Best mileage bikes in India 2020- Prices, Mileage, Variants and Features

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer May 22 2020 Share this blog

India runs on mileage. No matter the segment of vehicles on offer, we are at one point or the other inclined to question the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. This has been running deep and there are solid reasons for it.

Fuel prices are no longer friendly and so when it skyrockets in a conservative country like India, people become very serious about mileage figures. This is why the 110cc commuter segment is the most sought after in our country. We have compiled the most efficient motorcycles on offer in this segment from the least efficient to the best.

What are the best 110cc mileage bikes in India?

Hero Splendor iSmart(ARAI Mileage- 61 KMPL)

2020 hero splendor ismart side view

“Splendor” is the longest-running nameplate in India and so holds a special position. It has gone through various iterations and now stands as the most advanced yet in Hero Splendor iSmart which is priced at Rs.67,100. It gives an ARAI approved 61 kmpl which is underwhelming as there are other offerings which provide much better numbers. Hero’s i3S technology doesn’t help much as well.

TVS Radeon(ARAI Mileage- 69 KMPL)

2020 tvs radeon side view

TVS Radeon is the neo-retro offering of this lot and is backed by an efficient 109.7cc motor which gives out an ARAI approved 69 kmpl. It is priced from Rs. 58,992 and goes upto Rs. 64,992 among three variants differentiated on the braking setup. Its eco-thrust fuel injection system helps extra better figures due to its smart fueling. It has several unique design elements that also makes it look cool along with providing for an efficient ride.

TVS Victor(ARAI Mileage- 72 KMPL)

2020 tvs victor side view

TVS has nailed it with the Victor as it is the most powerful motorcycle of this lot with 9.46 bhp of power and 9.4 Nm of torque. It is priced from Rs. 54,042 and goes up to Rs. 59,602. The impressive bit is how TVS has managed to balance its performance and efficiency as it returns a commendable 72 kmpl as per ARAI. It has disc brakes upfront and uses the Eco-thrust feature in its engine to optimize performance without compromising on efficiency.

Bajaj Platina 110 H Gear(ARAI Mileage- 80 KMPL)

2020 bajaj platina 110h gear side view

Bajaj was smart to add a 5-Speed gearbox in the Platina 110 which in turn helps it achieve an impressive ARAI approved 80 kmpl of mileage. This comes without any loss of performance and as it's from Bajaj, aftersales and support will not be an issue and with its price of Rs. 59,802 it is a bargain of a deal.

Hero Passion Pro (ARAI Mileage- 84 KMPL)

2020 hero passion pro side view

Hero Passion Pro is what the Splendor should have been! It has a slightly smaller engine without much difference in performance. But this slight change helps it chuck out an impressive ARAI approved 84 kmpl and is priced from Rs. 57,100 to Rs. 67,190. There are no major differences between the Splendor iSmart and Passion Pro.

TVS Star City Plus(ARAI Mileage- 86 KMPL)

2020 tvs star city plus side view

This is the chart-topper in terms of mileage figures. TVS Star City Plus is priced at Rs. 62,034 and is a worthy package. TVS has tweaked the engine response to knock less in slow-moving traffic and this helps destress the engine. This might be a reason for the impressive ARAI approved mileage of 86 kmpl. The only downside which we found was the absence of a disc brake up front.