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  • 33% OFF exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    More about the 3H care deal: 

    • Cashbacks of Rs. 3000
    • Valid for single time use 
    • Additional Paytm cash back worth Rs.600

    3H CARE OFFERS you a great discount worth 33% of the retail for all its users. The offer covers a 87 tests for the complete women health care which may contain Complete haemogram, thyroid profile, diabetes screen, iron deficiency profile, kidney profile and more. The cost of this package is Rs.5999. Offer valid for limited people only, Hurry

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  • CHECK UP@ Rs.2250/- exclusive offer

    WHOLE BODY CHECK UP@ Rs.2250/-

    Exclusive Offer

    Details of the offer:

    • The test is done by Wellness Path care
    • Cashback amount starts from Rs.5000
    • It is applicable on mobile site and windows web page
    • All users are eligible for the deal

    3H CARE COUPON CODE is not listed for this offer redemption. It is having a total of 107 tests for all. Some of the tests include Heart risk profile, Kidney function Test, Thyroid profile, Arthritis screening test, Blood count, electrolyte profile and more. The offer is valid till 30th april 2018. The price of this whole body check up package is Rs.2250. 

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  • FLAT 57% OFF view offer


    View Offer

    About the 3H care coupon:

    • Maximum cashback: Rs.4000/-
    • The discount is for old and new users
    • No coupon code applicable for the offer

    3H CARE OFFER TODAY brings you an exciting cashbacks on its comprehensive health check ups where 57% off is given. Under this offer there is a total of 45 tests that are covered. Some of tests also include HbA1c, Glucose Fasting, Urinary Microalbumin, Urinary Creatinine. Visit the 3H care today.

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  • aT Rs.2500/- exclusive offer

    MRI BRAIN @ Rs.2500/-

    Exclusive Offer

    Summary of 3H care the deal:

    • It is for the new and old users.
    • Discount worth 25% of retail bill amount
    • No coupon is required to get the offer

    3H CARE OFFERS you an I pressive deal on the MRI scan taken at the nearest Thyrocare labs in your city. It gives a discounted cashback for paytm users worth Rs.300. It is valid only on MRI brain scan and not on any other tests. Grab the offer today.

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  • Rs.500/- cashback view offer

    Rs.500/- CASHBACK (PAYTM)

    View Offer

    Highlights of the 3H care deal: 

    • The offer is open on Nuclear whole body pet ct scan
    • Minimum cashbacks of Rs.150
    • Center to avail the offer is Thyrocare
    • No online payment allowed

    3H CARE OFFER TODAY has been put on the whole body nuclear scan taken. The offer gives Rs. 500 cash back when paid via paytm. The scan centers for availing this offer are located in Mumbai, delhi, Hyderabad. The offer period ends by 21st april 2018. The price of the scan is Rs.9999. The offer money will be remitted within 5 days of scan.

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  • @ Rs.560/- exclusive offer

    ULTRA SOUND @ Rs.560/-

    Exclusive Offer

    Information about the 3H care deal

    • The test is valid for men and women
    • Availed on windows and mobile website.
    • Cash backs up to Rs.200
    • Offer can be booked on center and online

    The deal is devoid of a specific 3H CARE PROMO CODE. The deal lets you take an ultra sound of lower abdomen and pelvis for the patients. The scan center is N2 imaging at new delhi. The discounted price for the offer is worth Rs.600. The offer is for the new and old users. The offer is valid for a limited time period only. Rush to the nearest centres today.

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  • CT SCAN at Rs.1200/- exclusive offer

    CT SCAN BRAINS at Rs.1200/-

    Exclusive Offer

    More to know about the offer:

    • Test center for this scan is Health Square.
    • Offer is valid till 18th april 2018
    • Maximum cash backs available is Rs.800
    • The offer is for all the new and old users.

    This deal is devoid of a 3H CARE COUPON. The offer gives you a CT scan for the brain for all users at Rs.1200. There is a discount percentage of 52% of original value. The scan can be taken only at the new delhi city only. The additional discount for paytm of Rs.250. Offer valid for short time gap. Hurry

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  • get 35% off exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    Pointers in the 3H care offer: -

    • Available at Dr,Madhu’s MRI Path Lab
    • Not applicable for the non delhi residents
    • Limited period offer only.
    • Minimum of Rs.2000 discount for all.

    3H CARE COUPON CODE is not needed for getting your hands on this offer. It is giving flat 35% off for check up for senior citizens. Tests like Blood sugar fasting, Liver function, Folate serum are included. Not applicable for any other age groups. The price of the package is Rs.1500 only. The offer is on the windows and mobile web page.

