Auto Expo 2020: Hero Electric unveils its first electric motorcycle, the AE-47

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Feb 11 2020 Share this blog

Hero Electric showcased a trio of lithium-ion powered two-wheelers at the Auto Expo 2020. Hero Electric should not be confused with Hero MotorCorp, as this one is a subsidiary of the Hero Group; which is the pet name for cycles in India. But Hero Group has invested extensively in the electric revolution that is slowly taking place and thus have come up with three interesting products for India. The Hero Electric AE-47 is one of them and is their first-ever electric motorcycle. It is the company’s most premium offering and also comes with a lithium-ion battery pack.

The AE-47 is backed by a 6kW motor which is the most powerful offering yet, from Hero Electric and the company claims that it is capable of a top speed of 100 Kmph. Sprint speed is also impressive for an electric offering and 0-60 takes 9 seconds. The new Lithium-Ion battery pack is rated at 3.5kWh and churns out energy for 85 km in Performance mode and an impressive 160 km in ECO mode. The usage of Lithium-Ion also brings down the AE-47’s charging time to just four hours. The company has not detailed on its charging infrastructure but we believe that the charging tech will come in the retail set which will help it woo more potential customers.

The AE-47 is feature-packed and is equipped with disc brakes at both ends and are clipped onto differently designed alloy wheels. The front disc is 290mm in diameter while the rear is 215mm. There is no ABS unit present but this motorcycle uses a combined braking system similar to the Combi-braking system used in Honda Activa 6G. It engages both brakes simultaneously to vaguely mimic the function of an ABS unit. It is equipped with a telescopic suspension setup at the front and has a non-adjustable mono-shock at the rear. Electronics is beefed up on the AK-47 and Hero has informed us that it will boast of a cruise control system along with a digital instrument cluster, keyless entry, mobile charging port and a reverse gear to help tackle tight spaces. It will also have smart-connectivity with the help of an app that will enable you to track the bike in real-time.

Pricing details are not out yet but we expect the AE-47 to be priced between Rs. 1.5-1.8 lakh and this premium are because of the present outsourcing of components. Hero Electric doesn’t make all of its components in house and thus bumps up the prices. If they find a way to produce everything in house, then we might see much more competitive pricing. The AE-47 is slated to come out at the end of this year or early 2021 and will be a direct competitor for Revolt RV400 which is currently the only commuter electric offering from an Indian manufacturer.

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