Kia Seltos 2020 Engines: Petrol vs Diesel - Comparison, Specs, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer May 19 2020 Share this blog

India has seen a dramatic shift in the preference of cars over the years. If you were to ask a middle-class person a decade ago, of his car of choice, he would blindly go for the diesel variants due to the drastic difference in fuel prices back then. But now, things are different, and both petrol and diesel fuel prices are more or less at par.

Kia hasn’t shown any partiality in that matter and it has evenly laid out a potent line-up consisting of equally powerful petrol and diesel engines. This allows it to cater to people from all walks of life who are in the market for a new vehicle.

What are the engines options in Kia Seltos?

Kia offers the Seltos in three engine options, two petrol-powered and a sole diesel unit. The petrol engines are available in two layouts- a 1.5L naturally aspirated unit and a more enthusiastic 1.4L GDI turbo petrol unit.

2020 kia seltos 1.5l petrol vs 2020 kia seltos 1.4l tubro petrol

Both these engines are poles apart in terms of performance output and you will surely have a wider grin behind the wheel of the 1.4L turbo unit coupled with the slick-shifting 7-Speed DCT. The DCT gearbox also adds the flexibility of driving and traction modes which vary the driving dynamics impressively. The 1.5L petrol unit is the only one of this lot that also comes equipped with an IVT which is Kia’s fancy way of naming its CVT.

2020 kia seltos 1.5l diesel engine

The diesel engine available is a 1.5L turbo unit that unlike other manufacturers is not far behind in its performance curve when compared to its immediate petrol-powered counterpart. Surprisingly, the diesel variants have a better driving experience when coupled with manual transmissions. It also comes equipped with a 6-Speed automatic transmission which is a torque converter unit that is one of the best ones we have come across so far.

Fuel Type




1.5L naturally aspirated/1.4L GDI turbocharged

1.5L turbocharged


          6-Speed Manual/7-Speed DCT/           IVT(Intelligent Variable Transmission)

6-Speed Manual/6-Speed Automatic


[email protected] RPM(1.5L NA)/[email protected] RPM(1.4L GDI)

[email protected] RPM


[email protected] RPM(1.5L NA)/[email protected] RPM(1.4L GDI)

[email protected] RPM

0-100 KMPH(seconds)

11.67(1.5L NA)/9.7(1.4L GDI)


Top Speed(KMPH)

170(1.5L NA)/185(1.4L GDI)


From the above table, we can deduce the main differences in performance among the three engines. Both the 1.5L petrol and diesel engines produce the same power figures albeit at different RPMs. This is because of the added advantage of the turbo in the diesel engines but it varies drastically in the torque output and the diesel engine produces 100+ Nm of torque over the petrol unit. The turbo petrol unit is in a league of its own and its superiority can be tracked by its 0-100 KMPH and top speed figures.

Which is the best engine in 2020 Kia Seltos?

There is no clear cut, the best one among the three because each one of these engines has their perks and a fair share of the audience. So, we will let you be the judge and choose the engine that suits you the most!

The enthusiastic one!

We believe that you know the answer to this one. The engine that does justice to “enthusiasm” is the 1.4L GDI Turbo petrol engine and both of its gearboxes are befitting for the thrilling experience. But we would recommend you to go for the 6-Speed manual-equipped one as DCTs have a very bad reputation when it comes to reliability and we don’t want that wide grin on your to wear off fast!

The practical thinker.

Well, we will recommend the 1.5L diesel unit for those people who are calculative of situations. This engine will be the perfect hassle-free companion, along with the 6-Speed torque converter unit which is high on practicality. It has ample performance and will give you decent mileage figures as compared to the others in this lot. And there aren't a dearth of diesel lovers in this country. This engine is the best highway cruiser of the lot as well due to its wider and lower peak torque curve.

The sober one.

Last but not the least, the flexible 1.5L petrol unit is well suited for a city car. It comes in two gearbox options but we would want you to sway away from the IVT as it is rather sluggish and nothing beats a good old manual setup. Power and torque figures are respectable and are the quietest one of the bunch with no vibrations at all being filtered into the cabin.