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Muskan Garg
Muskan Garg
store : Flatheads
review date : Sep 04 2021
product purchased : shoes
shoes purchased : Aug 29 2021
4.1 Selection Experience
4.5 Coupon Selection
4.2 Payment Process
4.4 Refund / Cashback
4.3 User Interface

“They have really good shoes”

  • overall experience

    I wanted to try something more feet-friendly, so I tried out Flatheads shoes! And I am very much impressed.  Except for the toes part of the shoes which could use some more padding, overall the shoes I tried are pretty good. The sole is pretty good and since the shoes are literally as light as feathers, I don’t really realize that I am wearing them unless I check that I do. 

    Flatheads shoes

    And might sound exaggerated but they fit me perfectly! Although yes they might be just a bit overpriced. However, they definitely are worth wearing!