BMW M760Li 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Harshit Gupta - Senior Editor Feb 24 2020 Share this blog

Gosh, If there is anything in the world that screams "I have bucket loads of cash to buy myself the ultimate level of comfort and raw brute strength but still want to fly under the radar of the not so keen observer", it is the BMW M760Li. This vehicle is the pinnacle of German engineering and the price tag reflects that, all day every day!

2020 bmw m760li

If you can just for a moment, put aside the eye watery price tag of this baller of a car, one can appreciate what all BMW has managed to cram in just one vehicle. It is crazy for us to comprehend that we have the engineering capabilities and consumer audience for such a marvel to exist because Aye Caramba is this thing something!

Let’s just get inside and try and tabulate all the info that we can because the people at BMW threw in everything but the kitchen sink at the M760Li.

What will impress you

  • A 600hp Twin Turbocharged Fire breathing V12

  • The Best Quality of Materials in the Automotive Market

  • List of Features that would fill up a Binder

  • BMW xDrive AWD

  • BMW Digital Key

*Just About Everything*

What Won’t

  • The Price-Ouch!

  • Fuel Economy

  • Paid Apple CarPlay after a Year

What’s New in the 2020 BMW M760Li?

The number of features and quirks on the BMW M760Li are simply beyond us. To sit down and tabulate it all would take binder of sheets and months of wiggling every bolt of the car because some odd little quirk is bound to have been missed. Putting the 2020 BMW M760Li in contrast to the normal 7 Series, you do get

  • 20 Inch Lightweight Alloy Wheels

  • M-Sport Aggressive Bumper

  • Side Skirts

  • Blue Brake Callipers

  • Bigger Exhaust Vents

  • Rear Bootlid Spoiler

  • M-Badging All-Around

In how many variants does the 2020 BMW M760Li flaunt its luxury?

The BMW M760Li is offered in only one trim that comes loaded to the gills with all the features and certain optional extras. The Highlight features are listed below:



Price(Avg. Ex-Showroom)

2.47 Crores


Active seat ventilation in the front seats

Ambient Interior Lighting

Automatic air conditioning with 4-zone control

Armrest front with storage compartment

BMW Gesture Control

BMW Individual Headliner Alcantara Anthracite

Centre armrest in rear foldable with storage compartment

Climate comfort laminated glass and windscreen

Comfort electric seats for driver and passenger seat with extended functions including memory

Comfort electric seats for rear seats with extended functions including electric adjustment of headrests

Massage function for front and rear with eight massage programmes

Panorama glass roof Sky Lounge with integrated LED light graphics with 15,000 illuminated graphic surfaces in glass

Roller Sunblinds

Seat heating, front and rear

Welcome Light Carpet

The M760Li can also be had with certain optional extras that include particular types of interior leather, alloy and paint scheme options along with getting different finishes on the buttons and touchpoints of the M760Li

Which trim should you go for the ultimate luxury?

Since there is no variant to recommend from, I am going to go out on a limb and recommend the car to any and everybody who can afford it. Go get that cheque book ready and put down a deposit for one before the electric revolution takes away our beloved V12’s. The M760Li is the top of the line flagship model of BMW making it the most expensive BMW being sold in our country right now.

What's the source of power in 2020 BMW M760Li?

Why has BMW decided to plonk in a twin-turbocharged 6.6 Litre V12 in their flagship limousine sedan is beyond comprehension. Are we complaining about it? Not even a little bit and the amount of power is simply mind-numbing. This Missile powerhouse generates a whopping 600 Bhp @5400 rpm and 850 Nm @1550 rpm, which is going to put certain supercars to shame.

2020 bmw m760li 6.6l v12 engine

The moment you step on the pedal the car’s AWD xDrive system latches on to the ground and the car shoots right into space while gathering pace at an alarming rate, the car is nothing short of a freight train. The G forces are bound to rearrange your internal organs and certainly make your passengers shriek in grief and utter prayers if they have not been forewarned. For a sublime luxury car to be able to instil horror into its passengers if the driver decided to flex his right foot is nothing short of a superpower in itself.