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  • Rs.2000/- ONWARDS exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    3H care deal specialties: 

    • Test cannot be taken out of new delhi
    • Minimum cash backs of Rs.100 is to be availed
    • It can be redeemed on windows and mobile website
    • It can be availed for one time per user.

    3H CARE OFFERS you an impressive deal on the arthritis tests that is taken just for a affordable price of Rs.2250. It covers Anti CCP, ANA, HLA B27 tests. This test can be redeemed only at Om sai diagnostic centre. No coupon code is needed and the offer is valid till 31st march 2018.

    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18
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  • CHECK UP AT Rs.5000/- view offer


    View Offer

    Description of the offer: 

    • Cashbacks extend up to Rs.2000
    • Availed on mobile and windows web page
    • Additional cashbacks of Rs.400 for paytm new users.

    This deal has no specified 3H CARE PROMO CODE and through this offer you may avail a pre-marital health check up at Rs.5000 only. The tests under this offer comprises of  Complete haemogram, thyroid profile, diabetes screen, iron deficiency profile, kidney profile and other important tests. The offer is for the new users to the 3H care. Get your body check up done today

    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18
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  • CHECK UP at Rs.3000/- exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    Summary of the 3H care offer: 

    • Center for this check up is Jains Clinic and diagnostics center.
    • The cash back eligible for the offer is Rs.125 
    • It is availed only at new delhi
    • This deal can be offered by both old and new users.

    No need for any 3H CARE COUPON CODE to grab this offer. This deal covers a basic health check up for users of all age for an amount of Rs.3000. The tests covered under include Hemogram, Fasting blood sugar, Lipid profile, thyroid profile, KFT, LFT, Electrolytes, urine microalbumin. It is available till 21st april 2018. The offers can be availed for two times by the user.

    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18
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  • at Rs.1700/- exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    More about the 3H care deal:            

    • Offered by Throcare center
    • Applicable for direst lab test or online booking.
    • Free home sample collection included
    • The maximum discount percentage availed is 55%

    3H CARE OFFER TODAY gives you unbelievable deals on the diabetic care package which is reduced to a cost of Rs.1700. It is for all the old and new users. It includes 69 tests. The validity of the offer expires by 31st march 2918. Some of those tests include lipid, renal, Thyroid, Diabetes, complete haemogram and others.

    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18
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  • FOR Rs.2465/- view offer


    View Offer

    Highlights of the offer: -

    • A combo offer for two persons
    • Package inclusive of 72 tests.
    • Availed by new and old users
    • Service provided by Thyrocare

    There is no 3H CARE COUPON needed to get the offer. The offer comes with two different tests for Rs.2465. It also gives paytm cashback worth Rs.200. The price pof ths package is Rs.2400. The tests under this pack are cardiac risk Marker, Diabetes, Iron deficiency, lipid profile, liver test. The offer is on for a short duration only. This offer is open for short time period only.

    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18 Viewed 11 times
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  • get 66% OFF exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    Summary of the deal:

    • The check up is applicable for women only
    • Both new and old users are eligible
    • Can be redeemed at the delhi NCR lab only
    • Offer valid for limited time period only

    No 3H CARE PROMO CODE is needed to activate the deal and it is priced at Rs.999 at the discount period. It gives a 66% discount on womens lab test for Women’s health based tests like CBC, Lipid Profile, BUN, SGOT, VIT D are covered under this test. The maximum cashback is up to Rs.1200. Get your check ups done now.

    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18
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  • get 88% OFF exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    Brief about the deal:

    • The maximum discount: Rs.500/-
    • The test will be taken at CRL diagnostics
    • It is only taken at new delhi 
    • A total of 76 tests are covered in this package

    3H CARE COUPON is not required to avail this deal. You can get a flat 88% off on the vital health check ups. It consists of 3 thryoid tests, Liver function test, complete urine test analysis, complete haemogram and many more. This tests can be availed through website and in the center directly. It costs about Rs.550 for one person. 

    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18 Viewed 11 times
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  • UPTO 70% OFF exclusive


    Exclusive Code

    3Hcare offer details:

    • Discount of upto 70% on health package 
    • Applicable for all users
    • Offer valid on all Delhi/NCR 3hcare labs
    • All types of health package are under this offers
    Verified Valid till 30 Sep 18 Viewed 15 times
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  • 50% off view offer


    View Offer

    3hcare coupons highlights:

    • Upto 50% off
    • All kind of diagnostic test are under this offer
    • Applicable for all users
    • No coupon code required
    Verified Valid till 30 Sep 18 Viewed 14 times
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  • 42% off view offer


    View Offer

    3Hcare coupon details:

    • Free Home Sample Collection.
    • This packages include 63 test. 
    • The discounted price: Rs.1020/-
    • The original rice of test: Rs.2000/-
    • valid in: 2000+ cities.
    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18 Viewed 19 times
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  • Rs.1299/- only exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    3Hcare promo code highlights:

