give customers a bedroom worthy cargo space. The front is dominated by a rather large grille which has been given a heavy dose of chrome. Unlike the Seltos, the headlight unit on the Hector is placed much lower and can be easily confused for fog lamps. It has a prominent muscular shoulder line which goes all the way from the LED DRLs upfront and to the LED taillights.


Kia Seltos HTE

MG Hector Style













Ground Clearance(mm)



MG Hector sure looks bigger of the two, but they could have done with a bigger set of wheels instead of these skinny ones. Kia has a more well-contoured and propositioned design language but the road presence of the Hector is a force to be reckoned with.

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector: Interior

Kia has provided a plush and cosy interior setup that goes well with the exterior theme. The dashboard is clearly laid out with the floating 10.25-inch infotainment display dominating the centre portion. The front seats are ventilated which is a boon in a tropical climate like ours. There is ample support for occupants in both the rows and will be a comfortable experience, even in long journeys.

2020 kia seltos interior vs 2020 mg hector interior

MG Hector made headlines with its humongous 10.3-inch portrait-style touchscreen unit dominating the dashboard. The highlighting feature was the absence of any physical buttons and all of the controls including those of air conditioning needs to be done via the touch screen unit, kind of like Tesla’s unit.


Kia Seltos

MG Hector Style

Interior Features

Premium Bose 8-speaker sound system

i-Smart remote control functions

2-step rear reclining seats

10.3-inch portrait infotainment display 

Ambient mood lighting

8-Speaker Infinity audio system

10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment display

4-way power-adjustable front passenger seat

8-inch digital instrument cluster

Dual-pane Panoramic sunroof

Smart air purifier

8-colour ambient lighting

Ventilated and power seats

7-inch MID equipped instrument cluster

Kia cannot surpass MG in terms of cabin space and the Hector has humongous cargo space for a month’s worth of family luggage. The iSmart internet features are another note-worthy bunch which lets you control many car functions and works like your personal assistant with the magic words- “Hello MG”.

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector: Differentiating Features

MG Hector is still known for its impressive feature listing but its edge is thinning down because of the likes of Kia Seltos and the new 2nd-Gen Hyundai Creta. MG Hector is the first crossover in its class to have a hybrid powertrain and a humongous 10.4-inch infotainment display. It is an LCD touchscreen unit which is devoid of any physical buttons and yes you have buttons to change the volume! The highlighting features of two of the smartest cars of this segment are listed below.


Kia Seltos HTE

MG Hector Style

Differentiating Features

17-inch hyper metallic alloys

48V hybrid powertrain option

Crown jewel LED headlamps

e-SIM support

Heart-beat LED taillights

10.3-inch portrait infotainment touchscreen

Rear spoiler

Heated ORVM

UVO connected Car

Touchscreen Air-con controls

8-inch head-up display

50+ iSmart internet car features

MG as swiftly as it shot up the sales chart has been followed by a few hiccups due to its newness in the country. The comparatively lower service network and powertrain complications have made consumers think twice. We would transparently go for the Kia Seltos which has a more sure cut approach and its relationship with Hyundai gives it an edge as well.

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector: Which SUV is better?

MG Hector is an impressive car which opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities with its interesting technology bundle. It introduced us to new features like the personalised voice assistant and eSIM support.

But the competitors are fast catching up and Kia Seltos has finally given the smart MG a head-on battle. The Seltos is low in performance, but it compensates for it in impressive driving dynamics which the Hector is very lame at! The flexibility of terrain and drive modes adds to the driving experience. MG needs to showcase more than just hi-end comfort features to get back in the groove.