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Indians Spend More On Beauty Products Than On Groceries And Household Stuff

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14 Mar 18
Written by Garima Jain

In the recent years, online shopping has taken a huge step forward according to the statistics. Apart from Electronics and clothing, the online sales of grooming products have taken a good leap as well. When it comes to India, the investment and expenses in beauty products are growing more rapidly than usual household products. Statistics including e-commerce surveys and preferences are a clear proof of how the nation is moving back to the notions of looking beautiful and well groomed.

indians spend more on beauty products

Popularity of Beauty Products among woman:

It is universally acknowledged among Women that beauty is as essential as living. This is not just the western influences but also our own Indian roots which directly or indirectly demands a female to be ‘Presentable, Beautiful and Poised’ all the time. On an average, more than 50% of female population in India devotes time and money in choosing the best beauty & skin care products from the leading brands.

Give the emergence of online stores, shopping of beauty products is made more convenient and affordable. E-commerce websites like Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart etc. have introduced their exclusive offers on personal care & beauty oriented section where there is a huge collection of branded Make-up and Beauty products. From International Brands like MAC, Lakme, Maybelline to other popular brands like Nyx, Kylie’s and more, all are exhibited under different offers and special sales encouraging more and more sales. For an instance, Nykaa has a huge canvas of Mac products including Eyeliners, Mascara, Toners, Primers at 50% discounts. 

Of course, International brands on every woman’s Wishlist but some Indian originated beauty product ranges are also gaining strength. As Ramdev’s Patanjali is generating awareness about herbal products and ingredients, Ayurved rich brands like Kama, Kaya and a lot more have contributed in the increased sales as well. There are loads of Nykaa offers & coupons which undoubtedly encourages more purchases.

Peeking into the stats, different online surveys have shown that Indians are spending more on beauty products than on household products. There is a clear difference of 33% between the sales of Beauty products and other necessary products. 

It is not just for Women, Men are also focusing more on grooming

It is said that Women are always engrossed with make-up and skin care essentials but the recent surveys are pointing on something completely different. Yes, the percentage of women’s expenditure on beauty products is more than that of men but that doesn’t mean that men are lacking behind. Since 2016 to 2018, the percentage of Men’s expenses on grooming products has increased from 23% to 35%. Also, according to the ACNielsen survey, 37% of Indian men are investing on their hair care sessions whereas the percentage for women is just 28%. 

Now, it is not just about trimmers and shavers, the commodities and products have gained into Haircare luxury products, Toners and what not. Special brands for Men are introduced keeping in mind the increasing numbers of consumers. To be specific, Men can prefer buying Beardo products etc. with Amazon discounts of 45% and more on the related categories.

It is apparently seen that about 35% of the population claims that they have increased their everyday expenses on beauty products and treatments in order to enhance their appearance and personality. Moreover, more than 60% of the population feels that there is certain pressure, be it from the society or family, to look good. Trusting the sources, the facts have been glorified that more than 80% of the people who took the online surveys about increase in expenses on beauty products felt that Indian men are more influenced with grooming in the present day than they ever were. 

Enhanced Marketing tricks, offers proportionate to the sales of beauty products

Make-up, Beauty, Skincare and Personal care products come from the expensive category of online shopping. The prices of Grooming and beauty products are more than the prices of other necessary products. On one hand, Indian are known for their saving nature whereas, on the other hand, the statistics of 2017 have depicted that Indians have spent 2/3 of their income on categories apart from food. Surprisingly, from this 2/3 of expenditure, a comparatively higher proportion is spent on online shopping. And, a larger proportion of this online expenditure is taken by beauty and skin care categories. 

There is a prominent increase in consumer expenditure on online shopping as a result of which, the e-commerce websites are generating more specific strategies to keep the number increasing. There are numerous offers on Beauty & skin care products like Buy 1 Get 1 free, get a freebie etc. and specific sales that provide the consumers a good set of discounts on their net payable amounts. When you are getting the best discounts, unique coupons and deals to facilitate the savings, why won’t you grab them? This comes as the ultimate strategy which is focusing on the regular increase of purchases.

Deep comparison of expenses on Household stuff and Beauty products

Now comes the focused issue, very clearly the expenditure drawn on household goods and groceries are less than the expenditure made on beauty products. According to the surveys made online, there is a difference of 23% between the expenses of household stuff and beauty products. Where the percentage of expenditure on grooming products is 35%, the percentage of expenses made on the household is just 22%. Henceforth, it is clear that Indians are more into being presentable every day than focusing on the necessities and other stuff.

With endless deals on leading brands, the general offers and sales have encouraged significantly more in the present day statistics.