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  • Rs.1000/- CASHBACK exclusive offer

    PAYTM: Rs.1000/- CASHBACK (Sep 21-22)

    Exclusive Offer

    Highlights of the offer:

    • Fetch 10% cashback on every BHIM UPI transaction
    • Max cashback per transaction: Rs.50
    • Cashback of upto Rs.1000 can be earned per month
    • Minimum transaction amount required Rs.25

    Also the cashback will be credited only when 5 or more BHIM UPI transactions have been accepted by your Paytm number.Follow steps to earn Paytm cashback:

    • First, add your bank account to Paytm app
    • Now click on BHIM icon
    • Select send money option and add transfer amount
    • Add receivers bank account details or UPI address
    • Avail this offer on registered Paytm app only

    Cashback will be credited within 2 working days of the transaction. This offer is available only for Paytm users and have BHIM UPI address. This is the best way to transfer money instantly directly to your bank account without complication.

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  • EARN Rs.50/- view offer


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    BHIM Offers details are as:

    • Use your friend's mobile no. as the referral code 
    • It is valid after a min. of 3 transactions amounting to Rs.50/-
    • Both the referee and refer get Rs.50/- cashback after completion of step 2.

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  • CASHLESS PAYMENT exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    BHIM cashless payment medium:

    • You can make payment using Adhaar number
    • Valid on app only
    • All users who have BHIM app and Adhar number can use this app
    • Make cashless payments to friends and family

    Use BHIM app and make easy cashless payments without any hassle. This is secured and safe money transfer app.

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  • GET Rs.50/- CASHBACK exclusive


    Exclusive Code

    Summary of BHIM UPI transaction offer:

    • Valid for new users
    • Maximum cashback: Rs.50/-
    • Minimum transaction: Rs.50/-
    • UPI transfer should be on same day
    • Cashback will be credited within 48 hrs of transaction

    All you need is a UPI address on Paytm and get get cashback. this offer is valid on new UPI creations.

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  • AUTO @Rs.29/- exclusive offer

    GET OLA AUTO @Rs.29/- FOR 4 KM

    Exclusive Offer

    Detailed information about Ola auto:

    • Minimum transaction: Rs.29/- fro 4 KMs
    • Booking through: Ola app
    • Valid for all users
    • Pay through BHIM UPI address and have a cashless transaction
    • This offer can be combined with other Coupon code like: BOOK50 (valid in Mumbai), TAXI ( HDFC bank card holders), HOLIDAY(for outstation cabs) and many more.
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  • PAY THROUGH UPI view offer


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    Details of BHIM UPI app:

    • This offer is valid on Uber app
    • Connect your UPI account and pay for your ride
    • Account link amount: Re.1/-
    • This offer is valid for UPI account holders only

    In short of cash and booked your cab, then don't worry uber has introduced new payment method directly from bank account to uber driver. Connect your UPI account and fill all the necessary information and enjoy your ride.

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    Summary of BHIM app payment mode:

    • Valid on BHIM app only
    • Registered UPI number is mandatory
    • Go cashless and pay for railway tickets by using BHIM
    • No extra charge will be charged

    BHIM app is introduced by the government of India to go cashless and provide easy and instant money transfer. This is safe and secured money transfer app which is valid for all money send or receive from bank account to another bank account. 

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All About BHIM

Do you think a common platform for transferring money on the go would solve all your issues regarding cashless transactions? Then look no further than BHIM app, which allows you to transfer any amount to the bank account of any person or organization through a simple mobile app. The BHIM app, which is an abbreviation for Bharat Interface for Money, was created by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in an effort to facilitate cashless transactions and to encourage more digital payment in India. Bhim functions on the basis of Unified Payment Interface or UPI, which is a system that is regulated by the Reserve bank of India, allowing instant transfer of money from one bank account to another through an easy to use mobile app. 

Different Transactions using BHIM:

  • 1. Cashless transactions through BHIM:

    The BHIM app provides the users with a unique opportunity to transfer any amount of money from one bank account to another through a simple mobile app. Easy to use, it allows its customers with 24 x 7 service even on weekends and banks holidays. The app allows almost immediate transfer of funds and also makes provisions for a reversal of the payment. A user can send or receive up to 10000 INR per transaction, and up to 20000 INR per day. 

  • 2. Cashless transactions through Aadhar card on BHIM app:

    If you have completed your registration on the app with your Aadhar Card, using Bhim just became all the easier for you. It provides the users with the option of seamless transactions of money if the user registers his twelve-digit Aadhar number as his payment ID. In such cases, Bhim does not ask for a biometric authorisation. Similarly, it does not also look for a prior registration with the bank or a Unified Payment Interface or UPI. 

Function of BHIM

Have a look at some different functions performed by BHIM. The app provides the users of smart phones with an option to send and receive money from any individual or organization through their respective bank accounts and their phone numbers. 

