Honda Civic 2020 Comparison: India Spec vs US Spec - Prices, Mileage, Specs, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer May 21 2020 Share this blog

Honda has made some changes for the Civic sold in India, as opposed to the US-spec model. It is very much similar to the international variant that is sold in many countries, but there are a few key differences and in some aspects even makes the US version better than the Indian one.

Not many automakers bring in offerings as the same that is sold internationally. But Honda has managed to retain as much as, financially possible in the Civic. As pricing always plays an important role in succeeding in the Indian market, Honda had to cut corners. So, there are a few key differences between the Civic sold in India and the US.

What is the difference in, variants and pricing of India-spec and US-spec Civic?

Currently, Honda Civic is available in three crisp variants for the Indian market. This deduction is recent and due to the stringent BS6 norms that have come into existence, Honda was forced to shelve its diesel line-up of Civic. But rest assured, it is temporary as the BS6-compliant diesel engines are slated to make a comeback by the end of this year or early 2021.

Honda Civic is now available with a sole 1.8L naturally aspirated i-VTEC petrol motor that is coupled to a CVT gearbox. This helps Honda retain a balance in performance and efficiency which plays a key role in impressing the masses. The base V variant is priced at Rs. 17.93 lakh and top of the line ZX stands at Rs. 21.25 lakh. The pricing is spot on and thus makes for a value for money proposition.


India Spec Honda Civic


Rs. 17,93,000


Rs. 19,44,900


Rs. 21,24,900

The international offering of Honda Civic is surprisingly priced around the same vicinity albeit with a much wider spectrum of variants. You get five variants in the equivalent range of Rs. 15.8 lakh to Rs. 21.20 lakh which makes it a dirt-cheap proposition in the States. Honda has a reputation around the world for having an impressive track record in reliability.

The US-spec Civic gets two powertrain options to go with the added variants. LX and Sport variants get a 2.0L naturally aspirated unit coupled to either a 6-Speed manual or a CVT. The other three variants get a turbocharged 1.5L pot that amplifies its performance. 


US Spec Honda Civic


$20,650(≅ Rs. 15,80,806)


$21,550(≅ Rs. 16,49,734)


$23,800(≅ Rs. 18,21,980)


$25,000(≅ Rs. 19,13,845)


$27,700(≅ Rs.  21,20,540)

All of these variants are well-packed with impressive features that make it one of the best selling sedans in the country and for the record, the Civic sells 60-fold in numbers in the US when compared to India!

What are the engine differences between India-spec and US-spec Honda Civic?

Honda Civic in India gets a sole 1.8L naturally aspirated petrol engine as of now and it pumps out commendable performance figures with 141 bhp and 174 Nm.  It is coupled to a conservative CVT gearbox which helps utilise the paddle shifters and dedicated “ECON” toggle for a customisable driving experience.

2020 honda civic india vs us engine comparison

US-spec Civic, on the other hand, provides for a much more flexible character at hand as it comes with two powertrain options, with a 2.0L naturally aspirated inline-four unit producing around 155 bhp and 171 Nm. The 1.8L Indian spec engine has been derived from this one and is an efficient and reliable unit. It is coupled to either an M-CVT or a 6-Speed manual transmission. 


India Spec Honda Civic

US Spec Honda Civic


1.8L NA I4 Petrol

               2.0L NA I4 Petrol(LX, Sport)/          1.5L I4 Turbo Petrol(EX, EX-L, Touring)



M-CVT/6-Speed Manual/LL-CVT


141 @ 6500 RPM

                  155.8 @ 6500 RPM/                171.6 @ 6000 RPM


174 @ 4300 RPM

                220 @ 1700-5500 RPM/                     187 @ 4200 RPM     

The higher variants are equipped with a more powerful 1.5L turbocharged petrol unit that pumps out 220 bhp and 187 Nm. This engine is the one to go for if you are in for a heightened driving experience. But the full potential of this engine is restricted because of the conservative LL-CVT it comes coupled with. 

How does the India spec Civic differ in looks from US-spec?

2020 honda civic india spec vs us spec looks

Impressively, there is not much of a difference on the outside, as the Indian spec is a direct carryover of the US-spec Civic. The main difference is a limitation in the colour palette available for the Indian spec. We get 5 exterior colour options whereas the US-spec gets a wider 8 colour palette.


