5 Simple Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards Online India and Get Exclusive Benefits on Your Next Orders

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04 Oct 17
Written by Ankush

Are you an internet wanderer? Someone who spends hours just going around and about on internet? Well, what if I told you, you can do that and earn some get free gift cards online? This is specially for people who love filling survey and feedback forms. Now, you can fill out a survey and win exciting gift cards. These gift cards are absolutely free and can be redeemed on various websites and apps like google play store, iTunes, Paytm, Freecharge, etc.

Earn Free Gift Cards Online

Earn Free Gift Cards

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Easiest Method to Earn Gift Cards Online

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earn free gift cards online

There are various websites like swagbucks, MyPoints, Answer Surveys etc. that allow you to sign up and start earning money through filling out survey and feedback forms. One can even earn paytm cash gift cards by playing games online. Real Simple there.You can also cash in on social media, do app task and avail other referral offers to make money online. These gift cards can be easily used to purchase stuff on Amazon, iTunes, Paytm etc.

Scroll below to see exciting ways to earn free gift cards online:

Get Free Gift Cards Online By Filling Online Paid Surveys

Whenever someone is set to launch a business, a product, a song or anything in particular, they are bound to have second thoughts. No one is as such sure that what is going to be the next hit in the market. To counter this problem and to get to know the public better, companies have started to give out surveys to public asking them few questions about a certain thing or service. This is an easy, yet effective way to study the current trends in markets.

To make it lucrative, the companies give out money, free gift cards, goodies, etc. to the customers who take these surveys. It is a win-win situation for both. The customers get money and the companies get to know whether their product will be hit in the market or not. This is a cool way to earn money for the users. You are basically being paid for telling your likes and dislikes, that too, without any investment.


Just fill the surveys and your rewards will be granted accordingly. It is basically a concept of west that has been adapted in India with the help of websites like swagbucks, MyPoints, Answer Surveys, Survey Police, etc. These sites require you to sign up for them and then you are presented with a bunch of surveys according to your interests. Fill them out and start earning some cool rewards. The rewards include shopping voucher for amazon & flipkart, recharge vouchers for Paytm, freecharge, etc., gift cards for iTunes or Playstore and gift cards for other major online and offline stores. They provide lucrative offers to the customers and if you are someone who loves surfing net, has time at his disposal and would love to fill out surveys too, then you should definitely give it a try and earn some extra bucks.

Various Online Survey Sites to Earn Free Gift Cards Online:

  1. Survey Police

    Survey Police is one of the best sites if you are looking to fill out surveys and win get free gift cards online. On survey police, you get a huge amount of online survey companies, of which you can choose one according to your wish. Here are the steps to fill out surveys on Survey Police.

    • Visit their website.
    • Choose a category according to your wish, for example we chose Top Survey Sites of 2017
    • You’ll be presented with a list of websites, select whichever suits you the best.
    • Click on join the website and you’ll be asked to select your country and complete the sign up process by filling out some of the other formalities.
    • Choose a survey that suits you the best, fill it out, submit it and your reward will be mailed to you.
    • If you earn money, it can be redeemed using your paypal account.
    • The gift cards that you’ll earn, can be redeemed on their website.
    • There are several gift cards for all the major stores, available on Survey Police.
  2. Harris Poll Online

    Harris Poll Online, as they say, are one of the most prestigious and oldest polls in the world. On filling out the surveys, they give out HIpoints and that can be redeemed once they reach the redemption level. This US based, survey company provides the best survey reward with their 45 years old legacy. The simple earning techniques are explained down below.

    • Login to the Harris Poll Online site.
    • Choose a topic of your choice.
    • Fill out the survey and you’ll be rewarded with points.
    • After filling out a few surveys your points will reach the redemption level.
    • The points can either be redeemed through gift cards or other attractive methods.
    • Here, you can get gift cards for all the major US stores.
    • You can also subscribe to their email service, where the surveys will be mailed to you daily.

Get Free Gift Cards Online By Downloading Apps and Tasks

How fascinating does it sound to earn something by just installing an app and completing a task? Too good to be true? It is not! Rejoice smartphone users, there are actually some apps out there that pay you to install other apps on your smartphones and earn free gift cards online, paytm balance and even recharge coupons! Whenever someone launches a new app, or wants to publicize a particular application, they look out for good marketing techniques.

What better than paying someone for installing their app? They require you to install their app, complete a few tasks in that app, like listening to a song if it is a music app, and they reward you with points. If you like it, you won’t uninstall it and use it as a day to day app for its purpose. This is what makes it a win-win situation for both the developer and user. The developer gets full chance to showcase his product to the consumer and relies on the fact that he will like it. Such approaches are known to yield good results for both the parties. There are also other tasks that help you win rewards which include watching a video, playing an online game, lucky draw cashbacks contest on sites like paytm etc.

Coming back to you, the user, there are various such apps that help you download, complete a task and earn rewards. MyPoinrts, Swagbucks, Gigato are some of the apps that let you earn rewards by completing such tasks. The rewards can also be redeemed as gift cards on Dominos, Pizza Hut, Amazon and ebay. These encashment of the gift cards come out to be really handy. Mentioned down below is everything you should know in this regard. Read on and start earning some really good gift cards.

