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Rohit Mohanpatra
Rohit Mohanpatra
store : Alibaba
review date : Jul 15 2020
Product purchased : Brass Item
Brass Item Supplied : Jun 24 2020
4.8 Selection Experience
4.4 Coupon Selection
4.9 Payment Process
4.3 Refund / Cashback
4.6 User Interface

“Genuine Seller Platform”

  • overall experience

    Living in a mobile village of Moradabad, I have been in the family business of making exceptional brass objects like Aftab, etc that are unique & beautiful. But since I needed a platform where I can sell my products online I went for selling it on Alibaba. I created my profile on Alibaba and within 10 days I saw a huge surge in orders ranging from brass glasses to other brass decorative items.

    Alibaba Services Wholesale

    Alibaba has really helped me transform my family business turnover to up to 70% to 80% revenues. This platform is extremely safe and user friendly.

    I am definitely recommending all my business partners to move towards Alibaba platform so that we all could earn a greater margin on the products sold online on the same.