Datsun Go+ 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Harshit Gupta - Senior Editor Mar 05 2020 Share this blog

Nissan’s hold on the Indian automobile consumer has been dicey, to say the least. Although they have produced some decent offerings in the Indian automotive space, none of their products seemed an outright hit. In 2013, the corporate heads at Nissan decided to launch a new low-cost sub-brand in the form of Datsun that would help them find a strong foot in the most competitive space of Indian automobile segment-The Entry Level!

Due to their initial product, GO, not creating as big of a hype as expected, Datsun brought in another vehicle to the market that though based on their previous offering, created a completely new category for itself-The Datsun GO+ and thus a stir.

2020 datsun go plus exterior

The Datsun GO+ created the sub 4 metre MPV category in the Indian market. The main agenda was to provide a sound car that could haul families and be light on the pocket. Initially, the Datsun GO+ was a lone wolf in the sea of hatchbacks and compact sedans hatchbacks, but the entry of cars like the Renault Triber have stirred the waters.

Is the Datsun Go+ worth vouching for? Let’s get digging.

What will impress you

  • Dual Front Airbags
  • 7-Inch Touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Electrically Adjustable ORVMs
  • 180 mm ground clearance
  • First in Class CVT Gearbox

What Won’t

  • Mediocre at high speeds
  • Uninteresting Exterior Profile
  • Lack of features in contrast to competitors
  • Tight third row
  • Air Conditioning not available in the lower variants

What’s New in the 2020 Datsun Go+?

The 2020 Datsun Go+ brings about a slew of changes to the outgoing model that helps to keep the car relevant. It breathes new life in the Go+ since the competition is getting stiffer day by day. The main focus of Datsun has been to improve the safety of the car as it now features better structural rigidity and front end crash protection. Though this update comes at the cost of increased weight, it is nothing to scowl at. The other tweaks in the newer model are as follows:

  • Slightly restyled Headlamps with Follow Me Home
  • Redesigned Front and Rear Bumper
  • Redesigned Front Grille
  • Captain Front Seats instead of the Bench
  • LED DRL’s
  • Traditional Handbrake instead of Umbrella-type Handbrake
  • Newer Dashboard Design
  • 7-Inch Touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • 14 Inch Alloy Wheels on Top Variant

What are the numerous variants on offer?

The Datsun Go+ is offered in 7 Variants in totality with a starting price of 4.15 lakh. If we let go of the fact that Datsun has inherently chosen one of the most boring and confusing variant names for the Datsun Go+, even in it’s most basic form, the car’s asking price is lower than the rivals. The presence of standard Dual Airbags across all variants, which were absent even on the topmost rim pre-facelift is the kind of commitment Indian audiences deserve.




A     Optional


T Optional VDC


T Optional  CVT


Rs. 4.15 lakhs

Rs. 5.04 lakhs

Rs. 5.58 lakhs

Rs. 5.96 lakhs

Rs. 6.18 lakhs

Rs. 6.61 lakhs

Rs. 6.83 lakhs


-Tinted Windows

-Follow Me Home Headlamps

-Speed Sensing Door Locks

-ABS and EBD

-Rear Parking Sensors

-Power Windows

-Dual Airbags as Standard

-Electric Power Steering

-Electrically Adjustable ORVMs

-Keyless Entry

-Body Coloured ORVMs

-Tropical AC with Heater

-Vehicle Dynamic Control

-Chrome Front Grille

-Body Coloured Door Handles

-Analogue Tachometer and Digital Clock

-7 Inch Touchscreen with 2 Speakers and all Multimedia features

-Rear Wiper and Washer

-LED Drl’s

-14 Inch Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Same as T VCD with a CVT Transmission

Same as T optional VDC with a CVT Transmission

The year 2020, saw incremental updates on the feature-front and this adds more value to the already aggressively priced car. Safety saw a bump in features and this helps it improve on its most understated sector, which made it slide out from the list of prospective buyers as well as an overall bundle of features.

