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Landline Bill Payements Coupons, Offers, Deal, Promo Code, Vouchers

Top Landline Stores:

  • 10% CASHBACK code


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    Details for Landline Bill Payment Coupon:

    • Maximum Cashback: Rs.10/-
    • Minimum transaction value of Rs.10/-
    • Available for: 1st & 3rd transaction

    Use the offer to make landline bill payment and get discounts or cashbacks on the first and third bill payments you make.

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 283 times

  • RS.300/- SUPERCASH code


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    Mobikwik landline bill payment promo code terms:

    • Maximum Supercash of Rs.300/-
    • Minimum Bill Amount: Rs.800/-
    • Offer Available twice per month

    Avail the supercash offer to get cashback on landlline bills instantly in the mobikwik wallet.

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 45 times

  • SAVE RS.30/- exclusive


    Exclusive Code

    Offer Details:

    • Minimum Bill of Rs.10/- required
    • Not available for AIRTEL
    • Rs.1 supercash on recharge of Rs.10/-

    This offer can be used 30 times by a user in one day which means that Rs.30/- in total will be provided on recharge of Rs.300.

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 26 times

  • RS.25/- CASHBACK view offer


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    Freecharge Offer on Landline Bill:

    • Minimum Transaction of Rs.20/-
    • Maximum Cashback of Rs.25/-
    • Offer available for all users

    Grab the deal on postpaid bill payments to get 5% cashback on total amount paid. All the users can avail this offer through website or mobile app.

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 56 times

  • RS.500/- OFF code

    AVAIL RS.500/- OFF

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    Content of the bill payment coupon:

    • Minimum Recharge of Rs.10/-
    • Maximum supercash of Rs.500/- given
    • Validity: once in the offer period
    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 19 times

  • Rs.55 CASHBACK code


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    Terms & conditions of the Paytm offer:

    • Max cashback: Rs. 55
    • Valid for new users 
    • No minimum transaction required 
    • Cashback is available only for KYC customers 
    • Payment mode: Paytm

    Non KYC customers will receive Goldback (inclusive of 3% GST). Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction. Enter the promo code at the time of recharge & earn up to Rs. 55 cash back. 

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 785 times

  • Rs.20 CASHBACK exclusive


    Exclusive Code

    The details of this BSNL offer under Mobikwik are:

    • Flat Rs.20 cashback on your transaction.
    • Applicable only through Mobikwik wallet.
    • Minimum transaction: Rs.100.
    • Maximum cashback: 20 supercash.

    This is an exclusive limited period offer which lets you gain Rs. 20 cashback using the code given on a minimum transaction of just Rs.100. Make any recharge or payment of BSNL operator via Mobikwik and avail this amazing deal. Hurry!

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 207 times

  • FREE VOICE CALLING view offer


    View Offer

    Details of the BSNL offer:

    • For Government & PSU officers:
      • Pay Rs. 599 (Excluding taxes)
    • For existing BSNL landline customers:
      • No charges for first 2 months 
      • After 2 months pay Rs. 1099 (Excluding taxes)
    • For students with id card:
      • 20% rebate on paying Rs. 1099 (Excluding taxes)
    • Valid for all users 

    Recharge your BSNL with this monthly plan & enjoy free unlimited voice calling. No BSNL coupon code required. 

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 15265 times

  • FREE RENTAL exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    Variants of the BSNL coupon:

    • No minimum recharge amount required
    • Valid for new users
    • Available only for the first month
    • No coupon code required 

    Get free rental for the first month on landline/broadband/ FTTH booked through. Limited period offer. 

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 61 times

  • RS.50 CASHBACK exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    The details of this offer under this coupon code are:

    • Flat Rs.50 cashback on your transaction.
    • Applicable only through Mobikwik wallet.
    • Minimum transaction: Rs.100.
    • Maximum cashback: 50 supercash.
    • Can be used 4 times per user,

    This is an exclusive limited period offer which lets you gain Rs. 50 cashback 4 times using the code given on a minimum transaction of just Rs.100. Make any recharge or payment of BSNL operator via Mobikwik and avail this amazing deal.

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 80 times

  • FREE CALLS code


    View Code

    Detailed information about BSNL landline plan:

    • Valid on landline only
    • Use it every day from 9 pm to 7 am.
    • Applicable to all the all the user at BSNL

    Time to be a chatterbox! BSNL offers an exclusive plan for landline users. Enjoy the free or unlimited calling experience at BSNL landline. Make a call to any network during this plan period, it is completely free of cost. Hurry! Submit your document now for the new connection. 