    • This package inclufde 1104 various test.
    • Actual price of the test: Rs.8000/-.
    • The discounted price: Rs.1299/-
    • No promo code required.
    • valid for all users.
    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18
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  • Rs.500/- cashback view offer


    View Offer

    3Hcare paytm offer details:

    • Valid on: Nuclear PET CT Scan
    • No minimum amount required.
    • Applicable to: Mumbai, Hyderabad city only.
    • Cashback credited: After 5 days of scan.
    Verified Valid till 31 Aug 18
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  • Extra Rs.200/- cashback exclusive offer


    Exclusive Offer

    Hread about 3hcare code details:

    • Valid on: Thyocare service
    • Minimum 2 beneficiaries required.
    • Package include: 72 approx
    • Extra offer: Rs.200/- Paytm cashback
    • Test cost: Rs.3800/- per person
    • Discount price: Rs.2400/- per person.
    Verified Valid till 30 Sep 18
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  • 40% off view offer


    View Offer

    3Hcare coupons details: 

    • Free Home Sample Collection
    • 69 body care test include in this package.
    • No minimum amount.
    • Actual price: Rs.3000/-
    • discounted price: Rs.1700/-
    Verified Valid till 30 Sep 18
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About 3hcare:

Almost all the things can be availed online. On one click you can shop, order food and now you can also book your next medical tests too. Yes, with just one click get your next appointment booked and get great quality services in your city in renowned hospitals and labs. To reduce the waiting period in the laboratory and gain extra discount on the costs, you must try 3HCare. There are numerous benefits that 3HCare can provide you with, starting from discounts (up to 88% off) and ending with great service quality such as 3HCare ultrasound health check up, full body check up and others.

Health Check-ups and Procedures

It is very hard to find the best doctor or centre for specific procedure. But, not anymore as with 3HCareyou can get the best of the services at your hand with just one tap. The best part that they are all renowned and provide great offers for the same. 

Procedure Name

Discount Details

Bone marrow transplant

Starts at 7.5L

Kidney Transplant

Rs. 4L

Deep Brain Stimulation

From 7.25L

Total Knee Replacement

From Rs. 2.20L

Dental Bone Grafting

Starting from Rs. 75,000

IVF Fertility Treatment

At Rs. 1L only

Liposuction Beauty Surgery

Begins at Rs. 90,000

Exclusive 3HCARE services

  • Offers-3HCare apart from easy services available online also provide you with enormous offer discounts on health packages & check-ups. You can get up to 88% discount on your next body check up package booked through 3HCare website. Users can also look for coupons and offers on medicine to avail significant discounts.
  • Ease of using-Just one click and no other pain taken. You will not have to stand in queue or wait for a particular time. Anywhere, anytime, from your mobile you can book your next appointment at your own desired time through 3HCare. 
  • Diagnostics-From your usual body check-ups to your next big surgery. 3HCareis the biggest online portal for healthcare services. You can get all your diagnosis done at one click only. 
  • Plan my surgery-Be it a cosmetic surgery or a chemotherapy. Why take chances with something new when you can book the most trusted hospitals at ease through 3HCare. It will provide you the service at a very low rate and without any hassle. 
  • Book a test-Thinking to get yourself or your close relative checked? Then book your next appointment through 3HCareand get your test done at the exact time you wish for. You can also receive home service through 3HCare and get your test reports at home without even stepping out.
  • Health packages- Another great feature of 3HCare is the health package that they provide. You can avail health packages that are there for women, kids or for a particular purpose such as- thyroid, diabetes and pre-natal packages. There are more than 50 such packages available on 3HCare from which you can choose the best suited one for yourself. 

Benefits of 3HCare

There is a huge amount of benefits that you can get on 3HCare, some of them go like- 

  • It saves your time of going to the centre and making a booking there. 
  • You get great packages and offers that provide discounts of flat 88% off
  • 3HCare helps you get tests done at your home only, such as pathology tests
  • You can get your test booking done with one tap on your phone sitting anywhere at any time.
  • It works according to your own convenience. 

Latest Health Offers on 3HCare

Scheduling and booking for health check-ups online is another big advantage of internet which is making the tasks easy. On 3hcare, you can get hold of almost all the regular check-ups and major surgeries around your location. Also, you can check out these offers on health packages on 3HCare that give up to 88% discount on the total expenditure. 


