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Avishek Sinha
Avishek Sinha
store : LG
review date : Sep 01 2021
Product purchased : TV
TV purchased : Aug 18 2021
4.0 Selection Experience
3.5 Coupon Selection
3.2 Payment Process
4.0 Refund / Cashback
3.8 User Interface

“Nice TV but might get it changed”

  • overall experience

    The LG TV is a great value for money. It offers a clear picture and the remote makes it simple to change channels. We've also discovered that playing DVDs on this television isn't a problem. The screen we have is 48 inches, which is a decent size for our living room because we don't want a huge screen that will be uncomfortable to view. I'm not sure what the matter is with our LG in the bedroom.

    LG TV

    Every time we switch it on now, it displays a different volume number, which we can't change. We're obligated to watch the show at this volume. We'll retain the TV as long as it stays around 43, but if it fluctuates too much, we may have to replace it. This television, after all, is almost ten years old.