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2 Total Reviews Overall Rating 2.1
Selection Experience
Coupon Availablilty
Payment Process
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User Interface
Overall Experience
store : Abhibus
review date : 01-10-2019
Service Availed : Bus Ticket Booking
Bus Ticket Booked : 30-09-2019
2.0 Selection Experience
2.0 Coupon Selection
1.0 Payment Process
1.0 Refund / Cashback
2.0 User Interface

“No Notification!”

  • Overall Experience

    I received no reports regarding the cancellation. I waited at the bus stop around 10 PM and the weather was bad. The Bus was scheduled to arrive by 10:30 PM. I waited until 11:00 PM, after that I contacted the driver. I received no response from the driver. Then, I dialled Abhibus customer service which was not reachable due to bad weather.

    I decided to leave. I opened the app and requested a refund. On 26th September 2019, I received a message from AbhiBus that “The bus scheduled on 25th September 2019 at 10:30 PM is cancelled. Refunds will be processed soon.” what is the point of informing the next day! I contacted customer service. 

    I told them the details, after which I was told that a refund of Rs. 950 has been processed. The refund was credited to my account on 30th September 2019. I had no issues with the refund services but was disappointed that how could they be so irresponsible! Neither they informed me on time nor their services were reachable at the time of emergency!

    I had such a bad experience! Due to their negligence, I missed an important interview. I will never recommend anybody to book via Abhibus!

store : Abhibus
review date : 09-09-2019
Service Availed : Bus Ticket Booking
Bus Ticket Booked : 08-09-2019
3.0 Selection Experience
2.0 Coupon Selection
3.0 Payment Process
3.0 Refund / Cashback
1.6 User Interface

“Not a great one!”

  • Overall Experience

    I wasn’t expecting such a bad experience with them but couldn’t help it!

    I booked a bus via Abhibus from Delhi to Shimla. The booking done was for 8th September 2019. I found a great deal which is why I decided to book via them. After applying the codes, I had to pay just Rs. 500 whereas the actual booking prices was Rs.990

    I received my booking details and the bus will start at Kashmere Gate. to my notice, I booked a Volvo bus but on reaching the bus station, I found that is a deluxe sleeper bus! First, I confirmed with the driver and he told that this is the only bus from Abhibus. 

    I was disappointed at the moment and decided to contact customer support. But it was not available at the moment. I had no other option other than boarding the bus! I regret my decision of booking through AbhiBus to get extra discounts.

    The sleeper coach was so uncomfortable and a little smelly. I just travelled because I had to reach Shimla at any cost. However, the driver was driving rashly and played loud songs. Even a group of friends were travelling on the bus who made a lot of noise. 

    I won’t recommend anybody to book via Abhibus as they will spoil their plans!