Behrouz Biriyani Coupon: Get 15% Off On All Your Favorite Biriyanis

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Feb 29 2020 Share this blog

Somewhere, a good samaritan in a far off country had cooked long aromatic rice with tender pieces of meat, spices, saffron. Behrouz Biriyani serves the same goodness at a 15% off on chicken, mutton, veg, egg, biriyani. One can use this scrumptious offer just once. Not just that, one can also use other Behrouz Biriyani offers that can get you the deliciousness of Biriyani at exciting prices. 

Behrouz Biriyani Coupon

Don’t go too far for Biriyani as we have mentioned all the top ongoing Behrouz Biriyani Coupons. Pick the best deal from the list and savor the divinity of Biriyani. 



All Orders: 15% OFF 


Behrouz Biriyani: Extra Rs.400 OFF 

Activate Deal 

New User: Rs.100 OFF 


Amazon Pay: 20% Cashback

View Deal 

All Users: 10% Discount 


PhonePe Offer: Up to 50% Cashback 

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More Insights on Behrouz Biriyani Coupons: 

Get 15% OFF on All Behrouz Biriyani Orders: 

Enjoy a hearty meal with Behrouz Biriyani and avail a 15% discount on all orders. You can choose from chicken biriyani, mutton biriyani, veg biriyani, Egg biriyani and more. 

  • The offer can be availed just for once. 
  • Use the Behrouz Biriyani coupon code: MK15
  • There is no minimum order value to abide by. 
  • This Behrouz Biriyani coupon can be merged with other coupons. 
  • Order your Biriyani from the Behrouz website and app. 

Paytm Users Get Rs.400 Off On Biriyani: 

Enjoy the lavishness of Biriyani with Behrouz and get Rs.400 discount on paying through your Paytm Wallet. Read the terms and conditions of this offer. 

  • A customer can use the offer up to two transactions 
  • The minimum order value should be Rs.200. 
  • Offer available for all Behrouz Biriyani users. 
  • You can place the order through the Behrouz app and website. 
  • The only mode of payment is Paytm.

Grab Your Biriyani At a Flat 30% OFF: 

Devour your favorite Behrouz Biriyanis at a flat 30% discount on a minimum order value of Rs.260 only. Know more about the offer: 

  • The promo code BHR30 needs to be applied at the checkout. 
  • This coupon code can be used innumerable times. 
  • Customers can use all modes of payment. 
  • All kinds of users can avail this Behrouz offer. 
  • This specific offer can’t be used with other coupons and discounts. 
  • It’s mandatory to use the discount code to snag the offer.

New Behrouz Biriyani Customers To Get a Discount Of Rs.100

If you haven’t tasted the divine earthiness of Behrouz. Then order your favorite Biriyani and get a luscious discount of Rs.100.  Read more about this Behrouz offer. 

  • You need a minimum order value of Rs. 350 to acquire the discount. 
  • The discount at Behrouz goes up to Rs.100. 
  • The coupon code: BBNEW is required to be entered at the checkout. 
  • This coupon can be used just for once. 
  • The offer can be activated by new users only. 
  • Users can pay through credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking and E-Wallets. 
  • The deal is being imposed on all categories.

Amazon Pay Users Get 20% OFF On All Orders: 

Taste the lip-smacking sublimity of Behrouz Biriyani and get a heartfelt 20% cashback on all its orders.  Go through the terms and conditions of this offer. 

  • There is no minimum amount of order to be placed. 
  • The Behrouz offer can be availed by both existing and new users. 
  • The discount goes up to Rs.120. 
  • Use the Amazon Pay wallet as your mode of payment to grab the offer. 
  • The cashback would be received in three business days after the transaction. 
  • There no need to apply any Behrouz coupon code to avail redeem the offer.

behrouz offers via amazon pay

Behrouz Renders 10% OFF On All Orders: 

Who doesn’t like a bit of self-indulgence? Treat yourself with the sumptuousness of Behrouz Biriyani and enjoy a 10% discount on all orders

  • Use the discount code: RETRY100 at the checkout. 
  • The discount goes up to Rs.100
  • The various modes of payment are credit, debit cards, E-wallets and net banking. 
  • This offer can be used by both old and new users. 
  • The order can be placed on the Behrouz app and website.

PhonePe Customers Enjoy Up to 50% Cashback On Behrouz Biriyani: 

Craving Biriyani at the end of the month? Head to Behrouz and get a maximum 50% cashback on your favorite Biriyani. Read through all the details to know more. 

  • Order for a minimum amount of Rs.99
  • The cashback goes up to Rs.75
  • All Behrouz users can redeem the offer. 
  • The offer can be availed by paying through the PhonePe wallet. 
  • This Behrouz deal is valid on the first three PhonPe transactions. 
  • The up to 50% discount is available on all categories. 
  • Orders can be placed on the Behrouz app and website.
  • No promo code is needed to avail the discount.

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There is an undeniable mysticism attached to Biriyani. This Persian originated dish has evolved with time while keeping the fragility of its taste intact.Behrouz Biriyaninurtures the same enriching taste that unifies all the Biriyani lovers across the globe. Through Behrouz biriyani offers, foodies can avail exciting discounts and cashback. The Behrouz biriyani coupon gets you amazing discounts on the entire menu of Behrouz. Don’t wait up, kill your hunger pangs with Behrouz Biriyani now.