Bajaj Pulsar 150 2020 Review - Prices, Specs, Variants, Features and Mileage

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By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Jan 08 2020 Share this blog

Bajaj shocked the Indian market when it introduced the Pulsar Twins way back in 2001. The duo was unlike any other motorcycle out there as it had a fusion of performance and efficiency which was the golden combination for a population obsessed with fuel efficiency. Things have come a long way and the Pulsar 150 which was launched in 2005 managed to topple the commuter segment.

The Pulsar 150 still stands strong in 2020 with it receiving a few updates to keep up with the changing trends. The Pulsar 150 is the sole offering in this segment to come equipped with an ABS unit. It is priced from Rs.74,200 up to Rs.89,837, thus catering to a wider audience. The Fastest Indian takes on the likes of Hero Achiever 150 and Honda CBUnicorn 160 to keep its throne.


  • Neon paint job adds a youthful touch

  • A powerful commuter in 150cc bracket

  • Cheap to maintain 


  • Outdated design, engine and tech features

  • Suspension too soft for a sport commuter

What’s New

  • New Neon variant added

  • Prices bumped up for both existing variants up to Rs. 2,950

  • Engine cowl for the twin disc variant

  • New graphics and decals

What’s at the heart of this Pulsar?

How flexible is the engine in the 2020 Bajaj Pulsar 150?

The tag of “Fastest Indian” is not easily achieved and so the Pulsar range should be given its due respect for providing a robust and powerful engine that has made it possible. The air-cooled unit has a heavily modified version of the 180cc engine.

This engine loves to be revved by don’t get too enthusiastic with it as anything over 6500 RPM is a stretch. The mid-range is this motor’s sweet spot and it greatly helps in city commutes as well.


Bajaj Pulsar 150

Honda CBUnicorn160

Hero Achiever 150

Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)

Rs. 75200(Neon Edition)/

Rs. 85,958(Drum)/

Rs. 89,837(Disc)


Rs. 78,332(CBS)

Rs. 67,550(Drum)/

Rs. 71,650(Disc)


149.5cc Air-cooled SOHC Single Cylinder Engine

162.71cc Air-cooled Single Cylinder SI Engine

149.1cc Air-cooled Single Cylinder OHC Engine


13.8 bhp

@ 8000 RPM

13.82 bhp

@ 8000 RPM

13.4 bhp

@ 8000 RPM


13.4 Nm

@ 6000 RPM

13.92 Nm

@ 6000 RPM

12.8 Nm

@ 5000 RPM

Pulsar 150 provides decent performance for a 150cc motorcycle and can aptly be called India’s Fastest Commuter, undercutting the likes of Honda and Hero who have tried to triumph in this segment for long.

Is this Pulsar worthy of “The Fastest Indian” tag?

Acceleration is linear in the Pulsar 150 and the precise 5-Speed gearbox helps go up the gears with ease. The motorcycle moves calmly without any hurry and so facilitates a linear accelerating experience.

This attitude is perfect for city commutes and thus makes it a worthy hustle-companion. It reaches three-digit speeds much faster than anticipated and thus can even be fun to drive, now and then.


Bajaj Pulsar 150

Honda CBUnicorn160

Hero Achiever 150





0-60 kmph

5.6 s

5.64 s

5.95 s

Top Speed(kmph)




The early surge of torque helps it have a slight edge over the competition and cross 60 kmph quicker. It’s impressive as to how the pulsar 150 manages this feat despite the steep kerb weight.

How has the braking characteristics changed?

The major change has taken place in this department with the introduction of rear disc brakes. This makes Pulsar 150, the only commuter in this segment to flaunt this setup. It drastically improves braking performance which is a boon in the urban jungle.

Braking is linear and has a firm bite to it with the single-channel ABS taking care of any misalignments during hard braking. The drum setup is still available and would also be the choice of many with a strict budget and its braking is not so far behind and modulates well.


Bajaj Pulsar 150

Honda CBUnicorn160

Hero Achiever 150

Front / Rear

Disc/Drum or Disc


Drum or Disc/Drum

Front Rotor Size(mm)




Rear Rotor Size(mm)




80-0 kmph




ABS (Single or Dual Channel)

Single Channel



The only ABS-equipped motorcycle of the lot gives it an edge over the rest but also comes with added weight and premium. But it is a worthy price to pay for first in class features. The light-footed nature of its competition brings them closer to the Pulsar in terms of braking.

How efficient is the foolproof engine?

Pulsar was and still manages to remain the best seller in its segment because of the fine balance that is achieved with performance and efficiency. Despite being on the powerful side, this motor has been refined over the years to provide an efficient ride.

It has a large 15-litre fuel tank that is neatly tucked under the curved exterior. Despite being a carburettor setup, it still manages an overall mileage of 65 kmpl. Imagine what fuel injection would do to this already efficient setup?!


Bajaj Pulsar 150

Honda CBUnicorn160

Hero Achiever 150













Fuel Capacity(Litres)




As a commuter, all motorcycles in this segment have efficiency as their foremost priority. Certain automakers like Bajaj have struck the perfect chord between power and efficiency while others are still trying to achieve it. The larger fuel tank is a bonus which gives you the juice to go for weekend trips.

