Flipkart Kitchen Items : Avail Upto 70% Discount On Daily Kitchenware

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    17 Jul 17
    Written by Pankaj Chaturvedi

    Flipkart, is one of India's biggest and most trustworthy online megastore. The e-commerce giant is famous for its products, fast delivery, services and best in class customer support team.

    The online conglomerate is absolutely ready to give its rival a serious competition by providing numerous offers on home and kitchen appliances like containers, kitchen tools, cookware, tableware and cutlery from some of the biggest brands such as Prestige, Hawkins, Pigeon, Bel casa, Tupperware, Bajaj etc., at jaw dropping prices and up to 70%off.

    So get your fingers running if you are someone who loves cooking or a working individual or the one who wants a modular kitchen which not only makes your life easy but also lets you enjoy cooking, for this flipkart kitchen items are exactly the place you should look forward to.Kitchen Accessories on Flipkart:

    flipkart kitchen item

    The flipkart kitchen store brings you unparalleled offers on a variety of kitchen products like containers, twisters, juicers, choppers, mixer grinders, flasks and many others from the best brands in the home and kitchen industry including Hawkins, Pigeon and Bajaj.

    Starting from prices as low as Rs.139 going up to Rs. 20000 and more along with discounts in the range of 5%-70% the online retailer has terrific products for all types of customers.

    Other than these exclusive deals and fabulous discounts, Flipkart is pouring heavy showers of additional offers such as free delivery, COD, special discounts, numerous bank offers, extra cashbacks, emi option and many more on your favourite products making it a monsoon to cherish for its users.

    Flipkart Kitchen Storage Sets:

    Storage is the most basic and major concern to look after in your kitchen. You seriously won't like to spoil your food items by keeping them out in the open. So, proper storage is the most important thing to do which also makes your work easier and much efficient. Below are some of the best available deals on flipkart for kitchen storage sets, have a look at them to choose the best for your happy home.

    • Bel Casa Lock and Store Spin Container Set:

      • Product features:

      This 36 pieces storage set from Bel Casa is a great buy for any household. Made from plastic, the containers are airtight, unbreakable and include containers of 1400 ml, 1000 ml, 730 ml and 300 ml so that you get enough space for most of your valuables.

      The storage set is flipkart assured and with standard delivery the product will adorn your kitchen within 5 days. The product includes a bank offer of extra 5%off on payment through Axis Bank buzz credit cards.

      • User Rating:

      The product has a very high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars making it really worthy of buying.

      • Flipkart Price:

      With a huge discount of 56% on its MRP of Rs.3,200 you get this container set at a price of just Rs.1,399.

      You may also want to have a look at Steelo 24pcs PET Container Set available at Rs.1,520 with 4.2 user rating.

    • Tupperware Pack of 4 Polypropylene Food Storage:

      • Product Specifications:

      Tupperware is known to make top quality Kitchen Accessories. This offering from the famous brand has 2 airtight containers of 1.1 liters and 2 of 1.7 liters storage capacity with total weight of 490 g and including Tupperware warranty.

      The product can be bought either by paying online through debit/credit cards attracting bank offers or phone pay wallet or else can be ordered with cash on delivery. With a 10 days replacement policy the storage set can be easily replaced or returned in case it is found faulty.

      • User Rating:

      Based upon the rating from 14 customers this container has got 4.2 out of 5 stars.

      • Flipkart Price:

      Grab this product at a low price of Rs.1,199 against its MRP of Rs.1,720 i.e. with 30% discount.

      Users usually buy this along with Tupperware Mega Magic Flow Cooking Oil Dispenser having a price of Rs.335 and a rating of 4.2 from 610 customers.

    • JVS Kitchen Mate 16 Kar Burgandy Condiment Set:

      • Best products and best services:

      Built by JVS using food grade high quality plastic and maroon in colour, this set contain 16 jars each of 100 ml storage capacity and 1 spice rack having round and square shape containers. Its unique and new design makes your kitchen modular.

      Sold by 4 sellers with HindustanDeal being the best having 3.9 star rating, the product is available for free delivery. Although once bought the set is nonrefundable. Any online payment is absolutely safe and secure.

