Hero Splendor iSmart 2020 Price in India - On-road price, Offers, Mileage and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Apr 27 2020 Share this blog

The Hero Splendor iSmart sits in perhaps one of the most competitive segments in the Indian bike market. It is the first indigenously developed bike by Hero after the split from the Japanese giant Honda. This is mainly because “Splendor” has become a household name in the commuter bike segment in India. But the Splendor iSmart aims to achieve and offer even more than the original Splendor.

2020 hero splendor ismart bs6 side view

Offering a brand new engine in a brand new frame, the bike comes with a 110cc motor with a start-stop feature to save fuel. Hero MotoCorp has finally updated the engine to BS6 standards and it generates 8.97 bhp of power and 9.89 Nm of torque. Mated to an all-up 4-Speed gearbox, it goes up against the bikes such as Honda CD 110 Dream and TVS Star City Plus.

Hero Splendor iSmart Price list and Variants

The Splendor iSmart is the most expensive bike in this comparison. While the number of features on offer is at par with its segment, the iSmart tries to justify its higher price by providing better quality materials and a technologically advanced engine.

Ex-Showroom Price(Delhi)
GST(in %age)
Insurance cost(3-year estimate)
On-Road Price
Hero Splendor with Self Start and Disc brake 
Rs. 67,100
Rs. 6,004
Rs. 6,692
Rs. 77,596

Hero currently offers the Splendor iSmart in only one variant which is priced at Rs. 67,100 (Ex-Delhi). This variant offers a Self-Start, Disc Brakes, and Alloy Wheels. The defining feature of the i-Smart is the stop-start feature which switched the engine off while at a standstill.

Hero Splendor iSmart 2020 prices in different cities

Due to many factors in the taxing system of different states, the Hero Splendor i-Smart will cost you the cheapest in Mumbai. It is widely seen that bikes cost a tad bit cheaper in Mumbai due to lower State-GST collected by the Maharashtra government. However, Hero MotoCorp has done a good job of keeping the price variation stable in all states.

Hero Splendour iSmart
Rs. 80,514
Rs. 80,692
Rs. 80,800
Rs. 82,119
Rs. 79,560
Honda CD 110 Dream
Rs. 62,712
Rs. 66,000
Rs. 66,707
Rs. 66,571
Rs. 63,593
TVS Star City Plus
Rs. 72,796
Rs. 75,632
Rs. 75,632
Rs. 75,391
Rs. 74,291

Resale value of Hero Splendor iSmart

As the price of a bike depreciates only around 5% in the first 6 months the IDV of the bike after 6 months will be around Rs. 61,655. But after 6 months the price of the bike between can drop to around Rs. 55,525 which is a 15% drop in its original price.

After 4 years of owning the bike, the value would drop to around Rs. 25,960. Hence if you plan to sell the bike in the second-hand market, the best time to do that would be just after a year to get the maximum balance between your return and use.

5-year maintenance cost of Hero Splendour iSmart

Miscellaneous Cost
Year 1
Rs. 6,692
Rs. 568
Rs. 4,666.65
Year 2
Rs. 846
Rs. 9,333.29
Year 3
Rs. 9,333.29
Year 4
Rs. 901
Rs. 9,333.29
Year 5
Rs. 973
Rs. 9,333.29
Rs. 1012
Rs. 9,333.29

*considering the bike travels 5000 km the first year and 10,000 km per year for the rest of its life and the fuel price remains constant at Rs. 70 per litre

Hero Splendor iSmart vs its rivals?

As the most important aspect for a buyer of this segment is pricing and fuel efficiency, we have compared the Splendor iSmart with its rivals on these aspects. An Interesting thing to note here is that even with the Star/Stop feature of the Splendor iSmart it does not manage to beat the TVS Star City Plus in terms of fuel efficiency. This in term would translate into lower owning cost of Star City Plus.


Hero Splendor iSmart

Honda CD 110 Dream

TVS Star City Plus


Rs. 64,900

Rs. 50,810

Rs.  54,502


109.51cc Air-cooled 4 stroke SI engine

109.19cc Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine

109.7cc 4 Stroke Duralife Engine


8.97 bhp @ 7500

8.30 bhp @ 7500 rpm

8.07 bhp @ 7000 rpm


9.89 Nm @ 5500

9.09 Nm @ 5000 rpm

8.7 Nm @ 5,000 rpm






75 kmpl

74 kmpl

86 kmpl

What are the differentiating features?

In terms of features on offer, the Splendor iSmart is right up there with the segment. While it comes with an intelligent start/stop function it misses out on the mobile charging feature. But with the Hero being good at judging the market and buyer needs, we expect Hero to add some more features as standard in the coming future.

2020 hero splendor ismart instrument console

However, Hero offers the best-in-class warranty package of 5 years which just shows the confidence it has in its product.


Hero Splendor iSmart

Honda CD 110 Dream

TVS Star City Plus


Grab rail

Grab rail

Grab rail

Sensor-Based Fuel Injection

Lockable utility box

Dual-tone seat

Front Disc Brakes

Diamond chassis

Synchronized Braking Technology

5-year warranty

2-year warranty

5-year warranty

Twin Rear Shox

Single loaded hydraulic rear suspension

Mobile Charger

Is the Hero Splendor an easy motorcycle to live with?

As evident from the above comparison, it is clear that the Splendor iSmart would not be the cheapest bike to own or maintain in its segment. It is also very unlikely to beat the sales figure of the original Splendor. However, it does not come with any deal-breaker.

While you pay a bit extra you get a fuss-free owning experience from Hero which will keep you away from most woes of maintaining a commuter bike. Hence, the Splendor iSmart is a no non-sense product from the world’s biggest two-wheeler manufacturer which is enough to provide some peace of mind to even the most conservative buyer.