Ford Figo 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Harshit Gupta - Senior Editor Apr 07 2020 Share this blog

Figo has always been a very important product for Ford in India as it is the best selling car in its line of products. The Figo belongs takes up almost 50% of the car sales in the Indian market. Hence, Ford has updated its Figo yet again and now it comes with added comfort and safety features. But it largely remains the same as no mechanical changes have been done.

2020 ford figo front third quarter view

The Ford Figo goes up against the segment leader for a decade, Maruti Suzuki Swift. It also rivals Hyundai’s Grand i10 Nios and Volkswagen Polo. The Figo doesn’t manage to undercut its rivals in terms of prices as the prices start from Rs 5.23 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi) for the base variant. The cheapest offering is the base variant of Nios which is priced at Rs. 4,99,999.

But the base variant of Figo comes with more features and a much more powerful diesel engine if you compare it to its rivals. The top of the line variant is priced at Rs. 7.70 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi). Fords Figo has not sold in numbers like that of the Swift but now it's time to see if this facelift is enough to take on the big players.

What's good in the Ford Figo?

  • Powerful and refined engine options 
  • Build quality feels better than many rivals
  • Great ride and handling package
  • Competitive pricing makes it a value for money product

What's bad in the Ford Figo?

  • Infotainment system does not come with SYNC 3
  • So, no Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Looks remain the same
  • Some features like projector headlamps are given a miss.

What’s New?

  • A new 7-inch touchscreen
  • New set of petrol engines
  •  New gearboxes for both petrol and diesel engines

What are the variants and engine options on offer?

The Ford Figo comes in a total of 6 variants with 3 engine options. The base variant is the Ambiente which is priced at Rs. 5,23,000  (Ex-showroom Delhi) for the petrol engine and Rs. 6,23,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi)  for the diesel engine. The price of petrol variants goes as high as Rs. 6,64,900 (Ex-showroom Delhi) while for the diesel variants it goes up to Rs. 7,64,900.




Titanium Blu

Price (Ex-Delhi) in INR - PETROL


6,67,593 / 8,72,727 (Automatic)


Price (Ex-Delhi) in INR - DIESEL





Power windows-front only

All features of Ambiente and:

All features of Titanium and:

Keyless entry

Power Adjustable Exterior Rear View Mirror

Side and curtain airbags

Power Steering

Power windows-front & rear

Illuminated glovebox

Driver & Passenger Airbag

Follow Me Home Headlamps

Automatic Headlamps

Pretensioners And Force Limiter Seatbelts

Fog Lights Front

Rain Sensing Wiper

Rear Spoiler

Outside Rear View Mirror Turn Indicators

Follow me home lamps

The root variants are named Ambiente, Titanium and Titanium Blu which come with either a petrol engine or a diesel engine option. The petrol engines can be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission. The diesel engine only comes with a 5-speed manual transmission as no automatic is provided with it by Ford.

Which variant to go for?

We would recommend you to go for the Titanium variant with the diesel engine option which is priced at Rs.  8,07,919. This feels like the most value for money variant of the Figo as it not only provides you with the most powerful engine in its segment but also comes with most of the want features. The diesel variant does not come with an automatic gearbox though and if you want to buy an automatic car, you are left with only a petrol engine option. If you are a petrol buyer, we would suggest you go for the Titanium variant priced at Rs. 6,67,593.

Ford Figo April discount offers:

Ford has put up a very wholesome deal on its fierce hatchback. Ford is one of the few automakers who is providing offers for BS6 compliant vehicles. The offers are detailed below.

Discount Offers
All variants
Rs 20K Cash Discount + Rs 17K Loyalty Exchange Bonus on Exchanging Old Ford Car + Insurance OD Premium at Discounted Rate

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What are the engine options and its characteristics in the  2020 Ford Figo?

