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By Ahana Bhaumik - Content Specialist Nov 24 2022 Share this blog

Are you are a Working Professional? Upgrading your skillset is no more a threat. GeeksForGeeks DSA Self Paced Courses are launched with an instant 50% off. You can opt for this course and learn as per your own timeline. 

GeeksForGeeks DSA Self Paced Coupon Code (Exclusive)

GeeksForGeeks DSA Course Discount
Instant 50% Off

Self Paced | 50% Off


DSA Self Paced Course on GeeksForGeeks (4 Reasons To Choose)

Ready to enhance your problem solving skills in a tech manner? Enroll for this self paced course and get your desired job. GeeksForGeeks is all set to give you the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Assistance: The foremost benefit is the 50% off discount. Adding the full 24 hours assistance in your learning journey. Geeksforgeeks dsa course is a perfect choice. 

  • FREE Access to Videos: After your enrollment, you will get Free additional resources to pace up your learning. Get videos and watch to become an expert problem solving player. 

  • Live Videos: Ask your each query from the Industry experts. Attend th Live Video sessions and deepen your knowledge. Interactive sessions allows you to gain real-life expertise.

  • Project-Based Concepts & Solutions: Practice your concepts with Project-Based assignments. Be tricky to solve Industry related problems. You can gain confidence prior to entering the industry. Get the keys to unlock the upcoming working tasks.

  • Certificate on Completion: Try yourself to get to the end and you will get a Certificate of Completion. Showcase your new skill in the resume. This will open new doors for you. 

DSA Course on GeeksForGeeks | Best Sellers (Self-Paced)

DSA Self PACED Course

DSA Self-PACED Course

DSA Self Paced Live Course

DSA Self-Paced Live Course 

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GeeksForGeeks DSA Course Coupon (Click & Get 30% Off)

Begin your online upgradation with Geeksforgeeks. It’s not expensive as you will get an instant 50% off discount. Enroll and get all the benefits mentioned above. The following terms and conditions apply for the course coupon code.

GeeksForGeeks DSA Course Coupon (Click & Get 30% Off)

GeeksForGeeks Coupon Code | Details:

  • The minimum transaction amount is not required

  • Features: Recorded lessons, doubt assistance, course completion certificate, etc.

  • Modes of payment: UPI, net banking, wallets, credit and debit cards

  • GeeksforGeeks offers lifetime access.

GeeksforGeeks Coupon Code for DSA


GeeksForGeeks DSA Live Course (Flat 50% Off)

Do want to learn in an interactive class? GeeksforGeeks allows you to attend the Live Sessions. You can grasp the concept at an ease and ask your queries right away. Professional teachers are employed for giving you the best and vast knowledge. For this, you need a coupon code and save 50%. Following terms and conditions are applicable:

GeeksForGeeks DSA Live Course (Flat 50% Off)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Save Rs.1000 on the DSA live course for working professionals using the Geeksforgeeks coupon code 

  • Actual price: Rs.10999

  • Discounted price: Rs.9999 

  • Code is redeemable via all users 

GeeksforGeeks DSA Coupon Code


DSA Self Paced Course | Course Details, Reviews & Benefits

GeeksforGeeks calls all the amatuers to be a Professional. Get the packages beyond your expectations. Enroll now for the self paced DSA Course. The following pointers will help you do so. 

1. Sign Up To Get DSA Course Access:

To get to learn GeeksforGeeks DSA Course, you need to register. The following steps stated below will help you.

Step 1. First of all, visit the official GeeksforGeeks website.

Step 2. Click on Sign Up in the upper right corner. 

Step 3. Fill in your credentials and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 4. Proceed and get a GeeksforGeeks coupon code from zoutons.

Step 5. Get a specific DSA Course coupon code.

Step 6. Copy the code and apply to save 50%.

*PRO-TIP: You can get benefit of Geeksforgeeks DSA Self Paced Course free download soon. Follow the above mentioned steps for this.   

2. DSA Self Paced Course Overview: 8 Weeks Course

Week 1.

Analysis Of Algorithm, Asymptomatic Notations, etc.

Week 2.

BIT Manipulation, Bitwise Operation in C++, Hashing & Time Complexity Analysis

Week 3.

Data Structure, Linked Lists and Types & Loop Problems.

Week 4.

Linked Lists, Stacks and Queues

Week 5.

Binary Tree & Binary Search Tree

Week 6.

Heaps, Binary Heap, Introduction Of Graph

Week 7.

Graph Algorithms, Shortest Path in Acyclic Graph, Greedy Algorithms & Fractional Knapsack.

Week 8. 

Introduction Of Dynamic Programming & Problem Solving Of Dynamic Programming. 

3. Reviews & Benefits of DSA Self Paced Course

All the GeeksforGeeks DSA course subscribers are happy to gain new skill. While switching careers or walking the same lane, you can too enjoy the below revealed satisfaction. Expect your placements and salary packages based on the provided reviews.

Extra Reasons for enrolling today.


Reviews & Benefits of DSA Self Paced Course

Reviews & Benefits of DSA Self Paced Course

Reviews & Benefits of DSA Self Paced Course

Reviews & Benefits of DSA Self Paced Course

Frequently Asked Questions | GeeksForGeeks DSA Self Paced Courses Coupon Code

Que: Is there any discount on Geeksforgeeks DSA Self Paced Course?

Ans: Yes, you can get an instant 50% off on enrolling for DSA Course on Geeksforgeeks.

Que: What are benefits of enrolling in Self Paced Courses like DSA on Geeksforgeeks?

Ans: You will get benefits like Free resources, video lectures, 24/7 support, Certificate On Completion, etc.

Que: What is the duration of DSA Self Paced Course on Geeksforgeeks?

Ans: The course duration is 2 months. You will learn 8 New Concepts for the 8 weeks.

Also get Certificate after completion of DSA Course on Geeksforgeeks. 


Still waiting for growth opportunity? GeeksForGeeks will help you with the self paced DSA Course. Enroll it, complete it and apply it. These three steps will make you a professional in 2 months. Top Tech Industries are waiting for your expertise. Gain it and contribute in their and your own growth. Working Executives are getting exposure with this. Read the reviews disclosed above. Then, click on the Enrollment Button.