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Ikea Black Friday Sale 2018: Offers Deals with Up to 70% off

Ikea Black Friday sale 2018 offers some of the biggest sales in the whole holiday shopping season. And like most other top stores, Ikea also offers tons of discounts and amazing deals during this period. The discounts are huge and it can go up to 60% during the sale period.

Ikea Black Friday Sale 2018

As like every other year, the Black Friday sale will be live this year also on 23rd November. Use the below table to find out what are the expected discount amounts and exclusive Black Friday sale deals across the most popular categories and keep reading to find out more.

Category Discount
Beds Up to 27% off
Kitchen appliances Maximum 16% off
Living room Get 28.6% off

Sitewide Offers Under the Ikea Black Friday Sale

Apart from deals and discounts on Black Friday sale, you can get additional discounts using Ikea sitewide offers which are valid across most of the products available in the store. Check out more details about them below.

Flat $25 off

If you are an Ikea family member than you are in luck as Ikea is now offering Flat $25 on select products across its offline stores.

  • You need to generate your personalized coupon from here.
  • The offer is valid only on Ikea offline stores.
  • You need to make purchases worth $150 before tax to be eligible for this offer.
  • One household can use only one coupon.

A chance to win $100

Once again an offer designed exclusively for the Ikea family member. If you sign up for the Ikea Family member scheme, you can win gift vouchers worth $100 every month.

  • This prize is awarded via a lucky draw.
  • You need to make a purchase using your card or need to swipe it at an Ikea Family kiosk to enter the draw.
  • By signing up for Ikea Family program, you also get tons of other offers and discounts such as monthly product discounts, discounts on Ikea restaurants, 90-days price protection etc.

Top 15 products on Ikea Black Friday Sale 2018

Check out the most anticipated products on the Ikea Black Friday sale.

RENELIG built-in dishwasher at $345

Now grab this amazing dishwasher for the lowest ever price tag of $345. This product saves both energy and water and uses high temperature to sanitize your dishes. Total savings on this product is 50 dollars.

Save $50 on BETROOD microwave ovens

Bring home a new microwave oven with an exterior fan and 10 power modes for only 195 dollars from the Ikea store. You also get different food modes to make cooking easier for you.

Get ALESKÄR kitchen faucet for only $249

Give your kitchen a new look and save energy at the same time using this trendy faucet from Ikea. And using Ikea Black Friday deals you save as much as 30 dollars.

$20 off on ÅDUM dark green rug

Gift your feet the comfort of Swedish high pile rugs thanks to Ikea. This brilliant and comfortable rug is now available for only $69.99 which is $20 below the original listed price.

STRIMKROKUS comforter and pillowcase for only $16.99

A sensible choice for those who are allergic to dust as this comforter is machine washable at temperatures as high as 140 degrees. And during Ikea Black Friday hours, you can save up to 6 dollars on them.

Save 20% on KIRSKÅL 7-piece bed

This amazing bed is designed for comfort as everything except the filling is made of 100% cotton. And Ikea Black Friday opening sale lets you save as much as $16 on them.

LJUSA LED lights at $3.99

The LJUSA LED Lights are a perfect example of Ikea’s green innovations as it can be powered by winding the handle. This flashlight would cost you $6.99 but under the Ikea Black Friday sale, it will be available for only $3.99.

$50 off on HEMNES brown bed frame

This queen size bed is made of solid wood and is adjustable to fit your needs. Under the Ikea Black Friday sale, you pay only $199 which is almost $50 less than the original MSRP of $249.

LYCKSELE LÖVÅS sofa at $199

This sofa has a washable cover for easy cleaning. It can also be converted into a bed comfortable for 2 persons. You can also use extra covers to keep changing the look of your sofa regularly.

HEKTER white lamp

The HEKTER white lamp has a built-in wireless charger facility. It can charge up to 2 devices at the same time. This lamp is ideal for studies and under the Ikea Black Friday sale, it is available for only $59.99.

KORKEN clear glass bottle at $2.99

The KORKEN clear glass bottle can be very handy for your household. The material does not contain cadmium or lead and is perfectly safe for storing liquids. The list price of this bottle is 2.99 dollars.

TARVA Nightstand

This simplistic nightstand is made of untreated wood which is warm and durable. You also have the option to treat the wood to make it even more durable. This nightstand is available for only $39.99 at Ikea stores.

Save $2 on Sommar salad and signature soup

During the Ikea Black Friday sale, if you ever get hungry while shopping then Ikea has got you covered, During the offer period, you can get this $6.99 Sweedish delicacy for only $4.99.

Popular categories under Ikea Black Friday Sale

Check out the top few product categories available under the Ikea Black Friday sale. There is a wide range of offers and deals, up for grab under the Ikea black Friday sale on major product categories including appliances, home and garden items, promotional items, gift items, office supplies, hardware tools, toys etc.