The Ford Figo comes with 3 engine options that are mated also to a recently updated 5-speed manual gearbox. The petrol mill is a 1.2 litre 3 cylinder engine which churns out 94.68 Bhp and 120 Nm of peak torque. The diesel powerplant is a 1.5 litre turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that churns out a 99 Bhp of power and a healthy 215 Nm of peak torque. The automatic variant which is available with the Titanium variant only is powered by a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine. It pushes out hot hatch category power figures at 122 Bhp and peak torque of 150 Nm. 

1.2 L Petrol

Ford has played safe with this engine as it’s a tried and tested 3 cylinder motor which also powers its bigger sibling, the Ecosport. This engine gets a capacity boost though in the Ecosport and comes with a 1.5 litre capacity instead of 1.2 litre. But the lighter weight of the Figo gives this engine excellent level of driveability. Within the city, the Figo feels adequately powered as you do not have to constantly keep changing gears. This is due to the ample low-end torque, which comes in handy in stop-go traffic. The mid-range although it does not offer much and most of the action happens at the top end of the rev band.

But the engine gets vocal at higher RPMs, even though it is refined, for the most part, some vibrations do creep into the cabin. While on the highway, revs climb slowly even if you press the gas pedal hard. Due to this, you would need to plan an overtake as the engine requires a downshift in such situations. The overall performance is acceptable and this engine it’s best when treated with a  light foot.

1.5 L Petrol Automatic

This engine is only available with the middle variant of Figo which is the Titanium variant. Ford has replaced the older 110 hp, a 1.5-litre petrol engine with a new 1.5 L motor which pushes out 121 Bhp of power. While the engine department has received a boost the gearbox looks like a downgrade. Ford has replaced its dual-clutch automatic by a 6-speed torque-converter automatic from the EcoSport. Nevertheless, this engine certainly takes the Figo into the hot-hatch category. This engine feels nothing like the rest of the two and can easily make its rivals eat some dust.

2020 ford figo petrol engine

Within the city, the CVT works effortlessly and makes your every day drive a breeze. It is only on the highways that the drawbacks of the CVT get more pronounced. The typical rubber band effect is kept well in control in normal conditions but once you get aggressive with the gas pedal, it takes some time to get into the correct ratio. 


Ford Figo Ambiente

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Era 

Maruti Suzuki  Swift LXI

Volkswagen Polo

Price (Ex-Delhi) in INR






1.2L Petrol Inline-3 Naturally aspirated

1.2L Kappa Petrol Inline-4 Naturally aspirated 

1.2L VTVT Inline-4 Naturally aspirated Engine

1.0L MPI Inline-3 Naturally aspirated


5 Speed Manual

5 Speed Manual

5 Speed Manual

5 Speed Manual

Power (bhp)










But the more than adequate power on tap makes sure you get on the move quickly. It is smooth for the most part but a dual-clutch would have surely made the Figo much quicker. Overall, it is an engine that you will love due to its driveability and excellent pulling power.

1.5 L Diesel

In the diesel category, Ford has provided the most powerful motor in its segment. This motor too is a tried and tested machine and does its duty on the Freestyle and Aspire too. It is one of the engines which quite simply put a smile on your face and has been voted as India’s best 1.5 L diesel engine on various automotive platforms.

2020 ford figo diesel engine

The low-end performance is excellent which makes the city drive a breezy affair. In stop and go traffic all you need to do is lift the foot from the clutch pedal while engaging the 1st gear. Even on the highways, the surge of torque past 3000 rpm makes it a delight to overtake slow-moving traffic. Push this engine hard and it gets vocal but you do get the performance you want on the go.

This engine is a highway cruiser as it can do triple-digit speeds all day long. The clutch is light but has a long travel which can get annoying for some in city traffic. The gear shifts, however, are buttery smooth and there is no notchiness unlike the previous gearbox provided with the engine. This engine stands right in the middle in terms of performance as it is better than the 1.2L petrol but not the 1.5L petrol engine.

How fast is the Figo from 0-100?

When it comes to a 0-100 kmph sprint, the Figo lacks behind many of its rivals even while topping the power figure charts. This is due to its heavier kerb weight. The gearbox and engine mapping is also to blame here as the power is accumulated in the top end of its rev-band which make you stretch all of its muscles to get the rush.

