Hero Splendor iSmart 2020 Performance-Prices, Mileage, Specs, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Apr 18 2020 Share this blog

Even though the commuter bike segment is not about getting the best performance from a motorcycle, we are pretty sure that everyone wants a bike that offers the best performance in its segment. Hence with this respect, today we will be comparing Hero’s Splendor iSmart with its main rivals, the Honda CD Dream and TVS Star City Plus. With this comparison, it will be clear which bike is the queen of the 110 cc segment when it comes to putting the numbers hard and fast on the tarmac.

How widespread are the performance characteristics of 2020 Hero Splendor iSmart?

The Splendor iSmart is offered in only one engine option and variant currently. Its powerhouse is a 109.51cc motor which pumps out 8.97 bhp of peak power and 9.89 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a smooth-shifting 4-Speed gearbox which comes with a light clutch. Well defined gear throws and a light clutch makes cutting through city traffic a breezy affair.

2020 hero splendor ismart engine

The engine of the Splendor iSmart is the first indigenously developed engine by the Hero after the split with Honda. It has also been made BS6 complaint and now is fuel injected which provides for a more refined experience. The engine feels quite responsive to throttle inputs which makes getting a quick move on in traffic easier. Overall, the power delivery is quite linear and the engine feels just about adequate for running errands or managing the home to office runabouts


Hero Splendor iSmart

Honda CD 110 Dream

TVS Star City Plus


Rs. 64,900

Rs. 50,810

Rs.  54,502


109.51cc Air-cooled 4 stroke SI engine

109.19cc Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine

109.7cc 4 Stroke Duralife Engine


8.97 bhp @ 7500

8.30 bhp @ 7500 rpm

8.07 bhp @ 7000 rpm


9.89 Nm @ 5500

9.09 Nm @ 5000 rpm

8.7 Nm @ 5,000 rpm





As seen from the spec sheet all bikes are closely specced in terms of power and torque their engine generates. Hence the performance of each bike will boil down to how the engine has been tuned and what is the kerb weight they carry on their feet. All bikes also come with only a 4-speed gearbox and no bike offers anything less or more in this aspect.

How linear is the 2020 Splendor iSmart in acceleration from 0-60 KMPH?

Even though none of the bikes is meant to be ridden hard or fast, the Splendor iSmart offers linear acceleration which is quite the requirement for a commuter bike. Backed up by a quick-shifting gearbox with well-defined ratios, the bike manages to reach 60 KMPH from a standstill in about 7.45 seconds.

2020 hero splendor ismart acceleration 0-60

Even though the Splendor iSmart is not far behind the competition in terms of acceleration it is still the slowest bike in this comparison. All the blame for its slowest 0-60 kmph performance can be attributed to its heavier kerb weight rather than lack of grunt from the engine.


Hero Splendor iSmart

Honda CD 110 Dream

TVS Star City Plus

0-60 KMPH(seconds)




Top Speed(KMPH)




Kerb Weight




Hero Splendor iSmart is marginally slower due to the slightly higher kerb weight which is due to its heavier body structure rather than the engine. The lighter bulk of the TVS Star City Plus manifests into faster 0-60 Kmph timing. The Honda CD Dream, on the other hand, takes the middle spot in terms of the curb weight as well as 0-60 kmph timings.

How comfortable is the Hero Splendor iSmart to ride?

The riding dynamics of the Splendor iSmart are well suited for the everyday grind. The wide seat and an apply positioned handlebar enable the rider to get a comfortable riding position. The seat squab is neither too hard nor too soft which makes sitting on it for long hours an easy affair. However, we do recommend if you can get a gel-based cover for the seat if you will be commuting for more than 2 hours at a stretch daily. Despite being the heaviest bike in this comparison the Splendor iSmart feels nimble which makes ambling through everyday city traffic a breezy affair.

2020 hero splendor ismart suspension setup

The pillion rider gets dual-split grab rails which makes it easier to hold on to the bike on rough roads. The hero has tuned the suspension of the Splendor iSmart according to the city as well as rural conditions. Hence, the bike can soak in poorly built road undulations pretty well. However, even with the 5-step adjustable rear shock absorber, the travel of the suspension is not adequate for some roads especially with a pillion rider at the back. The heavier weight of the bike enables it to deal with the bumps and potholes better than any other bike in this comparison. 

2020 hero splendor ismart seating

The handling of the bike is quite neutral for the most part and this is not the bike to chuck into a fast corner. The grip from the stock tires is adequate but not very confidence-inspiring on corners. The handlebar itself is raised higher which provides a comfortable cruising position to the rider. Overall, the ride and handling of the Splendor iSmart remain the best in its class.  

How sure-footed are the brakes in the Splendor?

The Splendor iSmart comes with a disc-drum setup. Earlier the bike used to come only with drum brakes but now the update has helped the bike gain more stopping power. The front disc comes in handy under emergency braking situations especially with the pillion rider onboard. 

2020 hero splendor ismart disc brakes

It also gets features such as the Integrated Braking System(IBS), which although a bit rudimentary, is a cost-effective replacement for an ABS brake setup. It applies both the front and the rear brakes simultaneously regardless of which brake lever/pedal is pressed.


Hero Splendor iSmart

Honda CD 110 Dream

TVS Star City Plus

Brake Front




Brake Rear




80-0 KMPH (m)




The Splendor iSmart is the only bike here that offers front-disc brake as standard. The other two bikes also offer a front disc brake but only with the higher variants. Lighter kerb weight of the TVS Star City Plus helps it gain even in the braking department however the brake set-up of the Splendor iSmart remains the most sorted.

How impressive is the mileage figures of the 2020 Splendor iSmart?

How far a bike can go on a litre of fuel is the most important factor not just for customers of a commuter bike but for most Indian customers in general. Hero is certainly aware of this factor and hence equipped the Splendor iSmart with a start and stop feature.

To save every drop of fuel what this feature does is that it switches the engine off at idle and switches it back on once the clutch is pressed. This helps save fuel on stoplights while the fuel-injection system helps it extract the good mileage figures from the engine. With a combined fuel efficiency of 75 kmpl, it sits right in between the other two bikes in terms of mileage. 


Hero Splendor iSmart

Honda CD 110 Dream

TVS Star City Plus


75 kmpl

74 kmpl

86 kmpl

Tank Capacity(litres)




While Hero has managed to equip the Splendor iSmart with advanced features in terms of mileage, TVS has managed to almost cast a magic on the Star City Plus. It offers the best mileage in its segment and provides a whopping 86 km to a litre of fuel. The lighter kerb weight does play a role in its supreme mileage while the Honda CD Dream is also lighter than the Splendor iSmart but does not manage to take full advantage of it.

Does the all-round performer from Hero still stand strong?

The fuss-free ownership experience from Hero makes the Splendor iSmart a very sensible buy in the segment. However, it is not the best bike when it comes to performance as well as mileage. This in term leads to a slightly higher ownership cost as well. But even though the Splendor iSmart is the slowest bike in this comparison, it is slower only by a slight margin. The extra added weight does help it deal with bumps and potholes in a better way than its rivals. Hence, the Splendor iSmart is more about comfort rather than being the best performer in its segment.