Flipkart Musicathon Fest: Up To 60% Off On Audio Devices And Gadgets

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01 Aug 17
Written by Pankaj Chaturvedi

Want to buy new music and audio devices? Searching for the right kind of offer for yourself? Then do not think anymore and let the music play all day and all night this season!

You can treat yourselves with the best of flipkart discount coupons on all type of music devices. If you want to buy a big home theatre system or new headphones get all of them from Flipkart at up to 60% off.

flipkart musicathon fest

Yes, do not kill your wish of buying new devices this time and buy them at great deals and discounts on Flipkart app and website.

About the Offer-

Brands like JBL, Philips, and Sony are offering great discounts on Flipkart apps and website. You name a product in music devices and you will get it on Flipkart. That’s not it! You get them at up to 60% off. If you listen to us, you should not wait anymore and shop as soon as possible as the sale is there for a limited time period only.

The musicathon sale also allows for you to buy products on different sub category offer store such as under Rs. 999, under Rs. 1,499 and under Rs. 2,499. If you are a pocket friendly user, you can also get deals sub store offering you minimum 20%, 40% and 50 % off on the products.

All you have to do is look for the best suitable product for yourself on the website and shop it. Below we have mentioned discounts on the categories offered on the Musicathon Sale on Flipkart.


Flipkart Offer

Skull Candy

Up to 70% off


Starting at just Rs. 899 only


Minimum 25% off


Starting at just Rs. 344 only


Flat 54% off

Flipkart Smart Buy

Up to 38% off

Bluetooth Headphones

Minimum 12% off

Premium Deals on Flipkart

Starting from Rs. 5990

Home Theatres and Soundbars

Up to 61% off

  • Skull Candy

    • Skullcandy Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker-

      Why let the music stop when you have the option of buying this mini portable Bluetooth speaker from Skullcandy. It is square shaped and comes in green and grey colour and comes with a buckle to hold on to. The Bluetooth speaker apart from good looks also comes with water resistance and a battery that lasts for up to 6 hours. The Bluetooth speaker covers a range of up to 33 feet without any disruption. Package contains a speaker and adapter. The product originally was available for Rs. 3,699 and is now available for just Rs. 2,399.

      The speakers come with a warranty of 1 year.

    • Skullcandy Headset with Mic-

      Now you can buy this trendy set of earphones from Skullcandy at just Rs. 899 instead of its original price of Rs. 1,699. The product comes in 8 different colour combinations with a tie and dye effect on the ear plugs. Thhey are compatible for all types of mobiles, tablets and laptops. These earphones are not like other set of headphones and provide a cord length of 1.2 m.

      Now get extra 5% off on the headphones when you pay through any Axis Bank Cards.

    Other Similar Products

    Product Name


    Original Price

    Flipkart Offer

    Skull Candy Anti Headphone

    • Over the head type headphones and have stereo setting
    • The headphones are wired and have a wire 1.2 m long
    • Can be returned or exchanged within 10 days of purchase

    Rs. 1999

    Rs. 999

    Skull Candy Headset with Mic

    • Earbud type design headphones
    • Best suited with gaming consoles
    • Has a seller rating of 4.1 stars
    • Comes with microphone

    Rs. 3999

    Rs. 2899

    Skull Candy Chops Flex Headset

    • Canalphone type earphones that come with microphone
    • Comes with 1 year manufacturing defect warranty
    • The product gets delivered within 3 – 4 business days

    Rs. 1699

    Rs. 1199

    Skull Candy Grind Headset

    • Bluetooth type headphones with 12 hours battery life
    • Comes with track change and volume control buttons
    • Available in 4 different colours such as- black, neon green, pink and blue
    • Gives a frequency rate of 20 – 20000 Hz

    Rs. 6999

    Rs. 4799

  • JBL

    • JBL Clip 2 Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker- This Bleutooth speaker comes from the ultimate brand- JBL. The speakers come in a black colour with a power output of 3 W. It has a contrasting hook on the top of orange colour and can be carried wherever you want to go. The price of the product is just Rs. 3,449 on the sale while originally it was priced at Rs. 4,990. The speaker is adaptable with both mobile and players.

      The product has been reviewed for more than 145 times and hasan average rating of 4.5 stars.

