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Guitar Center Black Friday Sale 2019: Grab 80% Discounts on All Products

Guitar center is the world’s largest store where you can find anything from drums, bass guitars, orchestra instruments, to anything music related. The store has been known to give out great discounts so how could it step back this Black Friday. When the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale hits the stores this November be on the lookout for discounts up to 60% on most of the categories.

Major Categories Deals During Guitar Center Black Friday Sale 2019

Discount Available Guitar Centre Black Friday Sale
Drums: Minimum 30% off Get Deal
Up to 25% off on Bass Guitars Get Deal
Mics and Wireless: Maximum 40% off Get Deal
Up to 50% off on Keyboards Get Deal
Recording Equipment: Minimum 15% off Get Deal
Maximum 20% off on Amplifiers Get Deal

Sitewide Deals under Black Friday Sale on Guitar Center

Up to 25% off

Get set to roll in all the savings through these deals from Guitar Center Black Friday Sale on all its products for especially all its new users.

  1. Use code DAYS25 to get the discount.
  2. Valid till 24th July 2019.
  3. Available for new users only.
  4. Can’t be clubbed with other offers.

Flat 10% off

This summer you can totally count on Black Friday Sale on Guitar Center for saving you some good amount of money through these Black Friday deals which can get you up to 10% off.

  1. Available on instruments only.
  2. Use code DAYS10 to avail the offer.
  3. Can be used till 30th July 2019.
  4. Available on the website only.

Top 15 Products under Guitar Center Black Friday Sale

This guitar has a small body which is made from maple neck and rosewood fretboard along with Martin strings. All of this is under Guitar Center Black Friday deals when original price is 4439/-.

What you get in this product is a low price of just 23679/-. Under this price, you get a 5 piece mesh head electronic drum piece and it can be opened anywhere as it’s very portable.

This amplifier is a full-featured amplifier which also doubles up as a portable PA. You get independent level controls and two input combos, all for this price after discount from 22199/- only at Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

This Mitchell guitar features a carved double-cutaway basswood body and a maple neck with smooth finish fretboard only for 6289/- after being discounted from 7399/-.

Get this full-size digital piano with 88 semi-weighted keys and built-in speakers are the best thing about them. All of this only for a price of 13319/- which has been discounted from 18499/-.

These bongos give an authentic feel with traditional rims, 6” and 7” rawhide heads for play. They come with an MRP of 2660/- which will be discounted by 10% in this Guitar Center Black Friday deals 2019.

Build your own guitar with this Loog guitar kit which comes for 11044/- under the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale when the original price is 14726/. The advantage you have with this kit is 3 D’addario strings along with a printed play guide.

Experience the ultimate sound with this brand’s first 4 channel UHF wireless system. You get 4 handhelds at a price of 22125/- only at the Guitar Center Black Friday Deals 2019 which has been waived off by 3% from 22791/-.

This sterling studio monitor is the latest product with dual axis wave guidance technology. The price is exclusive for the Guitar Center Sale after a huge discount from the MRP of 8879/- under Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

You get this guitar package with MRP of 11099/- on discount in the Guitar Center Black Friday deals 2019 with a double cutaway guitar strap, guitar cable, picks and a guitar amplifier all in this one product.

This 3 piece drum kit is what you need to kick off that drummer in you. In this package, you get multi-ply wood shells, fully tunable under the price of 8324/- after being discounted from 11099/-.

This black amplifier is a 30W which comes with acoustic-comp compression circuit. You get shape control and 4 bands EQ all in a price of 7399/- at the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale when the original price is 11099/-.

A huge piano like this with an ebony gloss finish and a four-speaker amplification system definitely suits your pocket when the sale price has been reduced from its original price of 51798/-.

The X1S vocal pack is the advanced product with high dynamic range, gold-plated XLR connector which all makes up for the perfect product along with a price of 11044/- when MRP is 14726/-.

Remove the dreaded plosive pop sound from your vocal using this mesh pop filter with double layer nylon construction for a very nominal price after being discounted from 1627/- at the Guitar Center Sale.

Popular Categories Under Guitar Center Black Friday Sale 2019


Guitars are something that everyone wishes to learn someday and you can actually start your learning today by buying new ones from guitar center at discounted prices because of the Guitar Center Black Friday Deals. You will get all types of guitars, from acoustic, electric to classical in the collection of guitar center with up to 30% off on them.

Loog Flat 15% off
Rogue Minimum 10% off
Hofner Maximum 25% off
B.C. Rich Up t0 30% off

This guitar is an epic bargain in this sale as it comes with a mahogany stained back. You get a chrome hardware as well for this killer price which has been discounted from 6659/- under the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

This is one of the best products from Kramer with a single cutaway mahogany body and a mahogany neck. You get 24 fret rosewood fingerboard as well, all for 21977/- when the original price is 24419/-

This exclusive classical musical instrument features a laminated spruce and top and mahogany back and sides. One of the best guitars for beginners under the price of 7214/- after being discounted from 9619/-.