    Verified Valid till 28 Feb 19 Viewed 224 times

A Comprehensive Guide to Landlines and some Top Online StoresWhat you’re looking at, is a standard issue landline telephone. 

The landline is the father of the cell phone most children seem to have nowadays. It has the ability to connect a person sitting in one room to another sitting half way around the globe!

In fact, these are so popular that we’re sure there’s one in your house as well. In 2003, the CIA even reported that there are over 1.363 billion landlines in the world in existence. That number might even have doubled by now, more than a decade later!

But to keep the subscription for these devices going, users must pay a monthly phone bill. And which companies are best suited to make this easier for you? Let’s find out!

Best Stores for Landline Bill Payment

There are a number of top online stores which help with the payment process. They are:

  1. Paytm
  2. Mobikwik
  3. Freecharge
  4. HDFC Payzapp

So, if I were a customer, why would I choose to utilize these apps? Well, the answer is simple. These online stores help users in a plethora of different ways. Since the inception of the internet, everything has begun to get interconnected.

Why one should Make Bill Payments online?

Some advantages of using these online stores include:

Saves Time and Effort

This forms the basis of one of the most beneficial advantages of using these online stores to pay landline bills. With the introduction of the internet, customers can make their end of the month telephone payment easily and quickly. They don’t need to leave the house also. They can pay from anywhere at any time!

Saves Paper

Let’s get a little eco-friendly with this one. This may seem like a trivial matter but think about it- in our country alone there are over a billion people residing. Out of this staggering mass of humanity, even if half of them own a landline, that makes five hundred million people. If these five hundred million people were to pay their telephone bills monthly, imagine the amount of paper being used up! Using these online portals therefore is a very eco-friendly and green act to carry out

Safe and Secure

In today’s world of no privacy or security, this method of payment will ensure that your cheque doesn’t get bounced or rejected. Online stores make paying easy, quick, safe as well as secure. Their SSL encryption mechanisms serve as a guarantee to users that their information is safe with them.

Offers and Deals

This last point is in fact not just an advantage of convenience, but one of financial gain as well! Through these online portals, customers are always given promotional offers, coupons, deals and other redeemable options which are not only lucrative but also very beneficial to them.

Now that we know the benefits of online payments, let’s take a deeper look at these online stores!

Paytm Store for Bill Payments

Paytm is one of India’s leading online wallet companies. Their popularity reached astounding heights seemingly overnight. What began as a simple idea to enroll the concept of cashless transactions into society soon metamorphosized into a giant e-commerce business! Paytm is now known the world over.

Exclusive Paytm Bill Payment Offers :

These are some of Paytm’s best offers on recharge and bill payments .

  1. Recharge Bonanza

This incredible offer by Paytm will make your jaw drop we promise! Verified as of today, Paytm is being incredibly generous and offering their customers a chance to win free recharge for up to an entire year. That’s right. You read it correctly. All a customer needs to do is make a one-time payment of just a meager Rs 100 or more, and he will instantly be registered and made eligible for this fantastic offer. But hurry, there are few terms and conditions attached to this. Only the top 51 first users will be considered for this madness coupon, so hurry up and try your luck. Who knows, maybe the stars shine brightly for you? And now you may close your jaw. Promo Code: BILLFREE

  1. Movie Mania

If you are movie buff like we are then this is the right place you’ve come! Paytm is giving their loyal fan base a quirky, unusual deal. With a recharge of Rs 50 or more, customers can get a chance to win a movie ticket absolutely free! This is redeemable if the promo code MOVIE4RECHARGE is used. However, this must be used within the first six hours of the recharge or else it won’t be applicable. This offer stands true only till the end of this month. Promo Code: MOVIE4RECHARGE

  1. Scooty Looty Bumper Offer!

This is another incredible offer by Paytm. Pay your dues through their online wallet app and win a chance to win a Yamaha Fascino. This works on all rechargees- landline as well as mobile prepaird and/or post paid. However, this offer will lose it’s validity at the end of the month and so will you lose your chance to will the amazing fuel efficient scooter, so hurry! Moreover, only the top 3 users will win the scooty so hurry double time! Promo Code: BUMPER

Pay Bills with Mobikwik

Mobikwik is another very famous online web wallet aimed at promoting cashless, efficient transactions. They have grown to be more and more successful with each passing day. Their amazing deals and incredible offers garner them a lot of mainstream commerical attenition for them and make them stiff competition towards the others!

