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Myntra Refer and Earn: Use Myntra Referral Code and Earn Upto Rs 4000

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20 Sep 17
Written by Vaishali Aggarwal

Myntra has been a trendsetter in today’s fashion industry. Myntra has indeed gained people’s trust for all the right reasons. And now you can earn some more which means you can shop some more!

Don’t worry, it’s nothing tedious. You just have to sit back on your sofa and send some links to your friend and relatives and you earn! As simple as that. Wondering how? Let us show you. Just apply the given myntra referral code and earn money. Through this offer users can earn money upto Rs.4000/- by only referring any of your friend or relative. When any of your referred person login to flipkart then Rs.200/- will be transfered to your account and the person referred will earn Rs.100/-. The ongoing offer is applicable for asll users using myntra app or web. 

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Use the below Myntra Referral Code to earn money

Register On Myntra And Earn Rs.100/-GET CODE
  • Myntra Refer and Earn Program 

    Trust us, it has never been so easy to earn money. If you make proper use of the Myntra Refer and Earn Offer, you can sometimes get Rs 100, sometimes Rs 200 and sometimes even Rs 300! You can refer as many new users as you want and can earn max up to Rs.4000/- from this offer. Isn’t that just great? All these three are of different situations and each situation is appended below.

    The first and foremost thing you must do before you even proceed is to download the Myntra App from Playstore on your phones. The app is also present on the iOS app store. If your friend has sent you a link via any social media, be sure to download the app through that link such that both you and your friend are benefited. Keeping everything aside, you must be wondering how you can earn that Rs 200 or Rs 300, right? Well, it is as simple as we said; just sit back and relax and keep sending the link. Let’s see how they work!

    • If You Are A New User 

    1. If you are not a Myntra user yet, now is the time to subscribe and get all the benefits. You can directly download from the playstore or you can download the app via the link sent by your friend (your friend also gets benefited when you do this.)  When you do this, Rs 100 will automatically be credited to your Myntra account.
    2. After you have done this, you can then share your referral code or the referral link with your family members and friends and can earn rewards up to Rs 200, for every new user who creates a Myntra account using your referral link or code.

    • If You Are An Existing User 
  • How do you refer someone? How do you generate your referral link?

    Well, it’s quite easy.

    1. Your referral code and link are available under the “Refer and Option” on the landing page, on the right site menu.
    2. You can use your link, share it with your friends and acquaintances via messaging, WhatsApp them, email them, post it on your Facebook wall, tweet it or even share it on other social messaging sites and earn credits up to Rs 200 in your Myntra wallet.
    3. Once your friend or family member downloads the app through your link he gets Rs 100 automatically. After he has placed his first order, you automatically get Rs 100 in your Myntra account.

    • Double Rewards 
  • Myntra is one of the leading shopping website thus they give their customers some benefits and as benefits from time to time, Myntra runs double rewards program; and this is how it works. If the referee downloads the app through the link sent to them by the referrer, they shall receive Rs 200 in their wallet instead of the regular Rs 100. Not only that, if the referee buys an item within the given time period of the Double Rewards program; even the referrer shall earn Rs 200!

    • Triple Rewards 
  • Just like Myntra runs the double rewards program, Myntra also runs Triple Rewards program from time to time. If you download the application on your phone from the link sent to you during this period, you receive Rs 300 in your account. And the same thing applies for the referrer as well! If you have referred someone (sent the link to someone), and they download through your link and buy an item from Myntra during the offer period, you receive Rs 300!

  • How To Avail The Double And Triple Rewards With Myntra Referral Code? 

    This part is very simple.

    The double rewards program of Myntra happens from time to time and not always. The offer period is usually just 30 days after it starts, and you have to avail the offer within these 30 days.

    Myntra will notify you whenever the double and triple rewards program go on. You shall receive a notification on your app. During the time period mentioned, if you refer and start earning the same way as told above; you are in luck. Whenever the double rewards program go on you shall Rs 200 instead of Rs100, and whenever the triple rewards program go on, you shall receive Rs 300.

  • How to avail Myntra Refer And Earn offer

    • When you download directly from the play store - Your refer

    1. The first step as always demands that you have an Android or an iOS phone. This offer is not valid on Blackberry or Windows systems. This offer only works on mobile. If you try to redeem this offer via a personal computer, you will not be able to do so.
    2. Head over to the Play store and type in Myntra. Download their official app.
    3. After you have done so, it’s time you to start earning! Just head over to the refer and earn section of the Myntra app and choose to share it with you various relatives and friends from a wide variety of options.
    4. You can choose to share it with your friends through various social media platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp.
    5. Once they download the app through your link, you will automatically gain Rs 100 in your Myntra account when your friend has placed his first order online.
    6. Your friends will gain Rs 100 in his/her Myntra account when he downloads the application.

    • When your friend refers you - you download through the link

    1. If you friend has referred you his coupon code, he must have sent you a link via a social media platform.
    2. Click on the link, and it will redirect you to the Myntra App on the play store.
    3. When you download the app, Rs 100 will be automatically credited to your Myntra account.
    4. If you friend has sent you his coupon code, then it is simple as well.
    5. Just download the Myntra app through the play store and click on the options given.
    6. Then click refer and earn, and enter the coupon code provided to you by your friend.
    7. Now you will have a different coupon code altogether, and so even you can start sharing it with your friends and relatives!
  • Rules and Regulations to Apply Myntra Referral Code

    The following rules and regulations are only applicable when you get referred to by a friend. Only when you meet the following conditions, you shall qualify for the Myntra Refer and Earn program.

    • You are installing the application of Myntra on your mobile for the first time. If you have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, the refer and earn offer won’t work.
    • The mobile number and email address that you are using must not have been used to sign in any Myntra account. If it has been, you cannot claim your refer and earn reward.
    • You must also sign in the app for the first time!
    • You must have used a valid invite code or you should have downloaded the application by the link provided to you by someone.
    • You must have placed your first order by using the same email address as well as the phone number which you used to sign in the Myntra app.
    • You cannot cancel, replace or return the order.
    • You will then receive your reward after a minimum of 30 days of the delivery of the order.
  • Myntra Refer and Earn policy of other stores

    • Amazon is also well known for the great products they have on their website. They have a great refer and earn program going on their mobile app as well! When you try the refer and earn program of Amazon, the referrer and referred will get Amazon Gift vouchers worth Rs 200.
    • When it comes to ordering Food online, Swiggy sure is one of the best apps. You basically get free food by Swiggy refer and earn program and who would say to no that? Swiggy gives you an amount of Rs 150 and a 50% off on the first meal to the person who gets referred.
    • MakeMyTrip refer and earn offer follows a very simple rule. If your friend installs their application through your recommendation, you earn Rs 600 in your E-wallet. The moment they install their application, your friend will receive a referral amount of Rs 1200 in their E-wallet.
    • Also checkout the ajio refer and earn offer to earn money upto Rs.1000/- on referring any of your friend or relative through ajio referral code

It has been rightly said when it comes to fashion choose Myntra. Myntra has a huge variety of choice and now comes along this great offer. Who doesn't like treating themselves? So go ahead install the app, and do some Myntra shopping for you, your near as well as dear ones.