Which variant should you opt for?

The Base D variant of the Datsun Go+ comes solidly equipped for the price and would have been our pick for the people wanting an economical family haulier but the omission of Power Steering and Air Conditioning are going to be very apparent in our country’s day to day traffic. Thus the T VDCwith Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Vehicle Stability Control and & inch touchscreen would ensure that you wouldn’t need to upgrade any part of the GO+ to make it livable for the daily grind. Since the price difference between the A Optional (First Variant to Offer AC) and the T VDC is just thirty-odd thousand, the T VDC with it’s added safety and multimedia features make it our pick.

2020 Datsun Go+ March Offers!

The Datsun Go Plus has got various offers and discount benefits. The car is priced from Rs. 3.74 lakhs in India and you get a straight 7K discount. Check out the other offers available on the Datsun Go+.



Ex-Showroom Price (Pan-India in INR)

Special Offer

Datsun Go

All Variants


Cash Discount up to INR 7,000

Exchange Benefit under NIC up to INR 15,000

Additional Benefits for Corporate Customers up to INR 2,000

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What is the source of firepower in the Datsun Go Plus?

The Datsun Go+ features the same 1.2-Litre 3-Cylinder petrol engine that it had debuted with. The 67 Bhp of power and 104 Nm of torque on offer is just barely enough for the car when it is under full load. The Engine has been tuned to make it slightly more responsive than the outgoing car and it is apparent. The presence of a notchy manual gearbox, a light clutch and a peppier engine than the previous offering make driving the GO+ around the city relatively easy. 

2020 datsun go plus engine

The suspension has also been tuned on the softer side thus making the ride a bit more comfortable for the passengers. If one wrings’ the engine out though, it does become pretty vocal and the lack of sound insulation gets even more prominent. The Go+ would make a decent city car but high speed runs on the highway could make you stressed.


Datsun Go+

Renault Triber

Maruti Eeco

Price (Ex-Delhi)

Rs. 4.15 Lakhs

Rs. 4.95 Lakhs

Rs. 3.92 Lakhs


1.2L Petrol 3 Cylinder

1.0L Petrol 3 Cylinder

1.2L Petrol 4 Cylinder


5 Speed Manual

5 Speed Manual

5 Speed Manual

Power (bhp)

[email protected] RPM

[email protected] RPM

[email protected] RPM


[email protected] RPM

[email protected] RPM

[email protected] RPM

0-100 kmph                      (seconds)

14.1 sec

16.7 sec

15 sec

The Go+ might have a measly 67 bhp under its hood, however, it still manages to outrun both of its immediate competitors by almost at least one second. The GO+ manages to reach the ton in a little over 14 seconds followed closely by the Maruti Eeco and Renault Triber.

The light 880 kg kerb weight and peppier low end than the earlier model does help the GO+ to be the fastest in its segment though sustaining the high speeds is another question altogether.

How manoeuvrable is the Datsun Go+ on Indian roads?

The Go+’s ride and handling is a mixed bag in terms of its attributes. If we look at the city driving ability, the variants with the power steering and air conditioning make little fuss out of it. The engine has decent poke and lower speeds and should be adequate to ferry around the family. The relatively supple suspension also soaks up the bumps but does transfer noise to the cabin. As a city runabout, the Datsun GO+ makes sense as it is peppy and agile and its sub-4-metre length helps during parallel parking situations.

2020 datsun go plus acceleration 0-100

The biggest hit comes to the tune of highway drivability as the GO+ becomes jittery at high speeds. The car tends to lose the sense of strong footing and feels quite unsettled. The engine also runs out of steam and would be of no use if you have to perform an overtake manoeuvre. The cabin also becomes extremely noisy as the road and tyre noise start creeping in the cabin completely unfiltered.

How grippy are the brakes on Datsun Go+?

