Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla Altis - Prices, Mileage, Specs, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Apr 28 2020 Share this blog

Mid-size sedan segment is a dying segment as on one side it has the small-size sedans which are becoming better day by day and on the other, the crossovers have taken over. Indian driving conditions are also the main aspect for people to lose interest in the once best-selling segment.

honda civic front view vs toyota corolla altis front view

But automakers are still betting hard with some wholesome cars to gain lost grounds. Honda Civic is the latest and most anticipated entrance in this segment and it faces one of its closest rivals in this face-off; Toyota Corolla Altis.

What are the powertrain differences between Civic and Corolla Altis?

There are a lot of common grounds between these two and it even comes down to the powertrains as well, with both flaunting a 1.8L petrol unit. Both the cars are coupled to a CVT gearbox but surprisingly make varying power figures. Its performance figures are compared below.


Honda Civic V

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G

Pricing(Ex-Showroom Delhi)(Base variant)

Rs. 17,93,000

Rs. 18,06,000


1799cc 4-cylinder petrol

1798cc 4-cylinder petrol


CVT with paddle shifters

CVT with paddle shifters


141 bhp @6500 RPM

138 bhp @6400 RPM


174 Nm @4300 RPM

173 Nm @4000 RPM

0-100 KMPH(Seconds)



Torque difference is marginal but the power difference is evident and it shows in its acceleration timings as well. Driving dynamics are impressive and similar in both with linear power delivery and have well-balanced chassis which provides impressive driver involvement.

What are the exterior differences between Civic and Corolla Altis?

Both the sedans are sleek in its design language but the Civic differs drastically as compared to the Corolla Altis. This is mostly due to its coupe-ish approach and the sloping roofline makes most of the difference. The front fascia of Honda Civic is bold and laden with a chunky chrome grille which comes in line with its full-LED headlights. The side profile as said earlier has a coupe-ish design language due to its sloping roofline.

honda civic front third quarter view vs toyota corolla altis front third quarter view

A faint shoulder line is traced across the sides which are aligned with its chrome handlebars. The rear has a polarising look with its crab-claw like tail lights at both ends along with a red Honda logo in between on the tailgate.

In the case of Toyota Corolla Altis, it is a clear cut sedan even in looks. It has a long front end along with a steeper roofline as compared to the Civic. The design language is sleek but is confined to the front fascia and its sleek taillights. Toyota has clung on to its original design template and worked on it to modernize the Corolla Altis.


Honda Civic 

Toyota Corolla Altis













Ground Clearance(mm)



Both the cars are similarly sized but Civic looks more compact and sportier than the Corolla Altis which helps it be an attention magnet. Toyota is taller than the Honda as it is due to its coupe-ish design approach.

What are the interior differences between Civic and Corolla Altis?

Honda surely has the edge here as it is the newer entrance here. Toyota hasn’t done any major changes on the inside for the Corolla Altis as thus has started to show its age. Honda has laden the Civic with a lot of features many of which are segment-first and includes many passive safety features as well.

The cabin is spacious and provides for a comfortable driving experience. It also gets ventilated front seats and dual one climate control. It also comes with a three-pointer seat belt for the rear middle passenger as well. The dashboard is laid out cleanly and the all-black theme with silver lining looks much premium.

honda civic dashboard vs toyota corolla altis dashboard

Toyota Corolla Altis, on the other hand, doesn’t compromise a dime on comfort and provides with the better seating comfort of the two. Its higher seating and use of fine touch material give you a cocooned feel. The dual-tone dashboard is cluster free and gives it an airy feel. But the downside here is that it has started to show its age despite being updated with a touch screen infotainment system. 


Honda Civic 

Toyota Corolla Altis

Interior Features

Ventilated front seats

Second row split 60:40 foldable

8-way power driver seat

Sport driving mode


Built-in GPS

Rear AC vents

HDMI support

Adjustable front armrest with cupholders and storage

Hand gesture support for the infotainment system

Remote operation of the sunroof

Armrest with central storage unit

Auto-dimming rearview mirror

Dual tine upholstery

Both the cars have fitting cabins that provide for a relaxed and plush driving experience. But modernisation makes all of the difference here and the newer Honda Civic has an upper hand here. 

What are the differentiating features on offer?

Despite being similar on a lot of grounds, both these mid-size sedans differ in a lot of aspects on the inside as well. Honda has a lot of clever tricks up its sleeve and it includes ventilated front seats and rear AC vents. Honda has given its Civic a sporty approach whereas its counterpart from Toyota is the gentleman in a tuxedo.

honda civic rear third quarter view vs toyota corolla altis rear third quarter view

Toyota Corolla Altis has well-contoured seats in both rows and even comes with both petrol and diesel variants. There is a “Sport” mode apart from the fuel-saving “ECO” mode and the rear seats fold down in a 60:40 fashion. Differentiating features of the two are listed below.


Honda Civic 

Toyota Corolla Altis

Differentiating Features

Non-foldable rear seats

60:40 split-folding rear seats

ECON mode with indicator

ECO and Sport driving modes

8-way power-adjustable driver seat

10-way power-adjustable driver seat

Available in Petrol powertrain only 

Available in both petrol and diesel powertrains. 

Rear AC vents are present

Rear AC vents are absent

Ventilated front seats

Normal front seats

LED headlamps

Projector headlamps

Both the cars have their differences and perks but Toyota’s age speaks out loud and there is no denying the fact that the Civic is a more youthful and energetic looking one of the two. Apart from these differences, the one thing that both these cars can agree on is the level of comfort on offer.

Which is the better one in this comparison?

Toyota Corolla Altis is the closest rival to Honda Civic in this segment and the fact that both are similarly sized makes the comparison ever so interesting. But Toyota’s hesitation in updating the Corolla Altis for 2020 and planning to close the chapter with this iteration makes a strong point for Honda Civic which has just landed in India, last year.

Honda Civic is the better overall package of the two and also provides for a bit of fun along with its comfort. It is priced cheaper as well which makes it all the more desirable.