BMW M760Li

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Price (Ex-Delhi) in INR

Rs. 2.47 Crores

Rs. 2.55 Crores


6.6 Litre Twin Turbocharged V12

4.0 Litre Twin Turbocharged V8


8 Speed Dual Clutch ZF Automatic

7 Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic

Power (bhp)






The only other luxurious hoonigan that comes close to the insanity of this Bimmer is another German, Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG. It is impressive as to how Merc manages to chuck out similar performance figures from a mere 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8. It also helps lower the overall kerb weight which helps drastically in improving driving dynamics.

How majestically quick is the BMW M760Li from 0-100?

The M760Li’ s V12 is nothing short of a masterpiece. The thing is smooth as silk but still would knock your teeth out if you as much as sneeze while you have your foot on the throttle. The Twin-Turbocharged V12 can propel this 2 and ¼ ton luxury yacht of a vehicle from 0 to 100 in just 3.7 seconds.

2020 bmw m760li acceleration; 0-100

3.7 seconds? My God- Yes there are Porsches, McLaren’s and Ferrari’s that are that little bit faster but can you sprint to 100 in 3 odd seconds while the car gives you a back massage and cools your tush? Not really!


BMW M760Li

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

0-100 KMPH

3.7 sec

3.5 sec


6.6 Litre Twin Turbocharged V12

4.0 Litre Twin Turbocharged V8

The beauty of the M760Li lies in the element of surprise, you do expect it to be fast, but not this fast, not by a mile. The xDrive system and launch control are brilliant at preventing wheel spin and just turning this limo into a drag car phenomenon. It really is a thing to experience.

For the people who are going to be able to afford to have one of these, you are going to crack open with giggles every time you mash the accelerator pedal and never question why you bought this. But for the chauffeurs that are going to be trusted enough to be handed the keys to this, keep it in Comfort mode and don’t touch the Launch Control button with a 10-foot pole if you like your job.

How cocooned will you be while being chauffeured in this luxury Bimmer?

The Ride and Handling balance of the M760Li is one for the books, in one word it is Spectacular. The M760Li has some really clever suspension in the form of Adaptive Air Suspension that transforms the cabin and driving experience.

Slot the car in one of its comfort settings and its exhaust loses its growl, this coupled with the suspension going noticeably plusher, turning the M760Li into what it looks like- A High-End Luxury Limo. The rear-wheel steering helps the car’s high-speed stability and overall makes you want to go on a World Tour in your car because of how easily it minces asphalt while keeping you comfortable.

2020 bmw m760li adaptive handling

But if hooliganism is on your mind, engage the Drive Select on one of the Sport modes and you have yourself a car that handles its weight. Yes, it is nowhere near close to a sports car not even a luxury sedan like it’s younger sibling the M5, but it masks its size like no other. The M760Li winds up and offers great feel and feedback through the steering wheel while the V12 provides a very complimentary soundtrack. The Active Anti-roll Bars help keep the body roll in check and make the M760Li surprisingly athletic.

The M760 Li thus has a very strong Dynamic and Comfort balance, keeping in mind how big this vehicle actually, it does get very Sporty if u want it to be. If though, you want a comfortable limousine that is going to be chauffeur-driven, I would still suggest the standard 7 Series models as they are noticeably more comfortable. The M760Li is truly magnificent in how it handles both Adrenaline and Tranquility at a dime.

How well has the M-Sport division tuned the brakes in M760Li?

The 19-Inch M Sport Brakes jewelled by the bright Blue Metallic Brake Calipers supporting the M badge are certainly going to gawk at you through the 20 Inch Alloy Wheels when you walk past this Beemer. The huge brakes not only look the part but are outstanding at shedding off speed.

2020 bmw m760li brakes

The brakes are sports car level good, reinforcing the performance capabilities of this limousine. One tap on the brakes and you are rewarded with stupendous bite and amazing feedback. The “Ultimate Driving Machine” DNA of BMW reeks through every inch of this engineering marvel.


BMW M760Li

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Front Brakes



Rear Brakes



Curb Weight (kg)



How fuel-efficient is this leisure-ship on wheels?

If you are looking to buy a 2 and ¼ ton luxury limo that comes with a 6.6 L V12 in the front, fuel economy is best not talked about. The M760Li, let’s get this straight, is never going to be easy on the pockets, not when you purchase it, not when you service it and definitely when you take a trip to the petrol pump.