Mobikwik Coupons for Landline Bill Payments:

These are some of Mobikwik offers on online bill payments and recharge.

  1. Cashback Offer

Mobikwik is giving users a chance to win a 5% cashback on landline recharge or bill payment! The cashback amount is capped at Rs 50, and as per their terms and conditions, this offer is redeemable only for the duration of this month and this month alone. The minimum amount of bill payment that requires to be there for this offer to stand valid is capped at just Rs 10. Promo Code: SUPER

  1. 30’s A Charm!

Upon utilization of the Mobikwik app, customers can avail a discount of up to Rs 30 on every recharge or bill payment made. This offer is applicable only till the penultimate day of the month and open to all users- the new ones who haven’t signed up with them as well as the old loyal ones.

  1. Double Century Offer

Mobikwik’s latest and hottest new offer, this deal gives customers a chance to get a cashback of up to Rs 200! And that’s not it. The offer lasts till the end of July. The minimum requirement for this offer to be redeemable is a payment or recharge of Rs 50. Promo Code: LANDLINE


Freecharge is another such online wallet app and website, based in the financial capital of India- Mumbai. They indulge in making the cashless transaction a norm by allowing users to shop for, buy, sell, purchase, pay bill and even recharge items online, without the involvement of so much as a penny! Since it’s arrival on the scene over 6 years ago, the wallet app Freecharge has become something bigger than just an online wallet. It’s become a brand name now!

Freecharge Bill Payment Offers:

These are some of Freecharge’s best offers on online bill payments and recharge.

  1. F for Free Offer

Freecharge has been trying to promote their business for a while for a while now, and in order to make themselves seem more attractive to new users, they have been giving lot of different deals to users and customers- to attract new ones and keep old ones! This is one such deal. Using the code- “FREE2MON”, customers can grab the chance to get a recharge for the next 2 months absolutely on the house. That’s right! If you are one of the select few then you can get your next 2 months free of cost.

  1. Add to Get More Offer

In this offer, Freecharge is gifting a chance for users to earn Rs 65 for virtually nothing! Recharge through their online wallet app or website and Freecharge will give you Rs 65 if selected! This offer is applicable only for users who haven’t used the Freecharge wallet app before, however- that is, unregistered users. And this offer is only applicable till the end of the month so, hurry up and register right now and make use if this offer to the fullest. It’s the easiest money you’ll ever make! There is also no promo code required for this offer.

  1. Recharge Freecharge!

Freecharge and Swiggy have a mutual tie up where they help each other out. Both being upcoming startups, these are both going hand in hand through the tunnels of success. Recharge or pay your landline bill through the freecharge app and they’ll give you Rs 75 off on your next purchase through Swiggy! Promo Code: SWIGGY75

HDFC PayZapp

A rather uncommon online wallet app and website, the PayZapp is HDFC Bank’s very own answer to the other competitor apps out there. Often branded as a ‘solution’, this PayZapp gives the customer the power to pay his bills or recharge within just a few clicks! Apart from paying bills, you can even shop, rent, buy and sell items on this platform. And while this wallet app hasn’t gained recognition yet, at the rate they are speeding, it isn’t long before they become a household name too!

And their offers... See for youself!

HDFC PayZapp Offers on Landline Bills:

These are some of PayZapp’s best offers on online bill payments and recharge.

  1. Summer Offer

Customer’s using the PayZapp app can now make use of the summer offer and get a discount of up to 20%! This is applicable for new as well as pre-reigstered users! The offer ends at month end and requires a minimum amount payment or recharge of Rs 70. However, what it doesn’t require is a promo or coupon code!

  1. Book My… Payment?

HDFC Bank has tied up with the movie and theatre ticket booking online platform Book My Show to give their customers an incredible deal. Users need to make a landline payment and they can get tickets to the hottest movie in theatres right now, free from Book My Show. This offer ends at midnight 30Th April.

  1. Cashback Carnival

Users who use this wallet up to pay for their landline bill can see themselves getting an immense cashback of Rs 200. The minimum bill payment must be Rs 699 for this to be applicable and is only available for one time use. This is open to all users, new and old and is redeemable only till month end. There’s a carnival happening, make sure you’re not late!