How good is the Handling and Comfort on the Pulsar 150?

The Pulsar 150 provides us with a much-relaxed position with the clip-on handlebars in the perfect position. You sit relaxed and the footpegs are not too behind as well. Another highlighting feature is the utterly comfortable seat that provided even the pillion with the same amount of comfort as the rider.

Handling is balanced in the Pulsar as the suspension setup is well balanced and tweaked for short commutes. The MRF zappers have ample grip and thus can take on curves with ease. But be wary of top speed runs as the suspension gives up and the ride starts to sway.


Bajaj Pulsar 150

Honda CBUnicorn160

Hero Achiever 150


Double Cradle


Tubular Diamond

Tyre-Wheel Size(Front)




Tyre-Wheel Size(Rear)




Front Suspension

Telescopic Forks with Anti-Friction Bush

Telescopic Forks

Telescopic Forks

Rear Suspension

Twin Suspension with Nitrox Shocks

Spring-loaded Hydraulic Mono-Shock

Swingarm with adjustable shock absorber

The rear shocks have been retained with the dual setup to provide the pillion with maximum comfort, unlike mono-shocks. The chassis has enough stress points to neutralise vibrations and provide you with a relaxed riding experience.


Bajaj Pulsar 150

Honda CBUnicorn160

Hero Achiever 150

Seat height(mm)




Ground Clearance (mm)




Kerb Weight(kg)




Starting System




Ample ground clearance helps clear all of the Indian roads with ease and the saddle height is perfect for a wider audience. Addition of disc brake at the rear and that larger fuel tank makes this Bajaj heavy. It isn’t much but you can surely feel the difference as compared to its competition.

How nostalgic does the 2020 Bajaj Pulsar look?

You will never misunderstand a Pulsar as that curved yet compact tank is reminiscent of the earlier generations as well. As you move from the front to rear, you are treated to a seamless transition from curvy body panels to sharp edge structure. There isn’t another motorcycle that can fuse these two so well.

The LED taillight is unmistakable “Pulsar” and you will be known from afar. The major changes on the outside is the addition of new graphics along with the funky neon treatment. The rear disc variant gets tank shrouds and engine cowl to stand apart from the rest.

Aesthetic Features

  • Engine cowl

  • Tank shrouds

  • Alloy wheels

  • Blacked out engine

  • Split seat(Rear Disc Variant)


Bajaj Pulsar 150

Honda CBUnicorn160

Hero Achiever 150

Length (mm)




Width (mm)












The design hasn’t evolved much as compared to its previous generation. The good thing about it is that you will always be nostalgic but the bad thing is that the design has reached its saturation point and Bajaj needs to come up with a new face soon as the competition is fast catching up.

What are the various safety and class-leading features on offer in the Pulsar 150?

Bajaj has taken it to the next level by introducing a single-Channel ABS in the Pulsar 150. It is, in fact, the only commuter motorcycle in the 150c segment to flaunt this feature. Apart from that you also get Daytime Running Light to make your presence felt on the open roads.

There are no new features added to the list and the Pulsar 150 continues to be a no-nonsense commuter with the basics all sorted. The twin-spark technology is a feature worth mentioning which has been crucial in providing us with the fine balance of power and economy.


Bajaj Pulsar 150

Honda CBUnicorn160

Hero Achiever 150

Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)

Rs. 75,200(Neon Edition)/

Rs. 85,958(Drum)/

Rs. 89,837(Disc)


Rs. 78,332(CBS)

Rs. 67,550(Drum)/

Rs. 71,650(Disc)


Twin-Spark Engine

Digital Instrument Cluster

i3s technology

Split Seat

Mono-shock rear suspension

Daytime running light

Single-Channel ABS

Combi-Brake system

Wide uni-seat

Neon highlight paint job

Front wind deflector

Bajaj provides us with a wider line-up which has the perfect commuter for riders of varying demands. The flexibility helps cater to a wider audience and thus make numbers. 

How does the Competition add up against the Fastest Indian?

Bajaj Pulsar 150 vs Honda CBUnicorn 160

Honda has been playing cat and mouse with Bajaj for a long time now. It is not able to be consistent with the CBUnicorn and that can be seen with the new 160cc offering which replaces the long run Unicorn 150. Bajaj has steadily upgraded the Pulsar and that has made all the difference. We chose the Fastest Indian here for its foolproof formula.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 vs Hero Achiever 150

Hero has struggled to sell motorcycles in this segment and that is mostly due to the lack of character. It wasn’t able to provide the “wow” factor that made the Pulsar impressive. Its underwhelming performance is also a reason for its setback. Bajaj offers both a reliable and powerful product in the Pulsar and the wide variety makes it irresistible.

How does the Bajaj Pulsar 150 still stay strong?

Pulsar has managed to stay on the top of this pyramid for a long time. This has been possible due to a balanced offering which is high on both power and economy. Subtle yet needy upgrades now and then also kept the rather ageing design alive. In its new avatar, it puts out a youthful vibe and thus will still yet remain the one to beat in the 150cc bracket.