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MakeMyTrip Flight RS.1000 OFF ON DOMESTIC FLIGHTS (Sep 21-22)
review date : Oct 07 2019
Service Availed : Flight Booking
Flight Booked : Oct 01 2019
1.0 Selection Experience
1.0 Coupon Selection
1.0 Payment Process
1.0 Refund / Cashback
1.0 User Interface

“Didn’t book the flights!”

  • Overall Experience

    I was planning a family trip to Singapore in December, but Makemytrip spoiled the complete plan!

    For every domestic booking, I look forward to booking with Makemytrip only because of better prices and good flights. As it was an international flight, I couldn’t risk it. So, Makemytrip was my first choice. I had looked for an offer but the prices changed every day and got more expensive.

    I waited for a few days. The prices kept on increasing. I filled the query for more details. I received a call from Makemytrip’s customer support. The executive provided me with a better offer than what was displayed on the website. He even sent me the link to the book.

    I opened the link to book the flight and hotel. The price was again for Rs. 68,998 per person. Whereas the executive told me the price to be Rs. 35,555 per person. I was frustrated at why are fooling me! Though the trip itineraries include hotel booking, roundtrip flight booking, and VISA still, the trip couldn’t be booked because it was getting out of budget.

    Hope, to get a better price in the coming days!

Rubina Dilayk
Rubina Dilayk
review date : Sep 16 2019
Service Availed : Flight Booking
Flight booked : Sep 09 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
5.0 Coupon Selection
5.0 Payment Process
5.0 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Bigger Discounts!”

  • Overall Experience

    I was planning a family trip to Hong Kong in October 2019. So, I started to search for great deals and discounts. Other than Makemytrip, no booking website provides you with maximum discounts. 

    I was lucky enough to get a great deal on booking. The tickets booked had cost me Rs. 2,45,788. After applying the coupon codes available, I received Rs. 10,000 instant discount on booking. So, now the payable amount was Rs. 2,35,788

    So, I booked a round trip from 6th October 2019 to 12th October 2019. After confirming the tickets, I proceeded to make the payment. As the deal applied was on HDFC Credit Cards, I made the payment through my card. The procedure was easy and convenient. The payment was successful and I received confirmation right away.

    The confirmation email includes both the departure and return tickets and further VISA regarding details. I applied for the arrival VISA via Makemytrip only. The process was easy and available at a reasonable price. I uploaded all the required documents and received VISA confirmation within a week. Most probably by 23rd September 2019, I will receive my VISA.  

    Thankful to Makemytrip for providing me with such a great deal and making a dream come true!

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