2020 bmw m760li mileage

The M760Li under perfect conditions would return you an average of 7-9 kmpl, that is if you have feather-light throttle control because if you as much as think about depressing that throttle, you can kiss your fuel tank goodbye. Yes, The M760Li was never designed to shell out good fuel economy but if you stay exactly disciplined, you might be really impressed with how relatively frugal it can get. RELATIVE being the Key Word here.


BMW M760Li

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Mileage (Kmpl)



Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)



Range (Km)



In the real world, you can expect the M760Li to return about 5-6 kmpl which isn’t really surprising for what the car offers but still would require very deep pockets to run. The smaller engine in Merc is much more stressed which is why it is less fuel-efficient than the mothership from BMW.

What else is eye-catchy on the BMW M760Li apart from the huge kidney-grilles?

The BMW M760Li is one of the biggest cars in its segment in lieu of its proportions. The longer and wider proportions thus translate to more cabin space as it offers the most practical rear legroom. The higher ground clearance is also a boon when you have to tackle rough patches as it negates the possibility of scrapping the underbelly.


BMW M760Li

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Kerb weight (kg)












Ground clearance (mm)



Wheelbase (mm)



The 7 -Series is a very well proportioned and handsome looking offering in the BMW lineup and the M treatment done to the M760Li only makes it even better. The aggressive bumpers, 20 Inch alloy wheels, subtle decklid spoiler and larger exhaust surrounds really add that M flair to the car.

2020 bmw m760li side view 

This truly is a limousine that bleeds of luxury with enough muscle power to give you a thrilling experience. It might look tad too simple for an ultra-luxury sedan but the question here is, Does it look "north of 2.5 crores" good? It is definitely the question that is better left to you.

Exterior Features

Some of the notable exterior features are:

  • LED Project Headlamps and LED Taillamps

  • 20 Inch Alloy Wheels

  • M Sport Bumpers

  • V12 Badging

  • Quad Exhaust System with Twin Pipes

  • Blue Painted Brake Callipers

  • Gloss Black Air Inlets

How utterly-cosy is the interior of 2020 BMW M760Li?

Step inside the M760Li and you are greeted with a familiar-looking cabin if you have ever sat in a standard 7 Series, but with every option and accessory feature as standard. The Interiors of the M760Li are just gorgeous to look at Period. If I were to list out every little thing that is available in this interior, I would most definitely have to write another feature-length article which would just about be the longest interior review ever. But regardless, The M760Li has interiors made from stuff that dreams are made of, Nappa Leather, Wooden and Aluminium Inlays, Carbon Fibre Core among the most notable, really make you feel that your money has been well spent.

2020 bmw m760li front row seating

The car essentially is a 4 seater as instead of the rear middle seat, the M760Li has a centre command centre that houses a Samsung tablet that can be used to control a slew of features ranging from controlling the digital displays behind the front seat to open and lowering the sunshades. All the four seats come with heated, ventilated and powered operations and our coupled with massagers. BMW also has a BMW Vitality Programme that uses the massage function of the seats to help relieve muscle tension and eek in a tiny workout on longer drives.


BMW M760 Li

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Passenger Capacity



The Rear Passenger seats also get a full extension mode which moves the front passenger seat to the forward most position and lowers down a footrest that is integrated into the back of the front passenger seat. The car also comes with all forms of the latest technology in the form of a digital display instead of an analogue speedometer, A Harman Kardon Audio unit, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Gesture Navigation, 360 Surround View, Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto Park, Lane Keep Assist, Push Button Start among others. 

2020 bmw m760li second row seating

The main key feature of the BMW M760Li is the new BMW Digital Display key which houses a touch screen display that gives you remote access to start and pre-condition the car, it also has a neat trick where the key can be used to move the M760Li forward or backwards to pull it in and out of a tight parking spot. All in all the interiors of the M760Li are extremely feature-rich and have the most luxurious materials used for construction which certainly lets you know what your precious earned moolah was used for.

How widespread and intuitive is the infotainment system in M760Li?

The M760Li has one of the best audio systems on any production car right now in the form of the amazing Harman Kardon 16 speaker system pumping out an amazing 460 watts of rich clear and bass-rich sound throughout the cabin that can definitely turn a boardroom meeting into a club.

