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Aman Jain
Aman Jain
store : Nearbuy
review date : Sep 26 2019
Product Purchased : Nearbuy Coupon
Nearbuy Coupon Purchased : Aug 31 2019
3.0 Selection Experience
2.0 Coupon Selection
3.1 Payment Process
2.0 Refund / Cashback
2.0 User Interface

“Validity Expired”

  • overall experience

    Well, I have been cheated badly! 

    I wanted to book a lunch buffet for a family of 5 and for the purpose, I purchased a foodie coupon from Nearby.com worth Rs.1599/-

    I clearly remember that before buying the coupon, I checked the validity and only after making sure that the validity is about a month, I paid for the same. I made the purchase on 20th August 2019 according to which, the coupon should have expired on 19th September 2019.

    But, I received a message on 30th August that the coupon with id:#0909090110882077397298 will expire tomorrow.  After receiving the message, I instantly called up the customer service number to talk about the details of the offer and about the validity. 

    I was informed that the validity is till 31st August only and if I don’t use the coupon by then, it stands expired and against the same, I cannot claim any amount. I tried writing to the senior also but the desired elp was not offered to me. 


    I won’t recommend it to anybody! 

store : Nearbuy
review date : Sep 05 2019
Service Availed : Buffet
Buffet Booked : Sep 05 2019
4.0 Selection Experience
3.0 Coupon Selection
3.0 Payment Process
3.5 Refund / Cashback
3.5 User Interface

“Unkept Promises!”

  • overall experience

    Don’t keep their Promises! 

    I booked a lunch buffet under their 2+ 1 offer. The place that I chose was “The Barbeque Company, Jail Road” There were 2-time slots in which buffet service could have been availed. 

    12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


    The buffet timings that we selected were 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. The package that we opted for included: 

    • On table barbeque 

    • Unlimited Soft Drinks 

    • One Mocktail per person

    • Starters (7+7) 

    • Main Course 

    • Desserts (Any 5)

    The amount that we had to pay for the same was Rs.1378/-

    The barbeque on table service was excellent, the refilling time was really less and service was prompt. The manager visited the table to ask if things were fine. Starters and lunch, all went well. We decided to take a break before taking dessert. While we were sitting, an executive visited our table and informed us that our time slot is over and that we need to vacate the table. 

    I showed them the booking details and the slot of booking but they said that we don’t take 3-hour bookings for buffets. I called up Nearbuy customer helpline to talk about the same. They instructed us to give 30 mins. instead of 1 hour to have desserts.

    They spoiled our lunch by the end. 

    Suggestion: Call up the restaurant that you have selected to confirm the buffet timings if you want to enjoy a peaceful meal.