      • User Rating:

      With 18 users sharing their response the product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars thereby making it a product worth considering.

      • Flipkart Price:

      You buy this product at a discount of 33% on its MRP of Rs.1,349 thereby making it available at a selling price of Rs.895.

      Also have a look at this related product which you may consider buying JVS Majestic Spice Tower Laser Black Condiment Set at Rs.820.

    • Bhalaria Ubha Dabba Set:

      • Product to rely upon:

      The product contain 3 containers of stainless steel with 250 ml, 450 ml and 600 ml storage space. The containers have 1 year domestic warranty. The product has no cost emi offer with extra saving on citi bank emi transaction and also has extra 5 % off on Axis Bank buzz credit cards. The set is flipkart assured and reaches your home within 7 days from placing the order.

      • User Rating:  

      This offering is sporting a rating of 4 out of 5 stars based upon the response from 64 customers.

      • Flipkart Price:

      Available at a price of just Rs.429 with 14% discount on its MRP of Rs.499.

    There are a number of other terrific offers on many other kitchen storage sets on flipkart which you can go through and search for the one which you want. Among other products a few are listed in the table below.

    Product Name

    Major Features


    Flipkart Price

    User Rating

    Dynore Set of 11 See Through Canisters

    • Stainless steel multi-purpose storage Canisters.
    • One container each of 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml up to 3000 ml.
    • Cylindrical in shape with see through lids.




    Borosil Vacuum Trendy Glass Jar Set

    • Made of glass, airtight and microwave safe.
    • 3 containers each of 400 ml storage capacity.
    • Special discount of extra Rs.50 off out extra 5%off on Axis Bank buzz credit cards.




    Classic Essential Kivis Bowls Set

    • The bowls are dishwasher safe, freezer safe and BPA free.
    • 4 bowl set made from stainless steel and is flipkart assured.
    • Airtight bowls with 350 ml, 650 ml, 950 ml and 1250 ml storage capacity.




    Tupperware Large Clear Bowl

    • 2 high quality plastic bowls of 990 ml storage.
    • Food grade, airtight and disposable containers.
    • The bowls are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and unbreakable.




    Now that we are done with Kitchen Container deals on flipkart with many more available on the site other than those mentioned here. We move forward to our next category.

    Flipkart Kitchen Tools:

    It does not happen that you go to the kitchen and your food gets prepared automatically. To cook and also for every household the most basic requirement is the tools like cutting board, chopper, knife, crusher, juicer etc. which help you in daily tasks like cutting, peeling, scrubbing or crushing and others. Flipkart is offering you these kitchen tools at the lowest prices also with mouthwatering offers and deals. Have a look.

    • Bajaj HC01 Electric Chopper:

      • Product qualities for you:

      The famous brand bajaj brings you this absolute beauty to help you with your chopping, made from plastic the device has total power consumption of 135 w, starts with just a push of a button and has 2 years product warranty.

      The product being sold by edeals360 arrives at your doorstep in 7 days and is also eligible for cash on delivery. Comes in a white and green colour combination, you may also buy this product by paying online which has no risks at all.

      • User Rating:

      The product has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

      • Flipkart Price:

      Having a MRP of Rs.1,599 you get this equipment with a discount of 13%, at Rs.1390.

      You can also have a look at this superb alternative, Nova Electric Chopper available at Rs.1,199 and having a 4 star rating.

    • Prestige True Edge Steel Knife Set:

      • Features to make it a must buy:

      This premium quality pack of 7 knife set from Prestige has been made from pure tempered steel, has high definition serrations, and it is an ideal product for every household. The pack contains 1 unit each of chef’s knife, vegetable, utility, cook and pairing knives along with a kitchen scissor and a chopping board. The pack has a bank offer of extra 5% off on Axis Bank buzz credit cards and has 10 days replacement policy for hassle free replacement or returns.

      • User Rating:

      Based on the response from 125 users, the product has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

      • Flipkart Price:

      The pack is available a price of Rs.530 against its MRP of Rs.580.

      The best alternative buy for this product is Blaze premium master chef stainless steel knife set available at Rs.899.

