Kia Seltos 2020 GT Line vs HT Line - Comparison, Prices, Mileage, Specs, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer May 19 2020 Share this blog

The number of variants on offer for Kia Seltos is of such diversity that we can divide it into two different cars as a whole! That is exactly what we have in mind as the automaker themselves have diversified the line-up into two main categories- HT Line(Tech Line) and GT Line. Both these lines vary in powertrain and feature listings which helps it cater to a wider audience. There are prominent changes on the outside as well which can help us tell both the Lines from each other with ease.

HT Line(Tech Line) vs GT Line: Engine and Transmission

kia seltos 1.5l turbo diesel engine vs 1.4l turbo petrol engine

If we would have to put it shortly, then the Tech Line is the sober one and GT Line is the pumped-up bunch. Kia has focused on the power to value proposition with its Tech Line and the GT Line is reserved for those with the hunger for thrill and top-notch features.

kia seltos 1.5l petrol engine

The Tech Line comes with two engine options which can be flexibly coupled with three crisp transmissions on offer. There are five variants in this bunch and are high on the value front which makes it a perfect choice for people on a budget and wanting an absolute steal of a deal. The IVT should be the choice of transmission if you want to extract the most kilometres off a litre and if fun is on your mind, then nothing beats a good old manual.


HT Line(Tech Line)

GT Line

Variants on offer




1.5L NA Petrol/ 1.5L Turbo Diesel

1.4L Turbo GDI/1.5L Turbo Diesel


                   6-Speed Manual/                                    6-Speed Automatic/                 IVT  

                6-Speed Manual/                                    7-Speed DCT/                      6-Speed Automatic 

The GT Line, on the other hand, has a more serious powertrain setup which gives you the most thrill of this lot. The 7-Speed DCT gearbox widens the grin on your face and helps you have the utmost fun possible. Gearing is snappy and it has the added benefit of modulating the driving dynamics based on drive and traction modes which are only available with either the 7speed DCT or 6 speed AMT.

HT Line(Tech Line) vs GT Line: Exterior Features

kia seltos ht line front view vs kia seltos gt line front view

This requires a bit of attention as the differences in aesthetics are subtle and need a bit of examination. Tech Line in itself has a lot of upgrades when you come up its five variant ladder. It ranges from the usage of chrome bits to the complete transformation of the lighting system to LED. The wheels are a major deciding factor among the Tech Line variants as it starts with 16-inch steel rims and ends at 17-inch alloy wheels.

HT Line(HTX+)

GT Line(GTX+)

17-inch hyper metallic alloy wheels

17-inch crystal cut alloy wheels

Premium silver centre wheel caps

Sporty red centre wheel caps

Black Kia signature tiger-nose grille

Black Kia signature tiger-nose grille with “GT Line” logo


Front bumper with sporty red accents

Rear bumper with dual muffler design

Rear bumper with dual muffler design and red accent

Black door garnish and body colour with silver accent

Black door garnish and body colour with red accent


Red front brake caliper

But when you compare Tech to GT, you will have to focus on the reds. The GT Line has a healthy dose of red accents to differentiate it from the Tech Line. The front and rear bumpers have red accents with “GT Line” badging on the front grille and the tailgate. Even the front brake calipers are painted red to oomph up the sporty appeal. The GT Line variants have uniquely designed 17-inch alloy wheels which are again given the red treatment with red centre caps.

HT Line(Tech Line) vs GT Line: Interior Features

2020 kia seltos gt line interior

On the inside, the main differentiating aspects are upholstery colours and the red treatment, of course! Full black and black-beige upholstery are reserved for the GT Line variants, which has contrasting red stitching to remind you of the “GT Line”. Tech Line has a more airy and subtle approach as the upholstery is either beige or dual-tone with plush interior bits on the door trims. The steering wheel also gets subtle changes as it has “Seltos” logo in the Tech Line variants and “GT Line” on the GT variants.

2020 kia seltos ht line interior

Major differences on the inside are on the technology front as the GT Line gets to enjoy additional perks. The GT variants get traction and multidrive mode dials which are absent in the Tech Line variants. Another feature unique to the GT is an 8-inch head-up display.

HT line(HTX+)

GT Line(GTX+)

Leather-wrapped D-cut steering wheel with “Seltos” logo

Leather-wrapped D-cut steering wheel with “GT Line” logo

Beige and black leatherette seats with honeycomb pattern

Beige and black leatherette seats with red stitching


Rain sensing wipers


360 view camera with guidelines


Blind view monitor


8-inch Head-Up display


Traction Modes-Sand/Mud/Wet


Multi Drive Modes-Normal/Eco/Sports

With more power comes more responsibility and so, safety has also been given a bump in the GT Line variants. You get a 360 degree View Camera with guidelines and a Blind View Monitor to aid in driving. The added premium of GT Line variants is well catered to here with its added bunch of features.  

How does this two-faced approach fare for Kia Seltos?

The diversification of variants done by Kia is a smart move. This helps the automaker widen its perspective and thus helps cater to a wider possible customer base. The subtle approach is perfected with the Tech Line variants as it is high on features and has the commendable performance to back up its edgy looks.

The GT Line caters to the enthusiastic bunch who would go that extra mile to get the best possible driving experience. Kia also has a few bridging variants which have the best of both worlds, in case someone gets confused on what to go for! As far as the sales figures show, this approach has been a home run for Kia.