Kia Seltos 2020 Sales Figures-Prices, Mileage, Specs, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer May 16 2020 Share this blog

Kia Seltos has skyrocketed in terms of sales since its launch last year. It is a new-comer in India and luckily has been enjoying perks which not many newbies have the chance. It was launched in August 2020 and has since then racked in increasing numbers, month on month.

2020 kia seltos rear third quarter view

The secret ingredient to this is a clever marketing plan along with an irresistible package that looks badass. The Seltos is equipped with impressive features which only a few others can achieve in this segment. The number of powertrain options and the sheer number of variants on offer also adds to its boon as it helps cater to a wider audience with varying needs.

How impressive have the sales figures of Kia Seltos been?

Kia Seltos has enjoyed a fair share of the market since its launch in August 2019. Bear in mind that it was launched on the 22nd of August and still managed to stack in over 6000 units in just 9 days. The following months saw a linear uphill climb for the sales numbers with the numbers being at its ripest in November 2019.

2020 kia seltos acceleration 0-100 kmph

December saw a steep fall in sales due to the public conflict on the clarity of BS6 norms. Kia Seltos was sold in its BS6 form and so didn’t have to make changes in its line-up. January saw a drastic jump which overtook December figures as well. The closing month of the financial year 2019-20 saw a decline in sales due to various factors, the main being panic and lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Units sold

August 2019


September 2019


October 2019


November 2019


December 2019


January 2020


February 2020


March 2020


It's impressive to see a new-comer shoot up and seal a position among the top 10 automakers in terms of sales. Kia surely has enjoyed a safe path to success and it's all thanks to a well-studied marketing strategy along with an irresistible package which not many automakers provide in this segment and at a mouth-watering price-point.

How do Seltos's sales compare with the competition, for the last three months?

Before Kia Seltos came along, Jeep Compass was the one enjoying all the sweet bits. It was again timing for Jeep that made the Compass an instant success. The only other potent car available during the launch of Jeep Compass was the first Gen Hyundai Creta which didn’t make much of a proposition as compared to the Jeep. But Kia has taken over with the Seltos and it is evident from the sales figures of 2020.

Then came the “Internet car” which took the county by storm. MG Hector amassed huge numbers since its launch in June of 2019. Its impressive pricing and brimful of technology made it the first choice of many potential customers. But then again, it is evident from the table below, that MG didn’t get to enjoy that fame for long.


Kia Seltos

Hyundai Creta

MG Hector

Jeep Compass

March 2020





February 2020





January 2020





The next-generation Hyundai Creta is what stands in Kia’s way. It is mechanically the same, as both cars share the same platform and powertrain options. This has helped Hyundai to sway close to Kia in terms of Sales figures and thus stands at second position after Kia Seltos in sales figures for March.

So, can the Kia Seltos stand undefeated for a long time?

The rapid success rate of Kia Seltos shows us the importance of clever marketing coupled with proper timing. Kia bundled up an impressive package based on the current market scenario and thus gave people what they wanted. When someone acts proactively as per your needs, you tend to be attracted to them, and that is the secret ingredient of Kia’s success for topping the list of the most heated segment in India right now.