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Apple Black Friday Sale 2018: Deals With Up To 60% Off

Black Friday is the day for all the shopaholics to go all out on their shopping spree and this Apple black Friday deals are the perfect opportunity for that. All the expensive Apple products will be on discount under this Black Friday Sale from laptops to phones, everything has up-to 30% off on them under this sale. There is no better place for electronics like these than apple o the wait for the sale is totally worth it. Save up on money now and spend all of it on the Apple Black Friday deals.





Up-to 20% off


Min 7% off


Min 1% off


Max 30% off


Up-to 25% off


Min 10% off


Here are the best Apple Black Friday Deals available this season:

  • iPhone X at 7% discount

The latest and the most popular phone launched by apple with features like mirror back and bezel less screen is available in this apple black Friday deals for $1178 after being discounted from $1266.

  • Apple iPad pro on 1% discount

The new Ipad pro is equipped to do anything, from clicking pictures with it’s 12 Mp camera to performing calling functions with its single sim allowance. You get all of it priced at $895.

  • Apple ear pods at 10% off

The one and only apple earpods with a lightning connecter along with compatibility with any Iphone are available on the apple black Friday sale after being discounted from $35 to $30.

  • Macbook pro 15.4” on 3% off

The newly launched mac book pro 2018 is the perfect laptop for work and for designers with integrated graphics and 16GB RAM is available at a discounted price of $3782.

  • IPhone 7 plus on 2% off

The ultimate camera phone from apple with its famous portrait mode is on discount under this Black Friday sale which is why you are getting its for $915 under the 128 GB option in rose gold.

  • Apple watch series 3 42 mm at 7% off

The new watch series 3 product with sport band, water resistance, built-in GPS and made of Ion-X glass is here to bedazzle you with its price which is just $612. It’s the digital crown for your hand.

  • Apple wireless earpods at 2% off

Why worry about wires anymore when the wireless apple earpods with dual optical sensors are available on discount for $233 only on this apple black Friday sale.

  • IPhone 8 plus on 5% discount

Everything is ultimate with the IPhone 8 plus from its dual camera and the capacitive touchscreen to its price which has been discounted from its original to $1157 only under this sale.

  • Apple Mac Mini at 1% discount

The apple Mac mini features a fourth generation Intel core processor and being the fastest and the most popular its prices are dropping down to $1080 which has been discounted from $1102.

  • Apple MPTT2HN/A 15-inch on 2% off

The new macbook pro range featuring i7 processors and 512 Gb RAM comes with a mind blowing price of $2799 after being discounted by 2% from the original price. Emi for the product at $133.

  • Apple Ipad 6th gen on 3% off

Apple Ipad 6th gen can be your work buddy with its great features like pen technology and great camera and workability along with the amazing price of $368 in the 32GB option.

  • IPhone 7 at 10% off

Apple launched a great phone which was the Iphone 7 which has been killing because of its portrait mode with a price of just $643. The EMI for the phone is available starting at $30 a month.

  • 27-inch iMac at 7% off

This iMac from Apple is the ultimate desktop with a 27-inch display, 8 GB Ram and Radeon graphics. All you have pay for it is $2231 after a 7% discount from $2421.

  • Apple Ipad tablet on 4% off

A tablet is always better than a phone and so is this apple tablet with an 8MP camera, LED-backlit display with 32 Gb storage within a price range of $391 after a discount.

  • Iphone 6s at 17% off

Buy this rose gold beauty in this apple black Friday sale with HD 3D touch capacitive screen and a great camera only for $486 after discount from the original price of $587.



Apple Ipods have always been a popular product and when you get good discounts up to 30% on them then it’s like a lottery. All types of Ipods are available in this sale from the old Ipod shuffle to the new touch one, you will get it all only in apple black Friday sale.



iPod nano 16GB Pink


iPod touch 32 GB


iPod touch 64 GB


  • IPod touch at 27% off

The new IPod touch that has been launched by apple is the perfect example of a high-tech music player and a good bargain as it’s available at the apple black Friday sale for $258 only.

  • IPod Nano for 20% discount

If you wish to have a music buddy then this apple IPod nano 16GB is the perfect companion for that and when its available for $156 at the apple black Friday sale only then its definitely a lottery.