    • JBL Wired Headphones-

      Over the ear headphones can be a boon to your life if they are purchased right. JBL brings to you these black colour cushioned headphones that provide you the best music quality. The headphones provide a connection through wire and are gold plated as well.

      Cash on delivery is available with the headphones.

    Other Similar Products

    Product Name


    Discounted Price

    Original Price

    JBL Black Headphones

    • Stereo type headphones with adjustable head gear
    • Comes with 1 year JBL warranty
    • Most compatible with mobile phones but can be used with other devices as well
    • Has a user rating of 3.7 stars

    Rs. 3999

    Rs. 4990

    JBL Bluetooth Soundbar

    • Black colour sleek soundbar and one sub woofer
    • Has a power output of 200 W
    • It can be connected with AC adapter along with Bluetooth as well
    • Comes at an easy EMI of just Rs. 1,310 only

    Rs. 39990

    Rs. 26999

    JBL Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    • Small and portable Bluetooth speaker
    • Available in four colours- blue, red, black and grey
    • Comes with a memory card slot, AC adapter as well
    • Comes with Axis Bank Buzz Card offers

    Rs. 4599

    Rs. 5990

    JBL white Headphones

    • White colour headphones
    • Apt for MP3 files and has noise cancellation technology as well
    • Cash on delivery is available on the earphones
    • Available with Giftoscope seller that has a rating of 4 stars

    Rs. 2299

    Rs. 3990

    JBL Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker

    • Yellow colour box shaped portable speaker
    • Has a power output of 3 W
    • Has an easy connectivity
    • Has been rated for over 130 times

    Rs. 2578

    Rs. 2990

  • Flipkart Smart Buy

    • Flipkart Smartbuy Portable Speaker-

      There are many Bluetooth speakers in the market but not many come with assurance. This black colour speaker is totally portable and comes with Bluetooth and wired connectivity. A frequency of 20 – 20000 Hz is given by the speakers and an impedance of 4 ohms. The current discounted price of the speaker is Rs. 849 while its original price is Rs. 1249.

      The product comes with a 12 month domestic warranty.

    • Flipkart Wired Headset with Mic-

      Do not change for bad but only better with this sale. Now you can buy this white colour in ear headphone from Flipkart Smartbuy at just Rs. 399 only instead of its original price of Rs. 449. The headphones are compatible with every kind of receiver. The headphones also come with a microphone attached to them that comes with a call pick and cut button. The package for the product contains an earphone, 4 extra silicone buds and 1 user manual.

      The product is also available in blue and black colours.

    Other Similar Products

    Product Name


    Original Price

    Flipkart Offer

    Smartbuy Black Wired Headset

    • Black colour headphones
    • Comes with deep bass technology
    • Has a 40mm driver units
    • Has a sensitivity 102 dB/mW

    Rs. 899

    Rs. 699

    Flipkart Wireless Headset with Mic

    • Canalphone type earphone
    • Connects with Bluetooh to mobile, tablets, computers
    • Comes with 4 silicone buds, 1 charging cable and a manual
    • Has a user rating of 3.6 stars

    Rs. 1749

    Rs. 1499

    Smartbuy Wireless Headset with Mic

    • Black colour headphones
    • Connect with Bluetooth with amazing sound quality
    • Comes with built in microphone
    • Usually gets delivered within 3 – 4 business days

    Rs. 1749

    Rs. 1499

    Flipkart Smartbuy 5 W Powerful Bass Speaker

    • Powerful bass speaker with 5 W power
    • Comes in grey and black colour
    • Has a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 KHz
    • Comes with a 12 month warranty

    Rs. 1899

    Rs. 1349

    Smart Bluetooth Speaker with 10 W

    • The speaker is of black and white colour
    • Has a power output of 10 W
    • Cash on delivery is applicable on the product
    • Comes with volume control and start stop control button on top
    • Has a user rating of 3.8 star

    Rs. 2699

    Rs. 1999

  • Philips

    • Philips Sleek Wired Headphones-

      If you are a music lover but do not want to carry a heavy weight headphone then these are the headphones you are looking for. The headphones come with a headphone wire with size of 3.5 mm. It comes in a noticeably sleek design and i graphite colour. Apart from all the other features it also comes with air vents for rich deep sound.