2020 ford figo acceleration 0-100

The petrol-powered Figo is one of the slowest in its segment and only manages to beat the Volkswagen Polo which also has a 3-cylinder engine. The 1.5 L  diesel is much faster as it completes its 0-100 kmph sprint in 11 seconds. All of the tests were done with the manual variants and not the automatics but we can tell you that the Figo Automatic would be the fastest car in this lot.


Ford Figo Ambiente

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Era 

Maruti Suzuki Swift LXI

Volkswagen Polo

0-100 KMPH

14.54 sec

13.04 sec

12.6 sec

16.00 sec


1.2L Dragon Petrol Inline-3 Naturally aspirated

1.2L Kappa Petrol Inline-4 Naturally aspirated 

1.2L VTVT Inline-4 Naturally aspirated Engine

1.2L Dragon Petrol Inline-3 Naturally aspirated

Apart from the 1.2 - litre 3-cylinder engine on the Figo, the other engines perform admirably. It's no surprise that the Volkswagen Polo takes forever to reach 100 Kmph considering the car's power figures. Also, the lightweight chassis of Maruti Swift helps the car to cover 0-100 kmph in just 12.6 seconds, and that's fast!  

How praise-worthy is the driving dynamics of Ford Figo?

With the current road conditions, SUVs are being loved and preferred by the Indian customers due to their ride height and robust suspension set up. But, we are happy to report that with Figo you would not be missing your friend’s compact SUV. The suspension on the Figo has excellent ride quality and can take on most Indian roads with ease. The car is pliant at highway speeds and the suspension soaks in any irregularities and bumps within the city easily.

The Figo simply glides over the small potholes as the suspension has been well damped by Ford. Within the City, the 168mm ground clearance feels adequate to clear even large obstacles. The suspension works silently and only crater-like potholes manage to unsettle the Figo, which is true for every other car in this segment.

2020 ford figo driving dynamics

With powerful enough engine options, Ford has also made sure that the Figo remains a fun-to-drive car. Hence, the steering feel and feedback is one of the best in its class. The steering gains enough heft on the highway and makes you feel confident while changing lanes. At slow city speeds, the steering is adequately light and helps you park the car with ease. The steering is direct and the Figo points exactly where you want it to. You will have no complaints with the handling of the Figo as Ford knows how to make cars that ride and handle better than its rivals.

How is the braking performance of Ford Figo?

Braking is one of the most important aspects of not only a cars performance but also its safety. Figo’s braking performance feels sure-footed and the Figo has got one of the best braking performance in its segment.

2020 ford figo brakes

The Figo maintains its line even under hard braking but the brake pedal can feel a bit spongy under certain conditions. Figo also gets ABS and EBD as a standard feature on all its variants. The ventilated disc setup makes sure to maintain its cool even under extreme pressure amid long usage.


Ford Figo Ambiente

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Era 

Maruti Suzuki Swift LXI

Volkswagen Polo Trendline

Front Brakes

Ventilated Disc


Ventilated Disc


Rear Brakes





Kerb Weight (kg)





100-0 kmph (m)





Even while being the heaviest car in its segment, Figo’s braking performance is admirable. We believe that Ford should have provided disc brakes on all four wheels at least on the automatic variant, but that's not the case here. 

How fuel-efficient is the 2020 Ford Figo?

For many customers in the Indian market, mileage is the primary concern while choosing a car. The petrol motors in the Figo provides a mileage of 20.4 kmpl which is on par with the segment. The diesel engine of Figo provides a mileage of 25 kmpl which is also at par with the segment.

2020 ford figo driving range

Ford has never been known to provide the most fuel-efficient cars as that place has always been held by the largest automaker in India, Maruti Suzuki. The toned-down nature of its engine and gearbox combo helps extract commendable mileage figures off the Figo.