2020 bmw m760li infotainment system

The dashboard of M760Li is adorned by a lovely 10.1 Inch Touchscreen that also has the classic rotary input still intact. It comes loaded with the following features:

  • Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity

  • Digital Radio, FM, AM

  • Voice Command

  • Navigation with Live traffic update

  • Harman Kardon 16 Speaker Audio System

  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

  • Gesture Control

The Car also has a 12-inch digital display instead of a speedometer that also houses a host of functionality and is beautifully integrated with the main system.

Interior Features

  • Four Zone Automatic Climate Control

  • Push Button Start

  • Ventilated, Heated and Massaging Seats all around

  • Ambient Lighting

  • Panorama Glass Roof

  • BMW LiveCockpit

  • 360 Reversing Camera with Bird’s Eye View

  • Rear Set Entertainment Screens

  • Wireless Charging

  • Gentlemen package for passenger rear seat extension

How many suitcases can go in the boot of M760Li?

The Cargo Space on offer on the M760Li is enormous to the tune of 510 Litres of cargo volume but the one basic thing that one would expect, certainly at this price is missing-Fold Down Rear Seats. 

2020 bmw m760li luggage space

Due to the presence of hefty electronics in the rear seats and a fixed centre console in the M760Li, the big limousine does lose out on this very basic feature which has decreased its practicality a little bit.


BMW M760Li

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Cargo Volume with rear seats up (Litres)



The Merc AMG S63 is a better car in terms of its luggage carrying capacity with 530 litres of boot space. However, the opening isn’t as broad as to that of the Bimmer but you can store one or two extra soft backpacks in the S63.

What are the various safety features on offer in 2020 BMW M760Li?

The BMW M760Li falls into the flagship sedan range of vehicles in the BMW Lineup which is the 7 Series, thus making it one of the safest vehicles plying on the roads. The German automaker has left no tables unturned for providing its occupants with the best bundle of safety features in the 7-Series. The most impressive part of this bundle is that the list of features can be finely tweaked according to driving conditions.

2020 bmw m760li smart key

The smart key acts as a remote for this luxury Bimmer. You can control various basic functionalities of the car that includes the likes of opening and closing windows, remotely starting the vehicle and air-con system and even auto parking. The M760Li comes in as standard with the following safety features as listed below:

  • Active Front Headrests

  • Front and Side Airbags for Driver and Passenger

  • Overhead Airbags for all the 4 Passengers

  • ABS with Brake Assist

  • Cornering Brake Control

  • Dynamic Stability Control and Dynamic Traction Control

  • Electronic Parking Brake

  • ISOFIX Mounts

  • Side Impact Protection

  • Carbon Core

  • Run-Flat Tyres

The only fly in the ointment is lack of crash testing of luxury cars as they tend to sell in smaller numbers. They are often overlooked by testing authorities which is also the case with the 7 Series not receiving a EuroNCAP Rating. The M760Li might not have a EuroNCAP Rating to prove how safe it is, but the level of safety kit on offer might be enough for you to be content.

How does the competition cope up with 2020 BMW M760Li?

BMW M760Li vs Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

2020 mercedes benz s63 amg

When it comes to choosing a product at this price bracket, there is nary a product that you could go wrong with and it is a similar case with these two vehicles. They both fall in a category which is very rarely sought after by consumers but still offer your money’s worth by truck loads. Comparing these two is a neck and neck challenge and choosing one comes right down to your personal preference if you want a dominant sporty characteristic in your limo - Get the Beemer but if you want a slightly richer interior - Get the Benz and call it quits. You would be happy driving home in either one.

How well does this Bimmer carry its "uber-luxury" tag?

The BMW M760Li is a very peculiar car to review and judge. It falls into a very niche category that is very difficult to digest as one can’t figure out if this car is meant to be driven by the owner or to be driven by a chauffeur. For the people who have the kind of money to be able to afford one of these cars, will certainly have no problem buying two separate cars that can both be better at their respective duties.

2020 bmw m760li twin sunroof

For some reason though if you are hell-bent on having it all and that too in just one car, you can certainly put your deposit down on this baby. The BMW M760Li is then in one word Stellar.