3HCARE Offer

3HCareComprehensive Health Package

At flat 58% Price Cut

CRI Vital Health Package

Flat 88% off

3HCareWomen Check up Package

At Rs. 999 only

Full Body Check up at 3HCare

At 78% Discount

3HCare Paytm Package for Women 

Flat 33% off

3hCare Health Packages:

  • 3HCare Comprehensive Health Package

This package is combo of not just 4-5 tests but a total of 45 tests. It is only available in Diagno Labs in Delhi. Originally it was priced at Rs. 7000 but now through this offer one can get it for just Rs. 3000 only. You can add the package as many times as you want in your cart and it can be availed by old or new users on 3HCare. Also, you can have a look at some offers on medlife in order to get benefits on your health related expenses.

  • CRI Vital Health Package

This health package is available from CRL Vital Delhi only. It includes all the vital health check up that one must get done for them. There are a total of 76 tests that are done under the package which includes variety of tests under- thyroid, heart, liver function, kidney function, vitals check, and complete hormonal and urine analysis. This health package can be availed through 3HCare without any coupon code applicable. You can buy this package at just Rs. 550 instead of its non discounted store price of Rs. 2500. 

  • 3HCareWomen Check up Package

It is a health check up completely dedicated to women health and care. The package consists of total of 32 tests. It can be availed by any user- new or old. The service is provided only by Diagno Labs in Delhi. You can avail the package at just Rs. 999 only on 3HCare while it is worth Rs. 2500 without any discount. The test checks calcium, thyroid, Iron and various other vitals in a women body. 

  • Full Body Check up at 3HCare

A full body check up is said should be done every 6 months. What are you waiting for get this check up booked for you and your family at just Rs. 2250 instead of its original price of Rs. 10,000. This check up is done at Wellness Path Care and it requires no coupon code along with it. A total of 107 tests are done and checked within the package. The package includes various other small packages such as- heart, liver function, kidney function, thyroid profile, arthiritis, urine examination, vitamin, diabetes, anemia, blood count, electrolyte profile and others too. 

  • 3HCare Wellness Gold Women Package

Wellness for women is very important and that is exactly what this package strives to provide. This test is available for Rs. 5,999 only instead of its original rate of Rs. 8,999. Apart from that this offer also provides for Rs. 600 cash back on every test done. You can pay for the test through Paytm or cash at the store. This offer is available at Thyrocare, Delhi only. It includes a total of 87 tests dedicated to women that checks their- heart, lipid profile, liver functioning, diabetes, calcium & Iron deficiency, vitamin profile and various other profiles as well. 

Major Diagnostics Centres Available under 3Hcare

  • Saral Advanced Diagnostic Centre-

Situated in Delhi, in 1984 Saral Diagnostic centre is one of the best in their field and top diagnostic centre in Delhi. It is a well equipped lab with all the latest advanced imaging and other equipments. It is also the first ISO 2000 certified centre in Delhii and First NABL accredited Lab in India. It specialises in Dual head gamma camera, 4-D Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray, Bone Densitometry, Electro Physiological Studies, Mammography and other kinds of diagnosis. 

  • SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics is situated in Madhu Vihar in Delhi and it motto is to provide quality services to its customers. It is an ISO certified private sector lab recognized by the Government of India's Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. SRL Centre provides great amount of diagnosis tests and monitoring services to other labs. You can book tests from SRL at up to 20% discount rates. You can also buy your prescribed medicines & drugs at 55% or more discounts under best offers on netmeds.

  • Diagno Lab

If you need a pathology test done then think no more except for Diagno Lab. It is a chain of labs running in 10 cities of India with more than 4000 labs situated in total. You can get done a range of tests which include- pathology, microbiology, immunology, hematology, serology and radiology tests such as ultrasound, x-ray and others as well. Book these tests through 3HCare and grab a discount of up to Rs. 1600 off on your tests. 

  • C15 MRI Diagnostic Centre

This diagnostic centre is one of the top diagnostic centre in Delhi and believes in trust of customers more than anything else. It provides great quality of service at a very marginal cost that makes the customer most satisfied. It offers services like Premarital health check-up, lover tests, abdomen test, sonography and many other tests. 

Steps to Book on 3HCare

It might be a new thing for you but do not worry about the booking procedure on 3HCare. Follow these easy steps and book an appointment for yourself now!

  1. Go to the 3HCare website
  2. Choose the package that suits you the best
  3. Once you have chosen, add the package to your cart. 
  4. Open the cart then choose your desired date of appointment and your age. 
  5. Apply any promo code.
  6. Once done, move to the address page and fill in your particulars.
  7. After you have filled in all the particulars you will be asked for the payments. 
  8. Your appointment after confirmation will be booked. 

Great quality and less money guaranteed! Why stand in line for hours waiting for your turn when you can instead choose the easy and functional way out. Do not wait and seek precaution for your family from any daunting medical ailment before it grows on to you. Choose the right package for yourself and get started now!