If any of you drummers are looking for great drum sets with very affordable prices then guitar center is your place because it has portable, 5 piece, 4 piece, and even 3 piece sets depending on what you like. All of it has special discounts up-to 25% under the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale and you can get 10% extra off as well on selected products of selected brands.

Ddrum Save 25%
Pintech Min 10% off
Nino Max 40% off
Sonor Up to 35% off

This 5 piece drum set features an 18-inch drum, real multi-ply wood shells and a full sized pedal and it is fully tuneable with a replaceable top with a good discount from the original price of 22199/-.

Under Guitar Center Black Friday Sale this drum set is quite amazing as it can fit anywhere and it comes with a cross-laminated body. The steel drum gives you crisp sound and the discount gets the price down to 26572/- from 29525/-.

If you are looking for a new drum then this one is perfect with 6 ply shell, black nickel plating hardware which is quite good for a price like this after being discounted from 16279/- at the Guitar Center Black Friday Deals 2019.


Guitar center has the biggest collection of amplifiers from the best brands in the world including Laney, Keeley, Ashdown, moley and outlaw effects etc. and all of them have a good amount of discount which will convince you to buy them at a maximum discount of 40% during Guitar Center Black Friday Sale. You can avail EMI plans as well on some of the products.

Laney Min 12% off
Keeley Max 33% off
Ashdown Up to 40% off
Morley Up to 35% off

This Keeley compressor plus will pedal out smooth sound because of the Rackmount JEET compression. All of these features under a price of 7159/- at the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

This one is perfect for clubs and live events because of its custom designed speaker with 100W RMS. You also get a separate overdrive channel under this great price after discount from MRP of 22199/-.

Laney open-back guitar speaker is a pair of 12 inch HH with open back for clear midrange. It’s multi-positional with chocolate brown cosmetic with a price of 14799/- after discount from 18499/-. Buy this from the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

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Recording gear

Recording gear is more than important for any musician and Guitar center has all the right products for all of them. From audio interfaces, mesh filters, microphones, wireless mics to a studio monitor. The good thing is all of them are on discount up-to 25% under the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

Lynx Min 30% off
Avantone Max 30% off
Fluid Audio Up to 50% off
Slate digital Min 25% off

The Avantone mix cubes are full range mini-reference monitors inspired by 5C sound cubes. It holds features like input connectors, etc. at a price of 31126/- after a huge discount from 35371/- under the Guitar Center Black Friday Deals 2019.

This product is extremely amazing with features like iOS device connectivity, USB etc. you can even charge a device with this product which you are getting for 19979/- when store price is 22199/- under Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

The new i2m music port has the features of a G2M and a B2M with an optimized user interface due to the extended MIDI within a price of 8129/-.

Mics and wireless

Mics and wireless are like the main components required if you are a musician and getting your hands on them on discount is what you would definitely want. Now, you can actually buy them at maximum 40% off on brands like Rode etc. which are one of the best brands out there.

Nady Min 10% off
Rode Max 35% off
Blue Up to 25% off

With this product, you can record anywhere as its constructed from a high quality 16 gauge micro cell acoustic foam and you get a reduced price as well as 7769/- and a 6-month warranty along with it from the Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

This condenser microphone features a high pass filter and attenuator and a mic clip in the set with a discounted price of 2885/- when the original price is 4439/-.

The reflexion filter X can reduce unwanted reflections as it features a 4 layer acoustic filter which originally comes for the price of 7326/- but you get a discount.

Read Also

Guitar Center Black Friday Sale Hours

Guitar Center Black Friday Deals opening is at the end of November. This year the day falls on November 23rd so mark the dates in your calendars to make sure you get the best discounts. The sale will be open till 3 in the morning on the first day and re-opens at 6 am in the morning again. Line up at the store if you wish to buy any of these products.

How to Shop Under Guitar Center Black Friday Sale?

Follow these simple steps in order to shop from this amazing Guitar Center Sale

  • Firstly, Open the Guitar Center’s website or the app on your phone or visit the store.
  • Search for the product you are looking for.
  • You will find a lot of categories on the home page along with discounts, you can choose from that too.
  • Once you find the product you are looking for, add it to cart.
  • Keep shopping if you want or proceed to checkout.
  • Add in all your details.
  • Thereafter, Proceed for payment.
  • Add on a promo code if you have it, in the offers section.
  • Go for online banking if you want to avail any bank offer.
  • Complete payment.
  • Soon you will receive a confirmation message.

There are so many reasons for you to shop from Guitar Center Black Friday Deals 2019, from amazing discounts to great products and affordable prices, everything just compels you to put your foot forward to shop from this min blowing Guitar Center Black Friday Sale.

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