Ford Figo Ambiente

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Era 

Maruti Suzuki Swift LXI

Volkswagen Polo Trendline

Mileage (Kmpl)





Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)





Range (Km)





The Suzuki Swift remains the king of the segment with an excellent mileage of 22 kmpl. All the other cars in this segment more or less give the same amount of mileage. The Figo lower mileage figure is not due to the engine tuning by the Ford but the heavier kerb weight of Figo.

How bold is the design language of the new Ford Figo?

Ford seems to be adamant about not updating or revamping their car exteriors, hence if you are looking for any surprises you would not be finding it here. The Figo looks more or less like the first iteration of the second generation of Figo when it was launched. Ford has tried to add some new and fresh design elements like the smoked headlamps and a redone rear bumper. But it misses out on a lot of things, for starters, it misses out on any LED elements on the outside. The headlamps look plane with halogen bulbs and the rear lamps tell you the same story. From the front, the bumper has been redesigned with a new grille and air dam. 

2020 ford figo side profile

Due to the revised bumpers, Figo is 55 mm longer than the old car. The redesigned elements do manage to give the Figo a bit of a refreshed look, the front grille looks very classy with the hexagonal pattern with a piano black finish. The Titanium trims get a silver grille instead of black and the top of the line Blu variant gets 15’ inch blacked-out wheels which enhance the look even further. Overall, Figo can look a bit dated to some especially once you compare it to its rivals.


Ford Figo Ambiente

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Era 

Maruti Suzuki Swift LXI

Volkswagen Polo Trendline

Kerb weight (kg)




















Ground clearance (mm)





Wheelbase (mm)





Not only is Figo the longest car of its segment, it is the heaviest of the lot as well. It still manages to have the best ground clearance in its segment but only by a negligible margin. The longest wheelbase of the Figo also ensures a better and a well-planted ride on the highway.

Key features on the Outside

  • Power adjustable ORVMs
  • Front and rear fog lamps
  • Roof rails
  • 15-inch alloys
  • Dual Tone Roof (Blu Variant)

How spacious and feature-packed is the cabin?

For many customers, the cabin feel is more important than the exterior looks of the car. Ford has made more changes on the inside than on the outside in the new Figo. The doors open in a three-step action and close with a strong thunk which gives it a very robust feel. In the middle of the dashboard sits a floating 7’inch touch screen which sits a bit higher on the dashboard than usual. While the infotainment screen looks contemporary, the instrumentation looks boring and outdated.

2020 ford figo dashboard

The ergonomics are well sorted as all the buttons and knobs are well within reach and you also get ample storage spaces around the cabin. The overall plastic quality used is satisfactory but not class-leading, all the buttons and switches feel built to last though. Overall visibility is good but not great as the rear window is small and hence the rear camera comes in handy while reversing.

2020 ford figo seating comfort

The front seats provide excellent support and cushioning is neither too soft nor too hard. They provide excellent under-thigh support and side bolstering which makes undertaking long journeys in the Figo, a breezy affair. The rear seats also provide excellent support but the under-thigh support can be a bit lacking for taller passengers. 


Ford Figo Ambiente

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Era 

Maruti Suzuki Swift LXI

Volkswagen Polo Trendline

Passenger capacity





The rear bench can seat 3 people comfortably and it also gets adjustable headrests in the top trim now. Figo is easy to live with but can feel a bit claustrophobic to some due to an all-black treatment.

Creature comforts on offer:

  • Rear parking camera
  • Push Start-Stop button
  • Auto Up/Down driver side power windows
  • Height adjust steering wheel
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Ford Mykey
  • Automatic wipers
  • Automatic Headlamps

What are the various infotainment system and connectivity features on offer?

When it comes to the infotainment system, the Figo comes with a mixed bag. While Ford has provided the Figo with a 7-inch touchscreen it has solely missed out on the SYNC 3 system. Hence the Figo comes with a generic software installed by Ford which is not compatible with apple car play and android auto.

