Bata Shoes Offers (October Edition): Enjoy 50% Discount on All Categories

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By Washija Kazim - Content Specialist Oct 05 2020 Share this blog

Isn’t your closet missing something qualitative and trendy? Grab the latest and trendiest footwear using the Bata shoes offers at a flat 50% rebate. Club them up with other active Bata bank and wallet offers to save more.

Bata Shoes Offers: Zoutons Recommendations

Bata Shoes Offers
Offer Details
Save 25% On Women’s Heels
Sneaker Fest | Up To 50%
North Star Collection | Flat 30% Off
Saving of Rs 500
Flat 30% Off

Bata Shoes Offers & Coupon Codes:Top Picks

Well, as rightly said, savings is kind of earning so, just make sure that you do it cautiously without any mistake and for that the underlined terms and conditions are needed to be fulfilled.

 End Of Season Sale

1. End Of Season Sale | Up To 50% Off

The end of season sale has brought you a chance to get rid of the 50% price of the product, just make sure you grab it.

  • A discount of 50% is offered under the sale
  • Minimum purchase requirement is no there in the conditions
  • All of the categories, including the following, can be accessed:
    • Shoes, Sandals, School Shoes, Bellies and more
  • Free delivery under the sale is also provided
  • A Bata coupon code to add the benefits into card will not be demanded
  • New and existing users will be able to fetch the benefits
  • All of the available payment modes under Bata shoes offers are allowed
  • Bata’s App and Website will be able to make an order under the offer
  • The last date until which you deal under the offer is 30th October 2020

2. Sneaker Fest | Up To 50%

A fest of shoes is bringing the shower of Sneakers at your doorsteps. Under the Bata shoes offer you can get anything in the category at just half price.

  • Sneakers are fetching 50% discount under the offer
  • The following are the brands that are on display:
    • Marie Claire, Naturalizer, Bata
  • The Shoes Bata offer doesn’t require any threshold value to be completed
  • If it’s a new arrival, then a discount of Rs 150 can also be availed
  • Any of the users can reach up to the discount
  • Platforms that can access the Bata Shoes Offer are the website and app of Bata
  • SNEAKER150” is the Bata coupon code that needs to be entered at the checkout page
  • Payment modes do not have any restrictions
  • October 30, 2020, is the last date to deal under the offer.

 North Star Collection | Flat 30% Off

3. North Star Collection | Flat 30% Off

If given a chance to ditch 30% price on the North Star shoes, then what would you say? Well, I guess it’s the only thing you want.

  • Flat discount of 30% is at display under the Bata shoe offers.
  • To get the discount a transaction of Rs. 1199 is required
  • The whole of the North Star collection is at the offer.
  • Without Bata coupon code that is “BATASTAR30,” the discount will not be added to cart.
  • Bata website and app can access the benefits under the offer.
  • All of the users will be able to access the benefits.
  • The expiry date of the Bata shoe offer is October 30, 2020

4. All Users | Saving of Rs 500

Users cheer up and gear up too! You all can save a chunk of Rs. 500 on the whole order and the minimum transaction value needs to fulfil is not much.

  • Users can save Rs. 500 on all of the categories including:
    • Shoes, Sandals, Loafers and more
  • For discount firstly fill your cart with a value of Rs. 1699
  • A Bata coupon code is mandatory to add the benefits into the cart: BATAFLAT500
  • Across of the platforms, you will find the discount available
  • Any of the available payment modes at Bata can be used
  • Any of the users have the choice to redeem the benefits
  • The validity will remain intact till 30th October 2020 only

 Flat 30% Off | New Arrivals

5. Flat 30% Off | New Arrivals

The latest arrivals and trends are the things that catch eyeballs and under Bata Shoes Offer the category is getting a discount of 30%.

  • Flat discount of 30% is up to grab o the latest arrivals.
  • Rs. 999 is the threshold value needs to fulfil to get the discount.
  • Irrespective of any category, all users can redeem the discount.
  • Enter “PERFECTPAIR” as Bata coupon code at the checkout page
  • The offer will be available for the orders made through Bata website and app.
  • Any of the available online payment modes can be used to make an order.
  • The Bata Shoe offer will go off after 30 October 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Bata offering any free shipping facility? How can users grab it?

Answer: Bata only occasionally comes up with free delivery services and as of now under the ‘End of Season Sale’ the free shipping could be grabbed. For this, fulfil the requirements demanded under the said offer.

2. Is there any offer for new users?

Answer: Bata currently is not availing any exclusive offer to new users, though all of the given offers are available for all users, including new and existing ones.

3. How to fetch the discount offer available on new arrivals?

Answer: To get the discount on Bata’s new arrivals users needs to complete the order of Rs. 999 and have to enter a Bata coupon code that is given. Without any restrictions, all users can redeem the benefits till 30th September 2020.


Well, isn’t it rare that the quality and trends are in your hand without spending what it really cost? It would have been but no more with Bata as you can get from shoes to slippers in a very inexpensive way. But you know what can cost you more? It is the delay as the Bata shoe offers are up for a limited time. So, fill your closet with every type of styles before the opportunity is passed.