But now that you know about these stores, you need to know how to use them. That it, how to use these online stores to make your online payments and landline recharges, how to add your coupon codes, details, how to redeem the offer and how to finalize the trasnaction.

How to Avail the landline bill payment offers?

  • First things first. The user must download the online wallet app, or visit their homepage. They will require a smart phone with a stable internet connection.
  • After this, they need to head over to the top of the page and click on “my account”.
  • If the user doesn’t have an existing account already, they’ll need to sign up. This is a two step process. They need to click on register, and then feed in their details such email ID, residential address, and then set up a username and password.
  • Once they have signed up, customers must move over to the quick pay option. This enables you to make faster transactions and bill payments as compared to standing in line manually.
  • A new page will then appear on screen. This will promte users to fill their landline number into the dialogue box. While typing in the phone number, they’ll first need to type their Std code, followed by a hyphen and then their landline numbers. After this, hit proceed.
  • Now here you will see the details of your phone bill and your private details.
  • Here you can then fill in your private details such as email ID and other contact information.
  • Customers will the then select the submit option after filling in these details. They will need to select their payment option such as credit card or debit card or net banking.
  • ?Here they can submit their coupon code or promo deal they have. This will help them get a discount or chasback according to the offer they have chosen to redeem.

They will then get their receipt of the bill. This is an important copy that may come in handy if somehting were to go wrong in the future or if for some reason your transaction isn’t processed or acknowledged. Print this out and keep on the safe side.

Quick Comparison

Here we will see the best offers the stores we looked above- Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge and HDFC PayZapp- are giving on brands of recharge and bill payments services such as Airtel, BSNL, MTNL.


Discount/Cashback (%) Offers





First time users have a chance to get up to 10% cashback if paid through their online wallet app. This offer stands verifiable only till month end

Use the Paytm online wallet app and get a discount of up to Rs 20 on your bill payment. Minimum transaction amount for this offer to be used is Rs 69, before the month is out

On a bill payment or recharge of Rs 199, customers can get a chance to get up to a massive 20% cashback on their online bill payment or recharge. This offer will expire on 30th April


Use the Freecharge app and get a discount up to 30% on your next recharge or payment. The minimum amount customers need to pay for this to be applicable is Rs 125, and is for only one time use, before the end of the current month

With a minimum transaction amount of Rs 170, users stand a chance to get a cashback of up to Rs 50. This offer is valid only till the penultimate day of the month, so hurry!

Customers using this online wallet app to make their landline bill payments or recharge for MTNL will gain a chance to get a Swiggy discount on their next order.t the discount is discount capped at Rs 75, and must be utilized before the month is over, otherwise the offer will expire


A cashback of up to 25% is up for grabs for customers who use the Mobikwik online wallet app for recharge and payment. The cashback amount is limited at Rs 75 however, and must be redeemed by the user before 30th April midnight as that’s when the offer seizes being valid

Customers using this wallet to pay for BSNL landline connection payment and recharge will get a discount anywhere between Rs 25 and Rs 65. The minimum recharge or payment amount for this to be applicable is Rs 199, and is redeemable only till the end of the month.

Customers who use Mobikwik for their online payments for their landline bill will be presented with an incredible offer of a discount of up to Rs 99. This is only applicable on a payment of minimum Rs 299, and the offer expiry date is set as 30th April Midnight

HDFC PayZapp

Customers who use this app are given a double combo deal, where they are given the chance to win a discount of up to 12% AND get an additional 5% cashback. The minimum amount for this to be valid is just Rs 99, and this offer is valid only till month end. The cashback amount is capped at Rs 25 and the discount amount is limited at Rs 40. Customers will be selected on first come first serve basis by HDFC to win this offer, so hurry up and try you luck!

Customers looking to pay their BSNL landline bill through this upcoming HDFC Bank app PayZapp can find themselves lucky this month, because they can get a discount rate of up to Rs 50%! That’s correct. Customers can find themselves getting half their bill payment reduced if they get chosen by HDFC Bank. This too is based on first come first serve basis so hurry

On a minimum bill recharge of Rs 170, users can get a cashback offer of up to 7%. The cashback limit is limited at Rs 55 and this offer is valid only till the last day of April.


So, this is how the stores stack up against each other. These are some of their best offers they have to give their users to expand their fan base.