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Srikant Iyer
Srikant Iyer
store : Lifestyle
review date : Jul 17 2020
Product purchased : Slip-ons
Slip-ons purchased : Jul 12 2020
4.5 Selection Experience
4.9 Coupon Selection
4.7 Payment Process
4.4 Refund / Cashback
4.8 User Interface

“Leveled Up My Style”

  • overall experience

    On 11th July 2020, I placed an order for Forca casual slip-on with denim midfoot for a super saver price of Rs 749. I made the payment through SBI credit card on which I got an additional 5% cashback.

    Forca Casual Slip-ons

    My order was delivered to me on the very next day of placing my order since the lifestyle store is just 10 mins away from my home. The shoes were nicely packed and had a fresh new aroma to it. The quality of the shoe fabric was also superb and the fitting of the shoes was the same as I expected.

    Shopping from Lifestyle that too online has just reminded me that it is still the best retail shopping master among many.

    Really happy with my purchase from Lifestyle!

    User Rating: 4.6/ 5