The Datsun’s brakes are nothing to scoff at, in fact, we were pleasantly surprised by the braking on the GO+. The brakes have a decent amount of bite and help slow down the car adequately. The feedback is also quite good thus helping one modulate with ease


Datsun Go+

Renault Triber

Maruti Eeco

Front Brakes




Rear Brakes




Curb Weight (kg)




There is a lot of difference in braking of Datsun Go plus when compared to it’s younger sibling, the Go’s braking capabilities. The GO+ also boasts of a shorter braking distance than the outgoing model year. It also offers the largest-in-class 22mm front ventilated discs which help reduce brake fade over prolonged distances.

How fuel-efficient is the Datsun Go Plus?

When it comes to Fuel Economy, it might be one of the biggest deciding factors in this segment as the average car buyer in this segment wants to spend the least possible money on running costs. The Datsun Go+ thus offers a respectable 19.83 kmpl as tested by ARAI. Though it has a small 35-litre fuel tank, it offers a decent range of almost 700 km, only to be overshadowed by the Renault Triber due to a bigger fuel tank and marginally better fuel efficiency.


Datsun Go+

Renault Triber

Maruti Eeco

Mileage (Kmpl)




Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)




Range (Km)




Even in the real world, the Go+ is expected to consistently deliver a mileage of over 15 kmpl when driven sedately. Maruti Suzuki Eeco is the least efficient of the lot, which is ironical, as Maruti Suzukis are destined to be the most efficient ones in most of the segments available in India.

How quirky is the design language of Datsun Go Plus?

Datsun Go+ is a pretty well-proportioned car when viewed with the fact that it was designed to fit under 4-metres. It has a decent level of space on offer on the inside and the exterior looks like MPV. The wrap around hawk headlamps coupled with a squared of rear gives it a handsome stance.

2020 datsun go plus side view The Renault Triber might be more pleasing to the eye with it’s more upscale construction but the GO+ is not a very bad second, both the offerings easily trump the Eeco when it comes to design since the Eeco is simply a rolling van.


Datsun Go+

Renault Triber

Maruti Eeco

Kerb weight (kg)
















Ground clearance (mm)




Wheelbase (mm)




When it comes to size, surprisingly, the Go+ is this lot's compact offering and this drastically contributes to the drivability factor. The smooth driving dynamics coupled with a neutral form factor makes it the most comfortable one to drive of this lot.

Some of the notable exterior features are:

  • Electrically Adjustable ORVMs
  • Hexagonal Chrome Grille
  • 14 Inch Diamond Cut Alloys
  • Factory Tinted Glass
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Chrome Accents
  • LED DRL's

How spacious is the cabin of Go Plus?

The Datsun Go+ in its previous avatar had one of the most sorry-looking interiors. It had a bland monotonous look and next to no features on offer, but the redesigned facelift of the GO+ serves as a breath of fresh air since they have revamped the interior for the better.

2020 datsun go plus cabin space

Gone is the bench set up in the front that has been replaced by individual seats that offer much better support and comfort than the previous setup. They not only look better but also free up required space in the cabin which makes it feel airier. The subtle touch of replacing the umbrella style handbrake with a traditional manual handbrake is also highly appreciated.


Datsun Go+

Renault Triber

Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Passenger Capacity




The interior now gets a two-tone dashboard that has a black and beige inserts. The redesigned dashboard design along with the AC vents make the cabin look much more upscale than before. The presence of an analogue speedometer on the higher variant is also something that would be appreciated by the drivers.

All in all, Datsun have genuinely made the GO+’s cabin a place you wouldn’t mind sitting in.

What are the various infotainment features on offer?

The dashboard of Go+ now houses the new 7 Inch Touchscreen that comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Touch screen is reminiscent of the Startup tile layout from the Windows 8 series of computers. It looks really neat as all of the daily use functions fall direct to hand.

2020 datsun go plus infotainment system

The User Interface is also very responsive and snappy which is a big plus since even some more expensive cars have laggy UI’s that spoil the whole experience. The infotainment on the GO+ then receives thunderous applause for its abundance of features and snappy interface. The only fly in the ointment is that the screen comes mated to only 2 speakers which are just about okay, but at this price point, none of its competitors offer any better.

