7 Smart Ways To Shop Online And Save Like A Pro

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    14 Feb 18
    Written by Ankush

    Online retailers seem to have become smart and more creative to score big on their websites. With the ease of technology, the growth of e-commerce has been unprecedented in recent times. Even though there are wide options available online with the increasing competition, there’s still no surety when it comes to pricing of these products. One question that we always seem to ask is are we getting the deals at the best possible price?

    Here, we are talking about 7 ways to shop online and save great amounts like a pro, like what makes you shop online? Amazing number of discounts and cashbacks right? There are several platforms which are offering e-commerce sale like Makemytrip, Flipkart, etc. and you get almost every product here starting from small appliances to electronics like smartphones, laptops, food items, fashion apparels, jewellery, etc. 

    7 ways to shop online and save like a pro

    #1 Calendar looks

    Well, Shopping is beneficial only when you shop at right time. Imagine, that you are planning to buy a brand new smartphone say One plus 5 and you made the decision to purchase today in around Rs.32,999/- and after two days there is an online sale on amazon in which you can actually get 10% off and some amount of cashback. It hurts, right?

    That is why there is a need of looking at the calendar and marking the important dates, about which sale in coming up on which e-commerce store and how much you can save and up to how much. There is always an opportunity for every customer to shop their favourite products during special occasions like Holi, Diwali, republic day, end of season sale and much more and all the top e-commerce stores like Flipkart, Amazon, etc offers you best deals.

    Pro Tip: Always update yourself about the current/ coming sales

    #2 Make the most of the Competition

    When do you know that there is a sale of your favourite product (Say, washing machine)? Run to buy from your favourite store? And what you first see, which brand is offering more discounting percentage. Same happens when you shop online if Flipkart is offering you pressure cooker for Rs.1200/- and of same brand Amazon is offering you for Rs.1100/-, human nature will run towards which is offering less price to save our money.

    One must always take advantages of sales of different websites which usually come under same time span, for example, republic day sale, Diwali sale, or the upcoming Holi sale. As talked above, every online store will offer sale and cashback. One must choose wisely of what to select and from where!

    Pro Tip: Always compare the price of the products on different stores

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    #3 Reviews are Beneficial

    Reviews about anything are helpful. When we plan to buy a smartphone we ask our friends, our relatives about its features and specifically, we wish to talk to that person who is already using the same phone, so why not be careful of when you are planning to purchase something online?

    When you visit any store and open any product there is a section of reviews of people who already bought that product, that will help you make smart decisions. If the product does not have good reviews drop the idea of purchasing so that your money doesn’t get wasted and if the product you like has 5 stars then, Vohuu! make payment and bring it home! 

    Pro Tip: Reviews are important

    #4Go Incognito 

    Well, using private windows for online shopping is an advantage. How? Here is an answer, when you search a product suppose, you are planning to buy a refrigerator on google, and Google will show you the 4-5 number of products of different prices. Those search result will be based on your past history searches and prices will be shown according to that (possibilities: Higher prices). If you do the same in Incognito, the prices will vary and you can get products at about 2-3% lesser price. 

    What happens actually is e-commerce sites saves your location and products you are looking at and simultaneously targets the ads on the front, to avoid paying higher amount either clear your cookies or chose to open your tab in incognito now! Incognito experience are always better when you tend to book your tickets online or plan a holiday so that you get minimal fares. 

    Pro Tip: Incognito helps you give actual price and not based on your search history

    #5 Sign-up for the Newsletters

    Subscribing to newsletter helps you grab many discounting coupons, you need to keep in mind that you only need to sign-up for those newsletters which are beneficial for you of the top-notch brands or of premium e-commerce stores. 

    Subscribing to newsletters will give you a direct mail in your inbox of the secret coupon code from which when applied gives you some amount of cash back or discount. If the website is sending you unnecessary emails then you can unsubscribe the same. One needs to be picky while choosing and subscribing. If you are having a problem with too many emails then you can create a separate mail id only for shopping online.

    Pro Tip: Be picky while choosing Newsletters

    #6 Promotional Offers

    There are many e-commerce websites who offer a great number of promotional discounts and deals for their users. Likewise, we at Zoutons, a leading couponing aggregator, provide you plethora of deals and offers from all of the leading online stores including the likes of Paytm, Flipkart, Swiggy, Oyo Rooms and others. One can search for coupons for their preferred store and apply them while making payments and get instant discount.

    This is one of the easiest ways to save your money and get products on discounts, why not try this now? Make use of the technology and let discounts choose you!

    Pro Tip: One can additional discounts from a promotional offer, don’t forget to subscribe them.

    #7 Add Products to your Wishlist

    This is probably the best method to shop online and save money. Once you are done with the shopping on your favourite website and manage to choose your favourite products, just need to save those products to your Wishlist and wait for a few days.

    What happens is, most retailers hate unclosed deals so they will send you emails of buying those products that too at a lesser price. You can save like a pro by relieving yourself from spending for 2 days and then purchasing your favourite products at discounted price. Isn’t this amazing?

    Pro Tip:  Remember this trick only works when you are registered and have your account on the website you are choosing.

    Final Thoughts:

    These were the top 7 ways from which you can do two things, order your product online and save your precious money. Make your shopping worth spending, when we go shopping in malls or shops we tend to bargain then why not use digitalization and bargain using coupon codes or deals which are already being offered to us!