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Naina Shah
Naina Shah
store : Macys
review date : Jul 07 2020
Product Purchase : Pillow covers
Pillow covers Purchased : Jun 23 2020
2.3 Selection Experience
2.3 Coupon Selection
2.1 Payment Process
2.2 Refund / Cashback
1.8 User Interface

“Not happy with Macy’s”

  • overall experience

    I placed an order on Macys.com on 23rd June 2020 and received only a part of my order, something which has happened before too, and it was not a big deal until I found an email stating that the other item has been shipped and I would receive it by Wed, 30th June 2020, but unsurprisingly I haven't received it yet. I tried to contact Macy’s but there was no customer service available. All I got was an automated mail, in which it was stated that I will find the solution to my problem in the FAQ's section that is there on the website as there were no customer representatives available to serve me at that time.

    I received another email that stated the item I ordered has been shipped but whenever I try tracking it, the tracker shows the same location and the location hasn’t changed since June 25th. I should have received my order by that date but I haven’t received it yet. I did try connecting to the customer care representatives several times and also dropped a few mails, only to find the same response which I’ve been getting from the past so many days. They have also charged me for an item I never received and most likely never will.