    • Nestwell Fruit and Vegetable Juicer and Multi Vegetable Cutter Kitchen Tool Set:

      • Product features and some extra services:

      Made from ABS plastic material the set contains one juicer and one multi chopper. It has comfortable and easy to use metal handle, all parts are fully detachable for easy manual wash and thus also making it portable. Sold by Lady Collection which has a 3.9 star seller rating, use your debit/credit card, net banking or phone pay wallet thereby attracting extra offers.

      • User Rating:

      The tool set has a high 4.5 out of 5 star rating making it a product worth using.

      • Flipkart Price:

      Available to buyers at a discount of 32% at just Rs.549, against its MRP of Rs.810.

      You may also have a look at Hi-Tech Plastic, Steel Hand Juicer.

    In addition to these offers there are numerous other offers on Flipkart kitchen tool sets worth giving a look at. A few more are given the table below.

    Product Name

    Major Features


    Flipkart Price

    User Rating

    Kombuis Kitchenware Nicer 1 Multicolour Tool Set

    • Multipurpose slicer for cutting vegetables and fruits.
    • Made from high quality plastic and also has additional Rs.50 off.
    • Collection of 12 different slicing trays for your convenience




    Prestige Double Veggie Chopper

    • Made from plastic, the chopper has stainless steel blade.
    • Two copper blades perfect for salad, garlic onion etc.
    • It has two whisker attachments for whipping eggs and cream.




    Nova Silverline Knife Set

    • Pack of 3, made from stainless steel with serrated and curve edge.
    • Handle made from polypropylene and is dishwasher safe.
    • Contains two kitchen knives and and 1 peeler.




    Flipkart Kitchen Tableware and Cutlery:

    Just cooking the food is not always enough, you need to have proper serving utensils, beautiful serving sets, the right spoons and fork and eye catching table placemat to enjoy your happy meal. Here we present to you some of the best products available on Flipkart.

    • Hopiko Rectangular Pack of Table Placemat:

      • Product Specifications:

      This marvelous 6 pack placemat from Hopiko is blue in colour, made from high heat resistant PVC and polyester silk. They are easy to roll, wipe and clean having a basket woven design thereby making your dining a pleasant experience.

      The product is eligible for both free delivery and cash on delivery, reaches your home to adorn your table within 5 days, sold by ANDRetails having 4.1 star store rating.

      • User Rating:

      The placemat has a highly favourable rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars making it one of the best.

      • Flipkart Price:

      You can buy this product for your table at a price of Rs.749 against its MRP of Rs.999.

    • Yakeen Standard Quality Cutlery Set:

      • Product Specifications:

      The premium quality cutlery set is made from stainless steel and plastic it is microwave and dishwasher safe and disposable. The product has elegant and attractive design and contains a pack of 6 pieces each of spoon, tea-spoon, knife, fork and 1 stand.

      Available with extra 5% off when paid through Axis Bank buzz credit cards, the pack comes with flipkarts replacement policy for easy returns and replacement if found damaged on receival.

      • User Rating:

      The product sports a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

      • Flipkart Price:

      Against its MRP of Rs.1499, the cutlery set is available for buying with a huge 64% discount at just Rs.525.

    • Chrome Kitchen Seasoning Pot Set:

      • Features and more:

      This fabulous offering from chrome is very beautiful and attractive, made up of high quality plastic, and contains 3 condiments jar with stand, ideally suited for oil and vinegar. The product is flipkart assured and has no cost emi offer from citi card transactions, it has free shipping and also once bought it is non-returnable.

      • User Rating:

      The pot set has got race reviews and stands at a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

      • Flipkart Price:

      Grab this product at a handsome price of Rs.2,140.

    The offers and variety of tableware and cutlery just doesn't end here flipkart has many more designs, exclusive deals and quality products to choose from. Some of them are given in the following table.

    Product Name

    Major Features


    Flipkart Price

    User Rating

    Frabjous Jug and Glass Set

    • Made from 100% pure copper beneficial for your health.
    • Contains 6 glass and 1 jug.
    • Has 1.5 liters jug capacity and 300 ml capacity per glass.