The various infotainment features are listed below.

Infotainment Features

  • 7” Touch screen Infotainment system
  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity
  • Bluetooth, FM, AM
  • Voice Command
  • 2 Speaker Setup
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Interior Features

  • Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock
  • Tinted Glass
  • Fabric Upholstery
  • Full Floor Console
  • Silver AC Control Knobs

How much luggage can the 2020 Go+ take in?

The Cargo Space on offer on the Go+ is one of it’s biggest downsides since with the last row raised, only 84 litres of cargo volume is available to the user and it is difficult to even properly insert a backpack.

2020 datsun go plus cargo capacity Folding down the 3rd-row seats though open up 347 litres of usable space which is much apter but is still completely overshadowed by the Renault Triber which offers a massive 625 litres of boot space with the last row folded down.


Datsun Go+

Renault Triber

Maruti Eeco

Cargo Volume with 3rd Row Seats up (Litres)

48                                              (347 with last row folded)

84                                                (625 with last row folded down)


Renault takes the crown here with its smart tall-body design which helps in extract more cargo volume due to upright positioning of its seats. Datsun comes in last and it was expected with its compact structure.

What are the various safety features on offer in 2020 Datsun Go+?

Datsun’s previous iteration of the GO+ had been given quite a lot of slack for its poor structural rigidity and lack of safety features as even in the topmost variant. The consumers thus dismissed the GO+ as being an unsafe car.

2020 datsun go plus safety features

Datsun though listened to all of the feedback and have therefore brought about major changes in terms of safety in the 2020 Datsun GO+. The Go+ now features Anti Lock Brakes and Electronic Brake Distribution as standard. Side Crash and Pedestrian Protection have also been areas that have been worked upon extensively.

Since the Global NCAP had heavily criticized the Datsun lineup in 2014 for being extremely dangerous to the point of asking Datsun to stop selling the GO and GO+, Datsun has brought about a heavy structural revision which on paper offers a much safer car but since the 2020 model year is yet to be tested by Global NCAP we would reserve our judgements.

How does the Datsun Go+ fare against its competition?

Datsun Go+ vs Renault Triber

The Renault Triber is the newest Kwid (kid, no pun intended) on the block. It brings about a vehicle that is superior to the Datsun in many aspects, be it space, comfort, features or exterior looks. The Renault Triber offers a formidable package in terms of features like push-button start, automatic climate control, powered ORVMs, rear defogger among others. The only complaint from the Triber would come in the form of lack of oomph from the engine as it tends to lose steam higher up. Thus, the GO+ falls short when pitted against the Triber only saved by its lower price tag.

Datsun Go+ vs Maruti Eeco

The Maruti Eeco might fall into a similar category of the Triber and the GO+ due to seating options and price, it is aimed at a completely different buyer demographics. The Eeco on the inside is based on the now-defunct Versa and is more of a more upscale Omni than anything else. Comparing entry-level MPVs like the Datsun GO+ and the Renault Triber to the Eeco may feel like sacrilege but some people might cross-shop.

The Eeco thus provides the only 4 Cylinder engine among the three and most importantly a Rear Wheel Drive Setup. This Maruti is as basic as it comes in terms of features and comfort and expecting anything more is just not right. If you need a vehicle to haul cargo, the Eeco should be right up your alley but if taking people around in comfort is what you are after, then you are much better off with the Go+ or the Triber.

So, does leave a mark in this newfound segment?

The Datsun Go+has gone through quite an update.to bring about a vehicle that is safer and much better equipped than it had ever been before. With its attractive entry point pricing and a new host of standard safety features, the GO+ now is a vehicle that can cater to mass markets and might help the Datsun brand stay afloat. If you are looking for an inexpensive as it gets 7-seater with a sound level of equipment and safety then the GO+ might just be your next buy.