Various Apps to Earn free gift cards online

  1. Swagbucks

    Swagbucks is an easy to go app which lets you earn SB points by download few apps and using them for a day or two. These points can later be redeemed as recharge coupons and free gift cards. Excited to earn? Continue reading here:

    • Download Swagbucks from play store/iOS app store.
    • Sign up using Facebook or create a new account.
    • You’ll be presented with a bunch of apps with the complete tasks that need to be fulfilled in order to obtain SB reward points.
    • Download the app, use it for the given period and complete the task.
    • The reward points will be auto-credited to your account.
    • Redeem the points to buy gift cards.
  2. MyPoints

    MyPoints provides a user friendly for people who offer to fill out surveys and win rewards in return. On visiting the homepage, you find all its features in one place. Whether you want to fill out a survey, or want to redeem your already won reward points, everything is in one place. Here is how you can start earning get free gift cards online using MyPoints:

    • Go to mypoints’website.
    • Click on join in the top right corner and fill the necessary details.
    • Tell about your likes and interests.
    • Start filling out surveys and earning points.
    • MyPoints also allows users to earn points by downloading some apps.
    • Redeem the points in the form of gift cards or other attractive offers.
    • The gift cards available on MyPoints includes Amazon Gift Cards, Dominos, ebay and other amazing stores.                                                                                             

Earn Free Gift Cards through Online Promotions

  1. Free Gift Cards from UBER

    One of the leading cab services in the world is providing free cash that can be used on your next uber ride. Steps to earn the uber cash are as simple as they could be. We have mentioned all the necessary details here:

    • Install Uber if you haven’t already done it.
    • In the left hand side menu, there will be a free rides option.
    • Click on it and you’ll be presented with a share invite button.
    • Share it to your friends and ask them to download it through the link.
    • Once registered, they’ll be rewarded with a certain amount of uber cash depending on their location.
    • You will get your Uber cash once they complete their first ride.
    • Note: The offer is only valid for new users only. You cannot share your code with existing users.
  2. Rs. 1000 Oyo Money Gift Card

    Oyo has emerged to become the top most hotel booking app in India. To continue their unprecedented success, they are doing their online promotions with their scheme invite and earn. Every new user who joins with someone’s invite code get Rs. 1000 oyo money and the existing users get 1000 oyo money after their friends first stay. Read here to know how you can avail the offer:

    • Login to oyo using your registered ID.
    • Go to more section present in bottom right of the app.
    • Now, tap on Invite and Earn.
    • Invite your friends using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or the link.
    • Ask them to download the app and enter your invite code, if it is not entered already.
    • You’ll be rewarded with 200 oyo money upon their registration completion.
    • Once they complete their first stay, your account will be credited with 800 oyo money.
    • Please note that whosoever you invite should be a new user.

Get Free Gift Cards through Referral Programs 

  1.  Tez

    A google inc., recently launched Tez app provides an easy and fast way to earn money. Just refer your friends to download the app and you & your friend will be rewarded 51 Rs. once he completes his first transaction. Earning money was never easier, here are all the steps you should be knowing:

    • Download the Tez app from google play store/Apple app store.
    • Register on it with your primary phone number and email id.
    • Once verified, link your bank account that is linked with number you registered with.
    • Once done, go to offers section and click on refer and earn.
    • Ask your friend to download the app with your link.
    • Ask him to repeat the above steps.
    • You both will get Rs. 51 after first your friends first successful transaction.
  2. PhonePe

    PhonePe is another useful app that is giving out money if you refer it to someone. Hailed as India’s Payment App, PhonePe provides its users with a wallet cash of Rs. 100 when you refer it to a friend, after their first successful transaction. There are many other lucrative offers currently on going in PhonePe. To avail all of it, here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Go to your phone’s app store/play store and download PhonePe.
    • Register with the mobile number that is linked to your bank account.
    • If you are using UPI for the first time, you’ll be asked to link your bank account online and assign a pin.
    • Once done, go to offers section and share your app download link with your friends.
    • You’ll be rewarded with Rs. 100 once your friend registers and completes his/her first transaction.
    • Refer more and earn more.

Free Recharge Gift Cards from Coupons

  1. 100% Recharge Cashback with Paytm

    Paytm, with its ever so attractive offer has a lucky draw offer under its belt. It allows users to avail a 100% cashback on their recharges through a lucky draw contest organized every hour. This is an amazing offer to earn free paytm cash online and get your recharges done for free.

    • Open your paytm app or go to paytm website.
    • Go to recharge section.
    • Enter your phone number and select your plan.
    • On the next page, enter the promo code LUCKY7.
    • Once the recharge if processed, there shall be a lucky draw contest in the following hour.
    • The winners shall be informed through email and paytm notification system.
  2. Paytm Lakhpati Offer

    Every weekend Paytm organizes a lucky draw contest, the winners of which are awarded Rs. 1 lakh paytm cash. You need to do maximum recharges using paytm promo code LAKHPATI to get a better chance to win.

    • Login to Paytm app or website with your account.
    • Visit the mobile recharge and bill payments page.
    • Enter your 10-digit mobile number.
    • Select your operator and desired plan.
    • The following page will contain a box to enter promo code, type in LAKHPATI.
    • Complete the payment and you’ve enrolled yourself for the lucky draw contest.
    • If you get lucky, an email will be sent to your registered email ID, ask you to verify KYC.
    • The payment will be sent once the formalities are complete.

It is time to put your time and data to a good use and earn some get free gift cards online and even money. If you are someone who has even a few extra minute to spare, then you should consider trying one or all of the above methods of earning rewards. Shopping with gift cards is fun and easy, a gift card is just like your cash, that you can redeem on its designated website. Start earning get free gift cards online and buy yourself something good right away.