  • The BHIM app allows transactions from all of the Indian banks which use the platform provided by the app, and makes provisions for immediate payment from the bank account of one user to another. 
  • It is compatible to all mobile devices and may be used on all platforms. Sending and receiving money has never been easier, as it provides its users with the unique opportunity to transfer any amount of money from one bank account to another using nothing but a mobile number or an UPI ID. 
  • It may be used by anyone who is equipped with a bank account, a corresponding debit card, and a mobile number registered in the context of the bank account in question. 
  • With its options for immediate transfer of monetary resources, the BHIM app is the perfect solution for the busy modern man and woman, who would like to carry out all of their financial dealings on the go. 
  • The BHIM app, which is accessible 24 x 7, provides the users with a method to make safe and secure transactions of money without going through the rigorous verification processes that are generally associated with online banking. 
  • It comes with an option to view the app in a language of your choice, provides the users with a never before method to transfer money from one bank account to another hassle free and without a lot of issues. You can also check out the Paytm offers & coupons for easy transactions and benefiting cashbacks.

What can you do with BHIM?

  • Easy to use, the BHIM app allows you to seamlessly send and money to and from your bank account.
  • This provides you with the option to collect payment through the choice to request for money.
  • Extremely user friendly, the BHIM app facilitates instant payment and also allows for immediate reversal of payment.
  • The customer may also instantly check his balance on the go through the app.
  • It provides you with an option to create a customised digital payment address along with your phone number.
  • It also comes with the added feature of scanning QR codes.
  • Easy to manage, BHIM provides the users with an option to block illicit sources which wrongfully send requests for payment.

Benefits of using BHIM:

  • BHIM app provides the user with the option to send money to others through UPI payment addresses, and to users who do not hold an UPI based account as well, through the process of scanning QR code, account number and IFSC code, or Mobile Money Identifier Code or MMID Code. One can also look for coupons & offers on Mobikwik in order to get discounts and cashbacks on each transaction.
  • While other mobile wallets require money, which is separately stored in them, the BHIM app does not hold any amount of money by itself. It facilitates only the transfer of money from one bank account to another. 

The transfer of money through Bhim is instantly carried out and may be reversed if required.

  • It provides relentless services 24 x 7, that is, on weekends and bank holidays as well.
  • This makes provisions for users to create a QR code of their own for the transfer of a fixed sum of money, which is extremely useful in e commerce and in the selling and purchasing of a wide range of products.
  • It allows one user to have more than one payment address.
  • The app provides its customers with the option to save payment addresses to which payments may be made in the future in a seamless manner saving a lot of time and effort of the user. 

BHIM Refer and Earn Offer:

The BHIM app brings its users a unique Refer and Earn Offer, by which the existing users may invite their friends and family members to join them on this app. As a reward, both the existing customer and the new customer becomes eligible to receive cash prizes. BHIM may be referred to anyone who is equipped with a bank account, a corresponding debit card, and a mobile number registered in the context of the bank account in question.

Steps to avail BHIM Refer and Earn Offer:

  • An existing user has to refer the BHIM app to an individual who is not a user.
  • Now the new user has to initiate access to the app by dialling *99# from his mobile number which is registered with his bank account.
  • After that, download BHIM app and register on it. 
  • Next, link his bank account on his phone.
  • The new BHIM app user has to complete his first successful transaction through this app with any existing user using any valid UPI including BHIM. 
  • Now, user must enter the referral code of the existing user during his first transaction through the app, in the referral code field on the transaction page. The referral code field will be visible only to the new user.
  • Then the user may also enter the referral code during his on boarding on the BHIM app.

When the new BHIM app user has successfully performed at least three unique transactions which amount to 50 INR to three unique individuals, both the new user as well as the old user will receive a notification about their referral prize through the BHIM app. The prize amount shall be credited to the respective bank accounts of the new user as well as the existing user. 

How to download the BHIM app?

The BHIM app is available for download in both the Google Play Store as well as the ITunes App Store. 

  • Go to the Google Play Store or the ITunes App Store.
  • Search for “BHIM – Making India Cashless”. 
  • Download this app on your smart phone.
  • Install it.
  • Complete the process of registration with the app.
  • Link your bank account with this.
  • Perform your first transaction through The BHIM app.

How to make transactions with BHIM:

  • Download and install the BHIM app from the Google Play Store or the ITunes App Store.
  • Select the language of your preference for the operation of app.
  • Register your mobile number (the mobile number which is registered with your bank account).
  • Set up an UPI pin of your choice for security purposes.
  • Make your first transaction.
  • If you have a referral code, insert it in the referral code field in the transaction page.

Thus, the BHIM app provides its users with an unique opportunity to transfer money seamlessly from one bank account to another simply through an easy to use mobile app. This app, which is extremely easy to navigate, is the perfect one stop solution for the busy modern individual who is too busy to visit the bank for a mere transfer of money.