Kia Seltos Safety and Reliability- Prices, Mileage, Warranty, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer May 14 2020 Share this blog

Kia Seltos is one of the most feature-packed crossovers in this segment and the safety section also gets its fair share of modern safety features. The weightage given to safety for the Seltos by Kia makes it a spot on, bang for buck proposition.

2020 kia seltos tire pressure monitoring system

It had a lot of segment-first features as well, “had” because it now shares all of it with the recently launched Second Gen Hyundai Creta which is technically the Kia Seltos in quirky clothing. But that still makes Kia Seltos, one of the best offerings in this heated segment which is evident from its impressive sales figures.

What are the safety features in Kia Seltos?

Kia Seltos packs an impressive list of safety features in its line-up. An impressive deduction is that all of its variants including the base are equipped with a healthy share of features, unlike some of its competitors which are left barebone in its base variants and thus even questions its existence!

Kia very well knew this and didn’t want to make the same mistake again and so they gave all of Seltos’s variants a healthy dose of safety features, linearly increasing as we moved up the table. It also comes with a Hill Start Assist Control(HAC) which is particularly helpful on steep slopes.

Electronic Stability Control(ESC)

This is a neat technological marvel that makes this crossover of a Seltos behave like a clear cut hatchback. The ESC system uses sensors and checks various parameters to give you a rooted and sharp driving experience. This system detects slippage and helps you regain traction by controlling the throttle response and brakes. It is an instantaneous process that is well noted in corners and this improves the stability of the tallest of cars as well. The Seltos also utilises this piece of tech with its list of drive and traction modes.

Hill Start Assist Control(HAC)

HAC is an SUV centric feature that is slowly making its way into all walks of cars. This system engages the electronic hand brake and avoids rolling the car down a hill by providing a controlled uphill or downhill drive. This system is very helpful for people living in high altitude regions and also for the bold bunch who plan on taking the Seltos offroading! The various safety features on offer are listed below.

Safety features on offer:

  • Rigid steel monocoque chassis
  • 6 standard airbags
  • Hill Start Assist Control(HAC)
  • Electronic Stability Control(ESC)
  • ABS and EBD
  • Tire Pressure Monitor System(TPMS)
  • Disc brakes all round
  • LED lighting all round
  • Follow Me Home headlamps
  • Panic button on smart key

How reliable is the Kia Seltos?

Reliability is a crucial aspect when it comes to wooing consumers in our country. We love a peaceful after-sales experience and so it is always wise of automakers to provide for a well-sorted warranty coverage along with the seamless servicing experience.

The powertrain setup in Kia Seltos is tried and tested and will seldom cause troubles and due to its relationship with Hyundai which is the second-largest automaker in India, gives a good pointer for aspiring consumers. Kia provides a 3 years/unlimited kilometres standard warranty on all the variants of Seltos.

Apart from the standard warranty period, Kia also offers extended warranty packages which further helps to increase its goodwill among customers. The tabulation below gives you an idea of the extended warranty packages on offer.


Vehicle age from the date of delivery

4th year/

1,00,000 km

4th year/

Unlimited km

4th and 5th year/

1,20,000 km

4th and 5th year/

unlimited km

Seltos Petrol

0-3 months

Rs. 12,141

Rs. 14,839

Rs. 16,188

Rs. 20,235

4-12 months

Rs. 13,355

Rs. 16,323

Rs. 17,807

Rs. 22,259

13-24 months

Rs. 15,783

Rs. 19,291

Rs. 21,044

Rs. 26,306

Seltos Diesel

0-3 months

Rs. 13,491

Rs. 16,489

Rs. 17,988

Rs. 22,485

4-12 months

Rs. 14,840

Rs. 18,138

Rs. 19,787

Rs. 24,734

13-24 months

Rs. 17,538

Rs. 21,456

Rs. 23,384

Rs. 29,231

The packages are sensibly priced and you have the flexibility to choose from either one or two additional years and Kia provides for a commendable pricing slab based on the age of your particular Seltos.

Is safety a strong point for Kia Seltos?

From the above-mentioned stats and points, it is evident that Kia has done its homework well before coming to India and it is a good indication of the automaker's commitment and goodwill towards its customers. Kia’s fast-growing footprint in the country will further improve the after-sales experience and the fact that it is the sister company of Hyundai makes things even better in terms of countrywide connectivity.