2020 ford figo infotainment system

This makes it even less sense once you take into account the fact that Ford provides SYNC 3 in its crossover sibling, the Freestyle. Nonetheless, the system comes with built-in maps and 4 speakers. The sound output is satisfactory and nothing mind-blowing.

Infotainment Features:

  • 7” Touchscreen Infotainment system
  • Voice control
  • 4 Speakers audio
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • FM/AM 

How spacious is the cargo space of Ford Figo?

Boot space is an important factor, especially for those who under, take long journeys often.  The Figo comes with enough boot space that can easily gulp in a weekend worth of your luggage.

2020 ford figo cargo space

It is one of the best in the segment only beaten by the i10 Nios but that is just by a margin. But the loading lid is on the higher side, which means you have to lift the luggage while loading or unloading the boot.


Ford Figo Ambiente

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Era 

Maruti Suzuki Swift LXI

Volkswagen Polo Trendline

Cargo Volume with rear seats up (Litres)





The boot has minimal suspension intrusion which makes it very usable and practical. In comparison with the rivals, the Figo comes out with shining colours. The Nios provides only 3L more boot space which is practically negligible.

What are the various safety features on offer in the Figo?

While mileage figures are important, good safety ratings are imperative while buying a car.  Hence, safety is one of the strongest aspects of Figo. No other rival even comes close to the Figo when it comes to keeping its occupants safe. The top of the line Blu variant comes with 6 airbags which are yet not offered by any of its rivals. It comes with all the safety features that the segment has to offer which gives complete peace of mind when it comes to safety.

2020 ford figo airbags

Considering the rivals, the words Safety and Maruti Suzuki don't go together and nothing has changed with the Swift as well. The car seems to lack the strength on the shell and even the chassis seems to be a little flimsy. Calling Ford Figo the safest car in the segment (obviously after the VW Polo), will be an understatement. The car packs in a host of safety features and with the top-spec variant getting 6-airbags, Ford surely needs you and your loved ones to be safe.

Safety Features

  • Front and Side curtain Airbags
  • Speed-sensing door lock
  • Rear Parking Sensor
  • Rear Backup Camera
  • Driver side Load Pre-tensioner and limiter
  • ABS with EBD

How does Ford Figo fare against its rivals?

Ford Figo vs Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

ford figo vs hyundai grand i10 nios

The Grand i10 Nios is a new entrant in the market and it tries to improve everything that the previous Grand i10 had to offer. The Nios comes with a fresh new design on the inside, as well as on the outside. It comes with a better infotainment system and also with a better cabin. But it cannot match the Figo in terms of ride quality and engine performance. Hence Nios is a better option if you are looking for more features and a more sophisticated design.

Ford Figo vs Maruti Suzuki Swift

ford figo vs maruti suzuki swift

There is no denying the fact that Swift has been the segment leader for over a decade now. Figo does not sell even half as much as the Swift. This is due to the excellent service network of Suzuki and also the best-in-class mileage that the Swift offers. Hence the Swift will continue to sell like hotcakes but you want a safer and better-performing car then the Figo should be your choice.

Ford Figo vs Volkswagen Polo

ford figo vs volkswagen polo

Volkswagen’s Polo is the only German car available in its segment. While the Polo offers great cabin quality and is built like a tank, Volkswagen has not given it the engine to match rivals. It has one of the best driving dynamics in its segment and it is a joy to drive it into a corner. It’s a solidly put-together car but it fails to provide the performance that the Figo has to offer. If performance is what you are looking for we would suggest you go for the Polo GT instead of the 3-cylinder Polo. But the Figo costs much cheaper than the Polo and is also cheaper to maintain.

Does Ford score high with the Figo?

Ford seems to have packed the bags of the Figo with more arsenal to take on its rivals this time. But we believe that it needs to do much more to beat its rivals. The Figo tries to offer everything that the segment has to offer but fails to excite customers due to its dated design. On the good side, it comes with a top-notch safety package and one of the best engines on offer in the segment. Clubbed in with attractive pricing we believe that the Figo is a car worth considering if you are looking for an affordable and practical hatchback in the market.