  • IPod Shuffle on 30% off

The prices are going down on this apple IPod shuffle with 2GB space and wide color options and a convincing apple black Friday sale price of $50 only!


No one can beat the performance of an iPhone which is what makes them popular. All variants of the iPhone from 5 to X are available in this apple black Friday sale under discount up-to 20% which is the maximum you will get anywhere. Check out the details of these smartphone deals below:



Iphone 5c 16GB


Iphone SE 64 GB


Iphone 6s 64GB


  • IPhone 6S on 18% off

It might have been quite a while since apple launched this phone with a 5MP camera and the prices are dropping now to $479 only when the original price is $671.

  • IPhone SE at 17% discount

This phone comes with amazing features like a 12Mp camera. The size of the screen is what sells this phone and the reasonable price is only $397 after being discounted from $479.


Apple laptops are the best in the market with the longest lifetime of all and you can get all of the variants of the MacBook pro and even the latest launched macbook air products under this sale on discount up-to 15% all over.



Macbook air 11.6 inch


Macbook air 13 inch


Rose gold 12 inch macbook


  • Apple MPTV2HN/A 15-inch on 8% off

This is the thinnest and lightest laptop around with 512 GB space and 16 Gb Ram at a very reasonable price because of the apple black Friday sale, only for $3109.

  • Apple MPXQ2HN/A at 7% discount

This laptop is a part of the most exclusive collection apple just launched in i7 series with touch id and a small touch panel only for $1396 after $108 discount on the original price.

  • Apple Macbook Air 256 Gb at 17% off

This basic apple laptop which comes with i5 processor and a not so heavy price which is because of the apple black Friday sale at $1040 after being discounted from $1267.


Apple watches are meant to keep you in touch with everything from your phone to your laptop and the new additions do so very well. You can buy all the new products which have touch option as well as old apple watches only in apple Black Friday deals this November. Be on the look for discounts as they have up to 10% off.



Watch series 3 space gray 42 mm


Watch series 3 38 mm


Watch series 2 aluminium case


  • Apple watch series 1 42 mm on 12% discount

Watch series 1 is a very exclusive product range available on black Friday sale with features like Bluetooth connectivity, Siri with a price of just $305 after being discounted from $335.

  • Apple watch series 2 42 mm at 16% off

The apple watch series 2 is the most popular of all because of the Built-in GPS, Water Resistant 50m, S2 Dual-Core Processor, watchOS 3 and obviously the price which is just $576 under this sale.

  • Apple watch nike 38 mm at 12% off

The all black apple Nike collection watch is a black beauty with water resistance, 2 times brighter display with touch function and along with a very affordable price of $414.


Imacs have been there for a long time and are the most efficient desktops. Apple give huge screen with great compatibility in these computers which are now available at discount under the apple black Friday deals. All iMacs from 21 inch to 27-inches are included in this sale for discounts up-to 20%.



Imac 21 inch mac os 10.1


Imac 21 inch intel i5


Imac 27 inch 5k retina


  • 21.5 inch Imac on 10% off

Working on an Imac is definite luxury and you can feel it in this one with 5k retina display, i5 processor, 1TB storage along with every feature and a very reasonable price of $2128.


The apple black Friday sale dates are yet to be announced but one thing is for sure that the stores will be open for you from 1 PM in the afternoon to 2 AM in the morning and consecutively for three days during the Black Friday weekend. Make your lists now to make sure you don’t miss on any apple product on discount during this Black Friday sale.

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Follow these simple steps to shop from this amazing apple black Friday sale:

  • Open the Apple website or the app in your phone or visit the store.
  • Search for the product you are looking for.
  • You will find a lot of categories on the home page along with discounts, you can choose from that too.
  • Once you find the product you are looking for, add it to cart.
  • Keep shopping if you want or proceed to checkout.
  • Add in all your details.
  • Proceed for payment.
  • Add on a promo code if you have it, in the offers section.
  • Go for online banking if you want to avail any bank offer.
  • Complete payment.
  • Soon you will receive a confirmation message.


Apple is trying very hard to be able to build a really vast market which has people from different income categories and not just the cream of it. This apple black Friday sale is a living example of that. The offers on this sale will be even more exciting apple black Friday opening. For someone who doesn’t want to spend much on electronics but wants something of good quality, this sale is opportunity for them.

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