Flipkart exclusive launch: Panasonic P85 at Rs.6499/- and Eluga Ray at Rs.8999/-

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    13 Jun 17
    Written by Barkha Bali

    With so many mobile phones in the market today, it has indeed become difficult for the customers to choose from them. Different phones have different pros and cons, and if one is better than the other; another will be better than that. And with the advancement of technology new phones get launched every single day! Flipkart is obviously not far behind in all this; in fact, it is at par and has launched the Panasonic P85 and Panasonic Eluga Ray.

    You can always go have a look at the phone on the official page of Flipkart. The phone is sleek and small, and not a burden to carry. With the specification that we will mention below, you will see that both of these are the real value for money today.

    Flipkart offers of Panasonic

    Flipkart Exclusive Launch:

    One thing you should keep in mind about the Panasonic Eluga Ray and Panasonic P85 is that it will be available only on Flipkart. You can purchase the phone from any other website. These phones are just Flipkart exclusive launch and hence shall be available only there.

    The best part about both these phones is that they are very cost efficient. Getting a phone with 4000MAh battery for just Rs 8000 is no matter of joke. Both the phones have quite some decent features including a good camera and is a true value for money.

    The Panasonic Eluga Ray starts at Rs 8999 and the Panasonic P85 starts at Rs 6499.

    The Panasonic Pathway:

    Quite some phone companies including Samsung and OnePlus have already steadied their feet in the Indian phone market. Panasonic has been hoping for the same, and hence are bringing out quality phones for their Indian customers. Since the cost of Panasonic phones is not much, they are for the middle-class Indian people.

    The key competitors of Panasonic at the present moment are Gionee, Samsung, Xiaomi and some other phone companies. With their phones priced at approximately the same price, all that differs is that tiny bit of quality of workmanship in the phones.


    Panasonic P85

    Panasonic Eluga Ray


    145.00 x 72.20 x 9.35

    144.40 x 71.60 x 9.70


    146.70 grams

    169.00 grams


    5 inches
    720x1280 pixels

    5 inches
    720x1280 pixels


    Primary – 8 MP

    Secondary – 2 MP

    Primary – 13 MP

    Secondary – 5 MP


    1GHz quad-core

    1.3GHz quad-core


    Internal - 16 GB

    External – up to 64 GB

    RAM – 2 GB

    Internal - 16 GB

    External – up to 64 GB

    RAM – 3 GB

    Key Features

    Android 6.0

    Battery – 4000MAh

    Android 6.0

    Battery – 4000MAh


    Rs. 6499

    Rs. 8999


    Bright Features:

    Panasonic P85:


    One of the most important reasons as to why you should buy this phone is because of its hardware. With 1Ghz quadcore processor and a 2GM RAM, the phone surely will not lag. And with the tag of Panasonic, you can be rest assured about the quality.


    The battery of this phone is something which will never let you down. With a 4000MAh capacity battery, the phone will surely go on for a whole day with full charge. The battery is non-removable, and hence charges faster than others as well.


    Other than battery and performance, the phone is very sleek and good looking as well. It is just 5 inches, so you do not have to worry about carrying a huge phone which does not fit in your pocket.

    Lightweight phone

    Another reason to buy this phone is that it very light. It is not heavy and will not sit all day in your pocket reminding you have a phone. Weighing just 146.70 grams and dimensions of 145.00 x 72.20 x 9.35, you can be rest assured that you will turn heads when you pass with your phone.

    Panasonic Eluga Ray


    When we hear phone, the first question we ask is about the processor. Ask all you want here, because you will surely get positive reviews! With 3GB RAM and a processor of 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek MTK6737 under 9000, this is the real deal folks.


    Of course the camera is not the best, but it is much better than those phones which are under 9000. The phone is a true value for money, and 12 MP rear camera delivers quite some good quality photos. The selfies come out decent as well with a 5 MP camera.


    For all the travel freaks out there, this phone is packed. For a phone under 9000, the phone has all the sensors including a GPS, compass magnetometer, proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope and barometer. Sounds cool right?


    People who break phones! The first advice we will give you is, don’t break your phones. But if that is hard for you to follow (someone like me), then we suggest you buy this amazing phone. This phone is both sassy and durable, and will not break even if it falls. Of course, before that make sure you have a tempered glass and a cover on!


    Panasonic P85

    There are of course some cons of the phone, and just so you understand it better; here they are. The phone is not built on metal but plastic. The looks are good, but metal finish adds to the flavor. Display is not protected by gorilla glass and that is the main disadvantage. The battery takes long to charge, but gives you a pretty decent battery backup.

    Panasonic Eluga Ray

    The Eluga Ray has the same disadvantages as P85, but not so noticeable as it is a tad bit better than the P85. The earphones Panasonic packs are not durable, so buy your own.

    Special Flipkart offer

    Flipkart offers the Panasonic P85 at Rs 6499 and the Panasonic Eluga Ray is priced at Rs 8999. It also has an amazing offer going on for Axis Bank customers where one can get an extra 5% off with the use of Axis Bank Buzz Credit card. Ain’t that awesome? Use these flipkart coupons to grab hefty discounts over your purchase.

    Panasonic P85

    Flipkart also has various ways you can buy the phone including EMI and with the exchange of other phones.

    EMI Option

    If you buy it via EMI, you can choose from various banks including Axis Bank, ICICI bank, HDFC bank and many others. The interest rate is approximately the same for all the banks with slight variations. You can just pay Rs 316 per month if you choose the 24 months EMI option.

    Exchange Offer

    For exchange, depending on the condition of the phone your own phone, and you will get the Panasonic P85 for up to 6000 off!

    Panasonic Eluga Ray

    EMI Option

    You can grab this smartphone at just Rs 316 per month, if you choose the 24 months EMI option.

    Exchange Offers

    If you buy this phone with exchange, following the same procedure as above, you can get up to Rs 8500 off!

    How can you buy these smartphones?

    The procedure is very simple and most of you must be knowing it. However, here are the steps in case you don’t

    • On your browser, visit flipkart.com
    • Next type in the phone you want (Panasonic P85 or Panasonic Eluga Ray).
    • Click on the phone.
    • If you want to pay the full amount directly, click on buy now.
    • If you want EMI options, it is just below the buy now option.
    • And if you have an old phone you are willing to exchange it with, that option is just below the EMI option.

    Panasonic white


    panasonic black


    Must buy accessories

    There are some few accessories that you must buy with this phone for it’s safety.

    • An OTG cable is a must so that you can enjoy the movies on your pen drive while you are on the go. And because it gives a decent battery backup, movies are must while travelling! One can avail amazing Flipkart offers applicable on OTG cables and grab them for pennies, literally.
    • The second one would be to buy a tempered glass since it does not come with a gorilla glass. There are high chances of it breaking, so why take risk? Buy an assured tempered glass from Flipkart at best prices.
    • And the last but not the least, customize your phone a bit and buy a back cover. This way your phone looks better and is safe as well!

    For a middle-class man, these phones are a must buy. They are value for money and can be purchased easily. They have some decent features as well, so you can always show them off as well. Happy Flipkart buying people!