India Spec Honda Civic

US Spec Honda Civic













Ground clearance



Another major difference is the dechromed components on the US-spec Civic. People in the US are less attracted to shiny stuff and so most of the elements including the chunky front grille are painted in black. Other aspects at the front and sides remain the same.


India Spec Honda Civic

US Spec Honda Civic

Exterior differences

ORVMs with integrated turn signals

Heated ORVMs

Right mounted exhaust

Center outlet exhaust( Sport)

Driver side lever mechanised fuel filler

Push to release fuel filler

No spoiler

Body-coloured decklid spoiler

A healthy dose of chrome treatment

Dechromed all the way!

At the rear, the most prominent difference is the addition of a decklid spoiler which goes well with the overall design language. Honda has brought about minimal changes for the Indian version of Civic as it is visible from a lot of shared components between both that also includes the side marker lights. This piece of lighting is mandatory as per US safety regulations but not in India. Nevertheless, it helps in the safety front and also adds to its design statement as well.

What are the interior differences between Honda Civic sold in India and the US?

There are some major differences between both the cars on the inside. The US-spec variant gets all-black leather upholstery which we sadly miss out on. It looks killer and would have wooed in a lot more prospective buyers just for the posh looking interior layout. The US-spec variants also get heated front and rear outboard seats which adds to its comfort. The US also gets electric adjustability for the front passenger seat which we miss out on.

2020 honda civic india vs us interior comparison

The infotainment setup is common grounds, at least for the base variants but as we move up the table in the US, you are treated to a more powerful 450W 10 speaker system. A lot of omissions in the Indian spec Civic is to provide for more aggressive pricing without which it can't survive in India!


India Spec Honda Civic

US Spec Honda Civic

Interior Differences

Leather upholstered seats devoid of ventilation

Heated front and rear outboard seats

Manually adjustable front passenger seat

4-way power-adjustable front passenger seat

Standard 180W 8 speaker system

Standard 180W 8 speaker system/

Optional 450W 10 speaker system including subwoofer

Key Fob controls for sunroof and windows

Electronic remote trunk release

Boot Space(Litres)



Convenience features like electronic remote trunk control also get a miss on the Indian iteration.  But, given the price point, it's impressive as to how Honda has managed to hold these many features back. Honda Civic is one of the top-selling sedans in the States as it provides for an affordable yet filling proposition. The same cannot be said for India, as the crossovers have taken over the country by storm and provide a cheaper and practical option as opposed to sedans.

How does the US-spec Civic differ in safety features from India-spec Civic?

Both specs get a similar safety package and it is impressive for the price point. But this is the sector in which Honda has cut the most corners and it is sensible as passive safety features are costly and take away from the “affordability” tag in a country like India. But that doesn’t make the India spec Civic any less safe, as it gets a sweet bundle of safety features which even includes a lane watch camera which is a first in the segment.

But the US-spec gets a “Honda Sensing Technologies” package which puts it in a whole different league. This package consists of numerous safety and driver-assist features to provide for the safer package. The included systems are Collision mitigation braking system, road departure mitigation system, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and lane departure warning and forward-collision warning system.


India Spec Honda Civic

US Spec Honda Civic

Safety Differences

Devoid of Honda Sensing Technologies

Honda Sensing Technologies

Auto On/Off headlamps

Auto High beam headlamps

All of the added features in the US-spec Civic is a part of the patented Honda Sensing Safety and Driver Assist System. India loses out on this and thus is a slab lower as far as safety is concerned. This is also market-specific, as there are a lot of players in the particular price bracket in the US that offer similar or better-specced offerings. The same is not applicable for India as the India spec Honda Civic has one of the best safety offerings in the segment.

Which is the better package of the two?

Both of the region-specific iterations have their share of boon and we are impressed by the fact that Honda retained most of the components of its International spec Civic for India. That had not been the case earlier with most of the manufacturers, as India would get a seriously underprivileged iteration when compared to that particular model’s international spec variants.

The now discontinued diesel variants were what grasped in numbers for the Civic in India. It will affect the sales figures but as Honda has hinted on bringing the BS6 compliant diesel engines, by the end of this year, the dip might not stay for long.