      Original Price- Rs. 350

      Discounted Price- Rs. 300

    • Philips Home Audio Speakers-

      Do not settle for less and indulge yourself in good quality sound with this set of home audio speakers. The speaker set consists of 5 speakers, one main woofer part and a remote control to control the functions of the speakers. They are wired and come with an impedance of 4 ohms. The best part about the speakers is that it comes with bass boot technology. Originally they were available for Rs. 3690 but on discount you can buy them for just Rs. 2999 only.

      The seller rating for the product is 3.8 stars and is available with 2 other sellers as well.

    Other Similar Products

    Product Name


    Original Price

    Flipkart Offer

    Philips Boom Box

    • Black colour boom box with remote control
    • Has a radio tuner as well
    • Comes with 1 year domestic warranty
    • Has a bass reflex system

    Rs.  6199

    Rs. 6149

    Philips Blue Wired Headphones

    • Blue colour headphones with wire connectivity
    • Has a headphone jack of 3.5 mm
    • The headphones are foldable as well
    • Can be replaced or exchanged within 10 days

    Rs. 999

    Rs. 935

    Black DVD Player from Philips

    • The player supports MPEG, MPG, AVI files
    • Comes with 12 Bit video converter
    • Supports Dolby Digital sound system
    • Can be bought on 222 EMI

    Rs. 4675

    Rs. 4567

    Philips Headset with Mic

    • Black colour headphones
    • Totally wired connectivity
    • Comes with noise cancellation feature
    • Has an adjustable headband
    • The product has an average user rating of 4 stars

    Rs. 1199

    Rs. 1049

    Philips Portable Bluetooth Home Speaker

    • Set of 5 speakers in black colour
    • Comes with a remote control that controls volume and bass
    • It gets connected with AC adapter and Bluetooth connectivity

    Rs. 4799

    Rs. 4099

  • Sony

    •  Sony Over the Head Earphones-

      Keep listening to music but at an amazing quality with these over the ear headphones. The headphones come in a contrasting blue and black colour combination and are wired. The headphones have an adjustable strap on the top, light weight and have gold plated L shaped mini plugs. The headphones are completely covered in warranty that is extended to 1 year.  The original price of the headphones is Rs. 999 while the discounted price is Rs. 2190.

      The product can be returned or exchanged within 10 days of purchase.

    • Sony Mono Headset with Mic-

      Do not expose yourself o risk by using phone while doing important tasks but instead buy this device from Sony. This Bluetooth device from Sony connects through Bluetooth. It can connect to mobile, tablets and computers as well. It comes with a button that enables you to end and receive calls. Batterylife of the product is limited up to 3 hours of use.

      Original Price- Rs. 1490

      Discounted Price- Rs. 1440

    Other Similar Products

    Product Name


    Original Price

    Flipkart Offer

    Sony White Headphones

    • White colour wired headphones
    • Comes with a flat wire
    • Has a unit of 30 mm driver units
    • Cash on Delivery is applicable on it

    Rs. 1390

    Rs. 749

    Sony Open Ear Active Headphones

    • Sporty earphone with Bluetooth connectivity
    • Completely splash proof
    • Comes in two colours- white and grey
    • Comes with 4 star average rating

    Rs. 790

    Rs. 749

    Sony Walkman

    • Walkman earphones with earplugs
    • Has a memory of 4 GB
    • Has a battery life of approximately 12 hours
    • Comes with a USB charging cable
    • Has 1 year warranty

    Rs. 8990

    Rs. 8940

    Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    • Portable cylindrical speakers
    • Connects with USB cable and Bluetooth
    • Has a power output of 5 W
    • Available in 4 colours-red, blue, green and black
    • Has a seller rating of 3.9 stars and is available with 6 different sellers

    Rs. 4990

    Rs. 3790

    Sony Mobile and Tablet Speaker

    • Stereo shaped rectangular speaker
    • Has a frequency of 20 – 20000 Hz
    • The stereo runs on battery
    • Comes in black and pink colour combination
    • Can be returned within 10 days of purchase

    Rs. 14699

    Rs. 14699

Do you find any reason to not buy your favourite picks from this sale? Well we surely don’t find any. If you wanted to upgrade your music system then you will not get a better opportunity then this on brands like these. It is a sale that you will not get to see again for a long time. So don’t wait and start shopping now.