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Neha Bhagat
Neha Bhagat
store : Indya
review date : Sep 14 2021
Product purchased : earrings
earrings used : Aug 26 2021
1.0 Selection Experience
1.0 Coupon Selection
1.1 Payment Process
1.1 Refund / Cashback
1.0 User Interface

“My earrings are not delivered”

  • overall experience

    I ordered a pair of earrings from Indya about a month ago. It was shown that the delivery may take 3-4 days. It was not delivered even after a week and I checked the order status. All these days I was busy with something else so I could not follow-up. 

    As soon as I remembered about my order, I immediately checked the order status and found that it was delivered. Luckily. I chose cash-on-delivery so I did not have to worry about my money. Nonetheless, I contacted Indya for the same and they were unsure of the reason. Anyway, I stopped my purchase as I do not want something bad to happen again.