Bed Frames

The Nordic culture believes in simplicity and lightweight furniture decor for a comfortable sleep. And thanks to Ikea, you can bring the same to your own bedroom. There are a number of bed frames and bedroom decors under the HEMENS brand are available under this category. Check out some of the top products in this category.

Frame type Discount
HEMENS Maximum 26.6% off
MALM Up to 13% off
TARVA Get 20% off

HEMENS Luröy bed frame at $199.99

This adjustable beds are simplistic and lightweight and designed to give your comfort naturally. It has a price tag of $249, but under the Ikea Black Friday sales, you can get them for only $199.99.

Save $65 on HEMENS bed frame with 2 storage boxes

Now store the extra pillow or comforter right under your bed using this Ikea HEMENS bed frame that comes with two storage boxes. And using the Ikea Black Friday deal you can get it for only $259.

Save more than 20% on HEMENS bed frame with 4 storage boxes

And for ultimate storage capacity, Ikea has the HEMENS bed frame with 4 storage boxes. It is also fully adjustable for all mattress height. The bed has a list price of $399 but it is now available for only $319.

MALM bed frame at $264

This MALM bed is made of 16 layers of birch and have 2 extra storage boxes. The list price of this real wood vernier is $264 but under the Ikea Black Friday sale, it is available for only $229.

Save $20.99 on TARVA bed frame

This 16 layers birchwood bed frame is a perfect example of modern Scandinavian furniture. You can also add additional storage under this bed. The list price of this bed frame is $129.99 but now you can get it for only $109.  

Kitchen Appliances

This festive season brings home brand new kitchen appliances from Ikea. Not only these advanced appliances help you to cook and clean better but also saves you big bucks in terms of electric bills. Check out some of our top choices in this category.

Product type Discount
FRAMTID cooktop Avail 14% discount
NUTID refrigerator Maximum 5% off
RENLIG Dishwasher Up to 16% off

$70 off on FRAMTID gas cooktop

This sealed cooktop has 4 burners and can generate up to 12000 BTU of heat energy. It has almost an infinite number of heat modes for your convenience. Under the Ikea Black Friday sale, it is available for only $425.

5% off on NUTID side-by-side refrigerator

This refrigerator has a full stainless steel body and has an integrated air-purifier to keep your foods fresh. The list price of this product is $1795 but it is available for only $1695.

RENLIG Stainless steel dishwasher at $495

This advanced dishwasher has a stainless steel front and cavity. It has a list price of $595 but under the Ikea Black Friday sale, you can save up to 100 dollars on it.

Save $50 on RENLIG built-in dishwasher

Now save as much as 50 dollars on this dishwasher and get this for only $795. It is the most efficient dishwasher by Ikea and it uses only 2 Gallons of water to clean 12 dishes.

5% off on RENLIG built-in dishwasher with 3 fronts

Apart from all the regular features of the RENLIG series, this dishwasher has 3 fronts to fit in more dishes. The listed price of this dishwasher is 985 dollars but now you can get it for only 935 dollars.

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Living room

Now change the look and feel of your living room using Ikea’s brilliant range of living room decorations. And during the Black Friday sale, you can get up to 28.6% sale on them. Irresistible, right? Check out the top few products in this category.

Product type Discount
ÅDUM rug Maximum 28.6% off
KIVIK sofa Up to 10% off
STRANDMON ottoman Save flat 22%

ÅDUM light brown-pink rug at $69.99

The ÅDUM rugs are some of the best quality rugs available in the market right now. This brown-pink rug is priced at 89.99 dollars but the Ikea Black Friday sale lets you grab it for only 69.99 dollars.

Save $40 on ÅDUM off-white premium rug

These premium rugs are very durable and completely stain free. Under the Ikea Black Friday sale, you can find these rugs at flat 28.6% discount.

$100 off on KIVIK 4-set sofa

This 4 set sofa is made of memory foam to give you comfort and as well as necessary support. It also features a removable cover for easy cleaning. At Ikea, this sofa is available for only $849.

Save 22% on STRANDMON Ottoman

This Ottomans are made of 100% polyester and have a foam seat. The list price of this Ottoman is $89.99 but now it is available for only $69.99.

GRÖNLID sectional sofa at $935

This sectional sofa is designed for ultimate comfort. It is extra deep, extra soft and has an open end. You can also add additional sections if you ever need a bigger sitting arrangement.

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How to avail these Black Friday Sale Offer from Ikea

To avail, these amazing Ikea Black Friday Deals just follow these simple steps listed below.

  • Visit your nearest Ikea store or the Ikea website/mobile app.
  • Search for your favorite products.
  • Go to the billing counter if you are shopping offline and click buy online if you are shopping online.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Login to Ikea or enter your delivery address manually.
  • Pay using your preferred payment method.
  • Once payment is confirmed, your product will be dispatched.

The Swedish brand Ikea is known worldwide for their premium quality furniture. And when you get this much discounts on their this many products, it becomes simply impossible to miss the sale. So, go ahead and mark November 23rd as the Ikea Black Friday.

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