    Bhalaria New Stribes Cutlery Set

    • Made from stainless steel it is dishwasher safe.
    • Contains 6 pieces each of fork, spoon, teaspoonand baby spoon.
    • Durable, sturdy, is easy to wash and comes with 1 year warranty.




    Kuber Industries Rectangular Table Placemat

    • Made with plastic and laminated patch work.
    • 6 placemats having dimension of 12*18 inches.




    Flipkart Kitchen Cookware:

    Flipkart brings you kitchen cookware like nonstick Tawas, pressure cookers, handi, streamers, idli makers many more from best brands and incomparable prices. Here's a list of a few cookware best prices on flipkart.

    • Lavelle Kitchen Mercury Dosa Tawa:

      • Product and Store Specifications:

      Made from superior PTFE material which makes this tawa nonstick. The pack also has 1 scrub and a mixing spatula. Having a weight of 450 gm the tawa also has a detachable handle. The product is flipkart assured and reaches your home within 5 days from ordering.

      • User Rating:

      Based upon all the response the product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

      • Flipkart Price:

      You may buy this tawa for use at price of Rs.483 only.

    • Prestige Omega Festival Pack Non Stick Kitchen Cookware Set:

      • Product Specifications & More:

      This Cookware Set from Prestige contains 1 unit each of tawa, kadhai and fry pan. Made of aluminium it is compatible with both gas and induction and has a 1 year warranty.

      The product has no cost emi option with citi card emi transactions. The product has no shipping cost and eligible for hand to hand payment on arrival.

      • User Rating:

      With response from 10,787 customers this majestic product has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

      • Flipkart Price:

      Buy this beauty at a price of Rs.1,399 with a discount of 53% on its MRP.

    In addition to these products, some other kitchen cookwares available on flipkart include

    Product Name

    Major Features


    Flipkart Price

    User Rating

    Hawkins Contura Black 5L Pressure Cooker

    • Made up of aluminium along with inner lid safety.
    • Has improved pressure regulator with curved body for easy stirring.
    • Black body for faster hearing and is corrosion resistant




    Lavi Home and Kitchen Cookware Chetty Handi

    • Made from stainless steel and copper.
    • 4 handi with 500ml, 750ml, 1050ml and 2000ml capacity.
    • Ideal for both cooking and serving.




    Pigeon Induction and Standard Idli Maker

    • Made from strong and durable high quality stainless steel.
    • Four cavities with 6 plates so that you get 24 idlis in one go.




    Thus, with this we come to the end of this article. I hope you found what you desired, if not then head on to Flipkart Kitchen Appliances store and look for the most interesting deals and find what suits your desire and need the most.

    • How to enjoy these offers:

      Now that you know all about the offers and the products which are available at huge discounts even on the best brands in the market, you must be thinking about what you have to do in order to enjoy these offers. Well, worry not and stay relaxed because we at Zoutons are always here to help you out of these situations. Just follow these few simple steps-

      1. Go to Flipkart page of your desired Kitchen Accessory from the links mentioned above.
      2. Browse through all the products and offers and shortlist the ones which suits your requirements the most.
      3. Once shortlisted choose the best ones by comparing and add them to your cart.
      4. Now go to your cart and scrutinize for one last time and make final changes if any and then proceed to checkout.
      5. Login to the website providing your credentials or register yourself if you are a new user.
      6. Choose your favoured payment method, apply promo code if you have any find one at Zoutons and complete the payment.
      7. Once payment is done your product is ordered and you receive a confirmation message and mail. Now just sit back and wait for your order to get delivered to your home.

    It rarely happens that products of these categories i.e. home and kitchen appliances are available at such huge discounts and offers on any online store. But Flipkart has made it possible for its customers as for them customer satisfaction is the prime motive which they have proved time and again through their never ending sales and heavy price cuts on products across various categories.

    Thus one must not lose this golden opportunity provided by flipkart to give your kitchen a new modular look or to upgrade your present one to newer heights using this once in a blue moon sale.

    So, grab your seats, use your electronic devices and move your eyes and fingers to find a perfect deal for your kitchen.